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Using a PC Correctly and Safely

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Using a PC Correctly and Safely Online Help * The internet can be used for a numerous amount facilities. The online dictionary and thesaurus can help you by explaining certain words and giving examples of words related to them so that you understand what a word means. It can also help you find a word which is related to or means the same as that word. This can help you vary your text. * If an error message appears whilst you are working, the internet can help you understand what it means or tell you which option to choose. This is beneficial as there is less chance your work/document will be corrupted. * The help tool can assist you to choose certain procedures, help you understand ways in which to use the software and sometimes even correct your errors. This will help the whole task not seem overwhelming. * An online grammar and spelling checker is also available. This will check that all of the words are spelled correctly and most of the time gives you suggestions to spell your word differently. ...read more.


as well as on my memory stick. RAM (Random Access Memory): I used the computers memory (CPU) to save my work as I did it, which is known as immediate access storage (IAS). The software I used, gave me regular prompts to remind me to save my work, however, there is a feature on some software's where they will automatically save your work. RAM is known as volatile memory, which means it is never stored permanently, and can easily be lost. This is why it is vital to save your work regularly. Memory Stick: A backing storage (also known as secondary storage) is any data-storage area outside the central processing unit (CPU). I used a memory stick also known as a pen drive, to back-up my data. I could therefore, store anything up to 1 gigabyte. Memory sticks are small, very stable and do not break easily and therefore are a convenient and compact way of backing-up and transferring data. ...read more.


The law says the employers need to do five main things: 1. ANALYSE WORKSTATIONS, AND ASSESS AND REDUCE RISKS: This means employers need to check that the computer equipment and area around it is safe, and if it is not they need to take action to make it safe. 2. ENSURE WORKSTATIONS MEET MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: This includes providing proper computer chairs and good lighting. 3. PLAN WORK SO THERE ARE BREAKS OR CHANGES OR ACTIVITY: Employers must not expect workers to work at a computer all day. They must provide regular breaks or allow them to do non-computer work. 4. PROVIDE FREE EYE-TESTS: Eye tests should be free to all staff that regularly use Visual Display Units as part of their job. 5. PROVIDE HEALTH AND SAFETY TRAINING AND INFORMATION: This is so that employees can take action themselves to reduce the health risks. Employees should also take the following into account: * Avoid having liquid near computers as this can cause electric shocks. * Trailing wires are needed to be tied neatly so they cannot be tripped over. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is OK as it states a number of issues that can occur which relate to the safety of using a digital device. However some area's don't require the detail that high marks would require. The section ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is OK as it states a number of issues that can occur which relate to the safety of using a digital device. However some area's don't require the detail that high marks would require. The section 'Viruses' could list a number of named viruses and explain how each virus could be used by a person to effect the victim's computer. There are over ten main types of viruses, and if the student were to undertake further background research, this would be shown in the report. The student mentions how RAM is used within a computer. This section is quite good, as this gives a in-depth view. However for high marks, the student could make a slight adjustment by placing the sentence 'All data stored by RAM is deleted after the computer is powered down, and the next time a user turns on the computer, the RAM will be empty until the user starts using the computer again'.

Level of analysis

The section 'Memory Stick' is quite good, as this gives an detailed view of this and describes how this should be in another location (which a number of students miss out). Similarly the section Health Issues' is equally quite good, as this gives a brief understanding. For high marks, some of the points could be more developed.

Quality of writing

The presentation of the report is quite good, as the report clearly shows headings and sub-headings which make the report clear and easily read.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 25/02/2012

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