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GCSE: Gary's (and other) Car Sales

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  1. GCSE Math's Statistics Coursework Introduction: I have been given a database which contains information about one hundred different used cars

    more easily and then compare between age and mileage because the computer can generate a graph much quicker than if done by hand. This will show me what sort of correlation the graph has, whether positive or negative and how strong it is and also become apparent with the line of best fit. If my investigation goes well, my hypothesis should be correct and should expect some outliers. On excel I would eliminate the outlier if I need to get a better line of best fit.

    • Word count: 1429
  2. Used Car PricesCourse Work Some of the factors which affect the price of a used car Age, Mileage, MPG, Colour, Engine Size

    I am going to concentrate on the following areas:- 1. Make - The manufacturers of the car e.g. ford, Mercedes etc. I think this affects the price of a used car because the price of the car when it is second hand depends on the popularity of that car, or whether the car is rare or not.

    • Word count: 257
  3. in this investigation I will examine what factors affect how a second hand car is priced

    After finding my sampling cars I shall check and show the price depreciation of each of the cars in the selection. I will do this by using the equation: Following from the price depreciation I will find out the mean price and the mean age and mean mileage. After doing this I shall do scatter graphs for each of the factors I have chosen to investigate against the price of a second hand car. With doing that I shall do a line of best fit and then find out the equation for the line of best fit and then try and predict with a certain price does the factor affect it.

    • Word count: 2771

    5995 795 7 45000 0.9 14 Rover 9565 1700 8 55000 1.4 15 Ford 7310 1050 8 90000 1.1 16 Fiat 10423 1295 6 81000 1.6 17 BMW 13650 6995 6 71000 1.8 18 Ford 8748 1995 7 60000 1.1 19 Nissan 7799 2595 7 41000 1.4 20 Bentley 170841 37995 8 55000 2 21 Peugeot 17490 7500 1 17500 2 22 Mercedes 26425 17500 2 22000 2 23 Ford 13183 3495 7 43000 1.8 24 Mazda 10420 2495 7 50000 1.3 25 Vauxhall 9990 3250 7 86000 1.6 26 Vauxhall 11150 5650 3 34000 1.6 27 Ford 13800 3995

    • Word count: 3272
  5. Business at Work

    The company consists of eight core and affiliated brands (Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and Volvo) and automotive related services (Ford Credit and Hertz). In 1903, Ford Motor Company was established in Detroit by Henry Ford, when it sold its first vehicle, the Model A. The introduction of the Model T in 1908, along side the development of the assembly line, the birth of producing vehicles to the masses to sell in a low, affordable price.

    • Word count: 1342
  6. Case Analysis - The Ford Pinto

    Ford had an internal objective of a 20 mph standard that all cars would stand up to the moving crash test. They ran four tests on prototypes of the Pinto and three of them had slightly exceeded the one-ounce-per-minute standard. The fourth had a faulty gas tank so it leaked substantially. They changed the design to create less leakage and meet the standards set by NHTSA. Ford objected the standards that NHTSA was thinking about adopting with the 20 mph fixed barrier test by stating it was impractical.

    • Word count: 1749
  7. Henry Ford

    Made by Benz, this car was three-wheeled, very uncomfortable and extremely slow, going approximately 10 miles per hour. From that date forward, Henry Ford found out what he was destined to do, build an incredible car. Before Henry was going to build any car, he had to first get some money so he decided to work for Westinghouse Steam Engines in southern Michigan. April 11, 1888, was a great day for Henry, because he married Clara J. Bryant. Mr.

    • Word count: 2715
  8. Mathematics course work

    I have listed the ages of the cars in order of size. 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, Leaf Stem Frequency 1 0,1 2 0 7,4,2 3 Key: 1 0 this means the age of 10 The mean age of these 5 BMW's is: 2 + 4 + 7 + 10 + 11 = 34 34 / 5 = 6.8 or 7 The mean age for these 5 BMW's is 7. There are no model values for these cars because there are no common ages but there is a median age.

