Communication - differnent types of document creating software

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Topic 3

Key words:

* Layering – when within the same file you place images stacked on top of each other

* Template- a standard document with pre-set layouts and formats.

* Justification – adding extra spaces to text to align the edges so that the lines begin / end at the same place on a page . You can left / right / centre / fully justified

* Orientation – which way the page is orientated – landscape or portrait

* Wizard- a user interface which presents the user with a sequence of dialogue boxes which guide the user through the task .

* Font style- a set of printable /displayable text character/s in a specific style and size

* Footer – an area set aside at the bottom of each page

* Mail merge – a word processing feature that allows users to personalise letters with names/addresses from a database

* Web-authoring software – a web authoring package that is designed to allow you to create web pages and web sites
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* Resizing – alter the size of an image

* Rotating – moving

* Shearing – putting two images together to make an optical illusion

* Cropping – removing parts you don’t want

* Editing- changing or correcting

5 features of a PPT that could NOT be used in a written report

. Audio

2. Images

3. Sound

4. Colours

5. Animations

Spell check is used to highlight incorrect spellings so they can be corrected .Compares words entered with ...

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