Analysis of LOreal Casting Crme Gloss Advert Cheryl Cole

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L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss Advert

Cheryl Cole

L’Oreal adverts are there to bring a little bit of glamour to the people of England.

L’Oreal’s main marketing scheme was to make luxurious, well made products that leave you with silky soft hair without the hefty price tag! To sell this product the advertisers needed to come up with something that the viewers would want to buy. Therefore they went down the route of Paris, the fashion capital. The reason why they chose Paris is because it is associated with rich, and luxury products, and it is also very appealing to their target audience, young women. The name L’Oreal is also very in keeping with the Paris theme, and makes the product sound expensive!

This advert by L’Oreal was thought out very well. The point of the advert was to catch the eye of the public! Adverts are made to sell products, and this advert does exactly that.

  Using the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole, captures the eye of the nation. Cheryl Cole is conventionally attractive, and everyone in the nation wants to have hair and natural good looks like her.

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In the TV Advert many elements were used to make Cheryl stand out. In the first scene of the advert we see Cheryl open up a sliding door, this is very cleverly done, because it makes her stand out. This is because her face is framed once by the door that she has opened and then once again by the shot that the camera took, this is done so that the audience’s eye goes straight to Cheryl.

 Throughout the advert Cheryl is smiling, and this shows that she is happy with the product, and it sends the message to the ...

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