Provide a detailed analysis of the impact of ICT on internal and external communication of the business.

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Provide a detailed analysis  of the impact of ICT on internal and external communication of the business.

Marks and Spencer need to communicate with a range of individual and organisations including customers, their suppliers, as well as their own employees. Marks and Spencer business rely on modern technology to communicate. The new methods make communication more versatile, more targeted, more reliable, quicker and more convenient. Nowadays technology has made many changes to businesses, for example the internet is world-wide network of computer systems. The Internet can be used to send e-mails to another user and also messages can be received. Without this modern technology communication will not be so effective. This has had a huge impact in businesses including M&S, which will be describe later.

I will discuss the forms of communication in Marks and Spencer. There are two types internal and external. Internal is a communication between workers and supervisors, managers and their staff. External communication is between customers, other businesses and suppliers.

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The internal methods of communication in Marks and Spencer areas follows:

Internal telephone calls or e-mail, face-to-face contact, memos.

Internal telephone involves verbal communication and it is a quick form of communication as the message is received immediately. The advantages of using a telephone are that you can have two way communication, if the message is not understood it can easily be explained straight away, The disadvantages are the message might not be passed on accurately as the sender cannot be seen who is giving the information. Facial expressions aren’t seen and so there can be misinterpretation. This is ...

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