The Effect of Temperature on Enzymatic Activity. Aim To investigate enzyme activity of yeast on glucose at different temperatures

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Effect of Temperature on enzyme activity


To investigate enzyme activity of yeast on glucose at different temperatures


As the temperature increases, enzyme activity will also increase. At lower temperatures enzyme activity will be less than when the temperature is higher. Also if temperature is increased too much, enzymatic activity will fall.

This is because the molecules in glucose will move faster and the enzymes will be have increased activity because of increased movement. Also since all enzymes have an optimum temperature at which enzymatic activity is the highest, increasing the temperature will move enzyme closer to optimum temperature. But if temperature is increased too much, enzyme will start to denature (loss of three-dimensional structure) and thus the enzymatic activity will fall again

Key Variables

Independent: Temperature

Dependent: Enzymatic activity (number of bubbles)

Controlled: Amount of water that the solution is submerged in

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Concentration of glucose


  • •        100mL beakers x5 (label from A-E)
  • •        5 cm3 syringes x5
  • •        10 cm3 of 10% yeast solution
  • •        15cm3 of 2% glucose solution
  • •        1 thermometer
  • •        2 hotplates
  • •        Stopwatch
  • •        Ice cubes x 6
  • •        400mL water
  • •        Observations chart & pen


  1. 1.        Place 6 ice cubes and 80 mL of water into Beaker A
  2. 2.        Measure and record the temperature (should be around 10°C)
  3. 3.        Fill 3cm3 of glucose solution into ...

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*** A sound report on the effect of various temperatures on the action of enzymes. The hypothesis was sound but the introduction would have benefited from some more scientific theory on the yeast and glucose and why the CO2 is being produced. The method is good. The reader is able to repeat the experiment which is a measure of an acceptable method. The procedure could be improved in the parts that I have commented on. The data would have benefited from repeats so that averages could be calculated. A good conclusion and evaluation.