Christians and Jews both believe in stewardship and how they should care for the planet.

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Explain using examples how religious people could protect the environment Religious people can protect the environment in many different ways because of their extreme commitment and their teachings which taught them about the environment how important it is to protect it because Christian and Jews are stewards and they should protect GOD’s creations. “You put us in charge of everything you made; giving us authority over anything “Psalms 8 verse 6 shows the responsibility of the humans and how important it is. Some ways of protecting the environment are by running campaigns, setting up charities, celebrating what the planet gives us and working with the poorer people who cultivate the planet and make it better; in particular the Noah Project.
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Christians and Jews both believe in Stewardship and how they should care for the planet; they put this into use by trying to raise money and protecting the planet in modern ways. Campaigning is one of those ways, it is a way to raise a lot of awareness and support very quickly. This allows them to protect the planet because with more supports there is more help so the planet recovers quickly and they can fulfil their commands. Campaigning is also economically reduced because all you need is a cause and support. Known campaigners include the Keep Britain Tidy and ...

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