Calculating the densities of coins using different methods.

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Penny Density Lab Report

Conclusion and Evaluation

Based on the data and calculations, I found out that the mass of the Post 1982 pennies was much lighter than the Pre 1982 pennies. In both instances, where there was only one penny and another where there were ten, the mass of the Post 1982 proved to weigh less than the Pre 1982 pennies which proved to be heavier. However, for the volume of the pennies, the Pre and Post 1982 pennies had the same exact measurements in both situations of the quantity which I found pretty interesting. What this means is that, the people who made these coins switched the materials they used to make the pennies, but still managed to keep the volume the same.

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        I find that using the water displacement method is easier for me and I think it’s more preferable as well. By using the ruler to find the volume takes too much effort, because it involves too many miniscule numbers to factor

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in, and multiplying decimals is just a bother if you have

them. By using the water displacement method, you just record the original volume of the water without the object, and then subtract that from the volume of the water with the object inside. For finding the mass of ...

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