Geosynchronous Satellites

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Geosynchronous Satellites

  1. Introduction to Geosynchronous Satellites (GEO satellites)

Geosynchronous satellites are also known as geostationary satellites. A GEO satellite orbits the Earth in an equatorial orbit at an altitude where is takes the satellite a full 24 hours to rotate round the planet. It is located exactly 22,300 miles out of space. A GEO satellite spins on its axis and will always remains over the same fixed point of the planet at all time. Its orbit is usually circular with an inclination of 0º (TheTech 30/3/2002).

Pic 1: Geosynchronous Orbit (Introduction to Satellites and Orbits 4/7/2002)

GEO satellites are ideal for the use as communication satellites and also for remote imaging as they always remain stationary and can repeatly scan the same points of the earth beneath them (Dundee Satellite Receiving Station 4/7/2002). Satellite television broadcasts and communications companies around the world make use of GEO satellites. The GOES meteorological satellites operated by the U.S. provide constant satellite coverage of the entire hemisphere from a geosynchronous orbit (Introduction to Satellites and Orbits 4/7/2002).

  1. Aims and Objectives

This project is made to understand the functions of the GEO satellite. It is important to recognize these satellites, as satellites are important in our daily lives such as networking and communication. I also learn to know the usage of these satellites. I also know how to differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of the GEO satellite.

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  1. Historical Background (Geostationary, LEO, MEO, HEO Orbits 4/7/2002)

  1. Usage of GEO satellites

  1. Communication Satellite

There are more than 100 communication satellites orbiting Earth. It acts as a relay station in space. People use them to bounce messages from one part of the world to another. It takes the voice communications that long to travel all the way up to the satellite and back to Earth. These messages can be telephone calls, television pictures and Internet. Communication ...

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