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GCSE: Buddhism

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  1. What are the main differences between Sikhism and Buddhism?

    Purpose of these pillars requires Sikhs to serve the creation of God with love (Sewa) in order to achieve salvation, requiring a fully participative approach to life. The community or organisation of Siddharth Gautama, is called Buddhism. He is the only founder.The founder of Sikhism is Guru Nanak Sahib. Sikhs have Ten Gurus - Masters - and they are believed to have the same soul although different bodies, and that it was the founder's spirit that passed into his nine successors for conveyance of his message in total.

    • Word count: 4407
  2. Buddist ethics - The war on Iraq.

    Leaders and governments all around the world over 100's of years have devised treaties, pacts and peace formulae, and they have thus found a way to maintain and promote peace on earth. However, despite all of this, they have not removed the countless threat of destruction. The reason is, Mr Blair, that we have failed as a unit, to educate, and teach the young generation to truly understand and respect the need for a selfless service and the danger of selfishness.

    • Word count: 3314
  3. Describe in detail what is meant by the ‘Middle Way’.

    He was also too weak to meditate, so he broke his fast and accepted the milk-rice. Siddharta was 35yrs old when he reached enlightenment and he had experienced both wealth and poverty, but neither had given him real satisfaction. He sat under a pipal tree and was determined not to move from that place until he had reached enlightenment. While he was searching for enlightenment he had to fight of temptations. The night was divided up into four different periods in which he learnt something new.

    • Word count: 3746

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