    • Word count: 5138
  9. Investigate what influences the price of a second hand car

    Using line of best fit means I can predict other information on cars where I havent been given all the information. Ford Cars Price when Price Age Mileage Difference % Depreciation New Second Hand 16000 7999 1 7000 8001 50.00625 8785 1595 7 68000 7190 81.84405236 7310 1050 8 90000 6260 85.63611491 7875 1495 11 74000 6380 81.01587302 8748 1995 7 60000 6753 77.19478738 9105 2300 7 64000 6805 74.73915431 12125 4295 3 29000 7830 64.57731959 11800 4700 5 34000 7100 60.16949153 8680 3200 4 27000 5480 63.13364055 14505 8800 2 7200 5705 39.33126508 13230 8250 3 34000 4980 37.64172336

    • Word count: 997
  10. Test which factors affect the price of a second hand car using a variety of different statistical techniques

    An example is their opinion of the person selling them the car, as this will affect them a lot even though it is not possible to use this with the data sample. Hypothesis 1 The greater the original price of a car the greater its second hand price will be. I that there will be a link between these two factors because the original price of the car will be a reflection of the attributes of the car, so the second hand price should only change in price as a result of what has happened to it since it was new (e.g.

    • Word count: 1847
  11. Investigate the affect that age has on a car in terms of performance and structural integrity

    After each of the diagram I would explain how I did the diagram. At the end of the coursework I would be doing a conclusion explaining what has happened and why. I have hosen 100 cars randomly fro the database instead of 1402 because I think it would cause inaccurate results. When I say randomly I mean I the cars that would give better results. I am going to calculate the number of each type of car according to its age and mileage. I would provide my entire hypothesis to get more accurate results and also to include my prediction.

    • Word count: 2097
  12. What factors mainly affected the price of the second hand cars.

    �4975 4 1.4 21000 8 3 25 Vauxhall �7440 �3495 6 1.2 55000 4 5 26 Vauxhall �18675 �6995 6 2 63000 17 3 27 Vauxhall �9795 �3190 6 1.4 43000 6 3 28 Vauxhall �13495 �4995 5 1.8 52000 13 5 29 Vauxhall �17490 �7500 1 2 17500 17 4 30 Vauxhall �12895 �7995 1 1.4 9500 11 3 PLAN For my coursework I was given a database on cars, which gave information on various properties of second hand cars.

    • Word count: 2388

    In this case, I decide to select 30 samples. Finally, use the calculation to randomly choose certain samples from a variety of data. In calculation, press "mode" and then chose fix. After that use the number of cars to be chose from multiple Ran# and add 1, which will give you the representative samples selected by calculation. The numbers of the cars we choose from each group are calculated as showed below: 32/100 ?30 = 10, so 10 data should be chose from group of small engine cars . 61/100?30 = 18, so 18 cars out of 100 cars of medium engine cars will be chose from. 7/100 ?

    • Word count: 2089
  14. Calculating Used car prices

    Percentage Loss 1 50 7 82 8 86 11 81 7 77 7 75 3 65 5 60 4 63 2 39 3 38 7 73 4 55 10 75 5 74 6 70 5.625 66.4375 MEAN Table: Car Number Price When New Current Price Mileage x 1000 Percentage Loss 1 16000 7999 7 50 23 8785 1595 63 82 33 7310 1050 90 86 35 7875 1495 74 81 43 8748 1995 80 77 45 9105 2300 84 75 52 12125 4295 29 65 53 11800 4700 34 60 57 8680 3200 27 63 64 14505 8800 7.2 39

    • Word count: 952
  15. Ford Motor Company

    This has reduced their fixed costs dramatically and allowed these firms to sell their cars at much cheaper rates and gain market share. Developing new platforms requires serious investment not just in financial terms, but also in time. The "big three" are several years behind the new competition and because of this, American automotive research firm Iceology estimate the market share of the "big three" could fall from 60.2% in 2003 to 56.5% by 2006 (Business Week, 3867, 76). 2 CURRENT POSITION 2.1 Competitive Position Recently Ford celebrated its centenary in style, with extravagant events worldwide to mark the occasion.

    • Word count: 4026
  16. GCSE statistics coursework

    The diagrams would maintain a clear understanding and show what is happening to the cars and what people prefer according to their engine size. After each of the diagram I would explain how I did the diagram and what people prefer and why. I would compare the mean, median and mode to support my hypothesis. At the end of the coursework I would be doing a conclusion explaining what has happened and why. I am going to calculate the number of each type of car according to its age and mileage.

    • Word count: 1090
  17. Ford Motor Company

    CEO Jacques Nasser led Ford away from their core business and despite replacing him in 2001, the combined effects of his reign and the economic downturn took their toll and the share price tumbled from a high of $32.15 in 1999 down to $9.94 in 2003. The appendix contains a SWOT framework based on Ford and identifies some key points for discussion. The majority of their strengths focus on their heritage or their reputation, rather than material or financial strengths, such as efficient manufacturing.

    • Word count: 3555
  18. The aim of this investigation is to find out what influences the price of second hand cars.

