The director used many different ways to build up the fear of the shark, the shark being the star of the movie, Steven Spielberg had to use the music in the film, the theme music

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 This essay is based on Jaw’s by USA author Peter Benchley, the film was directed by Steven Spielberg an American film director and producer in 1975. He loved making adventure films, he also directed ‘’SAVING PRIVATE RYAN’’ and ‘’CLOSE ENCOUNTES OF THE THRID KIND’’.  In 2006 he was listed the most powerful and influential figure in the motion picture industry.

                                                                                                                                                                                The film Jaws Is about a great white shark, an eating machine who finds himself a beach in the summer where he went to eat people . It was in a small island Amity Island that was very safe to be in before this eating machine came on board, it was up to the police chief Martin Brody to make sure people are safe and people have fun as well on the beach. The taking of Jaws cost almost $470, 653,000 it was launched  in summer and was known as the summer blockbuster it was said to be the start of wonderful filmmaking as Steven Spielberg added great suspense and camera shots. John Williams the composer of the theme music benefited a lot after composing of theme music, Jaws led to his second Oscar award.                                                        

This film was set in Amity on the 4th of July, which is a very important day in American history being the American Independence Day, Steven Spielberg set the film on this day because it was a day of freedom for America but the freedom has been taken away because of this horrible shark the day is meant to be a day of fun but it was ruined by the shark.

 There is an immediate connection between the shark and theme music in the film because the music helps to indicate that Jaws is about to attack and also shows that whatever the audience see’s most of the time is the point of view of the shark  at work. Whenever the theme music is played from the start you could hear the theme music been played and the camera shot been the point of view of Jaws moving through the water and immediately the music stops the camera shot changes from point of view of Jaws to a different shot, although some parts of the movie it does trick the audience by playing the radio on the beach and using silence but the shark does not attack, the audience might think when any music in being played in the movie it is relating Jaws, also when the little boy is singing and the young man with the dog is looking for his dog, the audience might have thought the shark would soon appear but the audience does not see the shark.  Spielberg also uses silence to build up tension. After the first attack in the film there was silence the girl had been dragged down by the shark and the audience does not know what will happen next, then the girl pops out of the water again which creates tension in the audience. The silence also indicates that the attacks are brutal. It may also indicate that life goes on.  

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 The second attack was a very scary scene because the audience has a feeling of what the shark can do even if we hadn’t seen its size, but Steven Spielberg was still able to build up tension and scare the audience through the use of camera shots and actions, Steven Spielberg focused on closes ups of Chief Brody to show how scared he  was because he knew that there was a shark in the water but he could not stop the people from going into the water.  

 In the scene Brody kept looking at the water and kept seeing ...

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