Speech on Women's Rights in the 1800s

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        Speech on Women's Rights in the 1800s

In the  changed tremendously. In the beginning of the 1800s women had no rights and were strictly housewives meant to raise children, and be strictly religious. Throughout the 1800s many changes took place within the roles and rights of women. Women during this time period were given chances for freedom. Women took advantage of these opportunities and changed their role in America. These changes applied on every level from women’s role in society, place of work and within the family unit.

In the 1800s, women started to begin working in America. Around this time America had just began industrializing with the . Inventions like the cotton gin by Eli Whitney have created a new efficiency in the creation of cotton. The development of the cloth industry found a demand for a larger labor force. The south were in need for more slave labor to balance their economy. They tried to get free labor for plantations and also hired children and women. Women started working in factories as seamstresses in places such as the . Women were not given an adequate amount of money for this boring work. Women were content to fill this position because it was an opportunity to get out of the house. The fact that women were given the opportunity of making their own money helped them gain their independence.  Also women having money gave them more of a chance to have a say in society. Before the Industrial Revolution, women’s role was to raise and care for children and just to be a house wife. The Industrial Revolution gave women the chance to work outside of the home and be more independent.

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In the 1800s many women became involved in American society. Women like  created things like the Asylum Movement. This was when people with mental illnesses such as insanity were thought to have a spiritual problem or were even possessed by demons. This was thought to be practical at the time because America was a very religious society at that time. Dorothea Dix tried to give treatment to these mentally ill individuals. Her Asylum Movement was the first attempt at aiding people and this helped inspire the idea of education.

There was a similar connection to women’s rights and having an ...

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