    To see how they all affect the price of a second hand car. This is to give me better and more accurate results. I would also like to use all the data of cars, however this is not possible because some the data is missing from some cars. Therefore to avoid this problem, I am going to use the selection of cars that contain complete data. I am doing this to avoid being bias. Additionally, I am going to present my findings in a table form, using graphs such as: Bar charts, Dual bar charts, scatter diagrams, cumulative frequency graph, box plot/whisker diagram.

    • Word count: 8022
  19. Math Coursework- Used car prices

    For the Mercedes AvantGarde, it lost its values the most in only 2 years of age and 17,000 mileage, not big differences compare with Mercedes A140. From this I can learn that the age and mileage can determine the second hand price dramatically. To prove that the age and mileage affects dramatically the second hand price, I will investigate the age and mileage of another make to prove this. I'm using Vauxhall as they have quite a lot of cars with different models, the number of Vauxhall cars is more than no.

    • Word count: 3064
  20. I have been given instructions to collect data for my GCSE statistics coursework and then to represent them by interpreting them using graphs and attributes, which I think influence the prices of a second hand car.

    Collecting data Two types of data used can be Primary data and secondary data. Primary data is data that is collected by or for the person who is going to use it. Secondary data is data that is not collected by the person who uses it. Data can be collected using an experiment of survey. In a statistical experiment, one of the variables is controlled while the other is observed. The controlled variable is called the explanatory or independent variables The effect being observed is called response of dependent data.

    • Word count: 2363
  21. The Ford Motor Company - what is does.

    -Selling a known name to the public -Advice, guidance and expertise from the franchisor. -fewer decisions to make in operating the business. -Most of the profit is retained by the business owners. Vision The ford motor company's vision is simply to be the world's leading consumer company for automotive products and services. People are at the heart of our vision and we strive to improve the quality of peoples' lives through progress. That's the true story of Ford - in the beginning, now and always. Mission They also see their selves as a global, versatile family with a proud heritage.

    • Word count: 570
  22. The Ford motor company and the Pinto Gas Tank: A case study in corporate ethics

    APPROACH The three principle elements of social responsibility (externally mandated actions, market actions and voluntary actions) that played a role in the decisions made by management at Ford will be investigated. In addition, a review of some of the principles of ethical conduct: might-equals-right, conventionalist, intuition, proportionality and utilitarian ethic will be reviewed with regard to the actions taken by the Ford Motor Company involving the Pinto. LITERATURE The original documents used to gather information for the development of this paper include (1) books, (2) court cases and (3) periodicals. Reference to these and other sources can be found as citations in the endnotes. INTRODUCTION The Ford Pinto was introduced for sale to Americans in 1970.

    • Word count: 2145
  23. "The price of a silver used car will be higher then that of red and blue used cars"

    This means, on the other hand it is likely that red cars will have the lowest range of prices. Mercedes A140 Classic 10999 red Fiat Bravo 3495 red Rover 820 SLi 3795 red Rover 114 Sli 2495 red Fiat Uno 1495 red Vauxhall Cavalier 850 red Volkswagen Golf 3695 red Ford Fiesta 1495 red Renault Clio 1495 red Ford Escort Duet 2300 red Vauxhall Corsa 4995 silver Rover 416i 3795 silver Daewoo Lanos 5999 silver Seat Ibiza 795 silver Fiat Tempra 1295 silver Hyundai Sonnata 1195 silver Ford Puma 8250 silver Peugot 206 7500 silver Peugot 406 7500 silver Mercedes Elegance 17500 silver Nissan Micra 3999 blue Renault Megane 4999 blue Vauxhall Vectra 6499 blue Mitsubishi Carisma 5999 blue

    • Word count: 742
  24. A Comparison Between Car Adverts

    They both have the same shade of red for their borders; B has bold arrows of this colour going out to each of the cars, on which there is info about that car. While A also has some bold red writing. I think this works equally well in both ads, on the whole being in colour they appear bright and interesting in the black and white paper. A is especially bright and different with a 'kids' font style and wobbly border.

    • Word count: 930
  25. The business magnates of 1898 to 1929 began a transformation of business and industry that has lasted through the ages.

    These are just two examples of significant business magnates of late 19th and early 20th century America. Henry Ford, born in 1863 and died in 1947, was brought up in the farming lifestyle, and grew to dislike it. When he turned 15 he went to Detroit and trained as a machinist. In 1890 Ford began to experiment with things such as the horseless carriage, and in about 1896, he completed his first car, the quadricycle. Through the following yrs he tried unsuccessfully to get it into production, until 1903 when he launched the Ford Motor Company.

    • Word count: 1270

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