Hydrochloric acid

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15 December 2009

Hydrochloric Acid

        Hydrochloric acid is one of the most acidic natural substances on Earth. Its name, Hydrogen chloride, comes from its chemical formula HCl. It is named this because it is an ionic bond. There is only one of each atom, because Hydrogen has a charge of 1 positive, and Chlorine has a charge of 1 negative. So using the “Criss-Cross Method” we can tell that there is only one of each atom. It is commonly referred to as Hydrochloric acid, or Muriatic acid. Their valence electrons are shared to form this compound.  Hydrochloric acid is widely used in the modern world for the pickling of steel, or removing rust from iron and steel, it is even used to digest food in our bodies. It is a very useful compound in our everyday lives.  Hydrochloric acid is essential for living nowadays, its wide range of uses makes life easier for everyone.

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        The compound Hydrochloric acid has a unique set of physical properties. It is commonly found in its liquid state. It is sold at roughly distributed at 30% concentration, at a mixture of Hydrochloric acid and water. It is colorless to a light yellow. HCl’s melting point is at -27.32°C. Its boiling point is at 110°C.  Its density is 1.18 g/cm‹. It is an extremely corrosive substance with a ph level of -8 pKa. Hydrochloric acid has physical properties like no other compound.

        Hydrochloric acid is a non-conductive liquid. It is non polar, so is has little to no surface tension. ...

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