The Solar System.

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The Earth is one of nine planets that orbit the Sun. Together with comets and other space debris, such as the asteroid belt, these bodies make up the solar system. All these bodies are held in orbit around the Sun by gravity.

The planets are all held in their different orbits by the gravitational force exerted by the Sun and by the planets on each other.

Other bodies in the solar system


The Earth and some of the other planets have one or more moons. These moons are natural satellites. Our Moon takes one month to orbit the Earth.

Artificial satellites

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We also have many man-made satellites in orbit around the Earth. They are placed in orbit to transmit radio signals around the planet or to study what is happening on the Earth. Other satellites, such as the Hubble telescope, are designed to make observations of the rest of the solar system and beyond.

*Geostationary orbit: A circular orbit in the equatorial plane, any point on which revolves about the Earth in the same direction and with the same period as the Earth's rotation.

*Polar orbit: An orbit for which the angle of inclination is 90o. Note: A satellite in polar orbit will pass ...

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