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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. Business plan - . Organic food industry is growing in Lithuania and big chain Stores like Maxima, IKI, and others have their sections of organic food, but very few offer home deliveries.

    Organic food industry is growing in Lithuania and big chain Stores like "Maxima", "IKI", and others have their sections of organic food, but very few offer home deliveries. Despite that, companies compete with the variety of eco-production, which most of the time does not have a certificate to be labelled as eco-product.

    • Word count: 517
  2. Globalization - Coffee & Value Chain. What is the likely value chain of a coffee shop? For example, how did the varieties of coffee beans get there? What is the likely effect of market globalization on coffee shops? Do technical advances play any role in

    as it pertains to the growth or success of his business and the affects it has on others within the coffee value chain. Coffee is imported from various countries such as Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia, Indonesia, Mexico, India, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru. These countries happen to be the top ten green coffee producers of the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economics_of_coffee The two types of coffee plants most widely cultivated are grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Small, often family run, coffee farms in developing countries account for roughly 70% of the coffee supply production.

    • Word count: 801
  3. Case Study: Tesco and Dobbies. Analyse the benefits to Tesco taking over Dobbies.

    If there is increasing demand, the price rises. (4) (ii) Explain what might have happened to Dobbies' share price if Sir Tom Hunter and Apax Partners had pursued their interest in the company. Tesco weren't the only ones interested in Dobbies, Apax Partners and Sir Tom Hunter were also interested on it. Because of speculations the share prise rose. Because both of them renounced their first idea the price of the share fell again.

    • Word count: 576
  4. Case Study Timmings plc, a small engineering firm.

    (b) When Timmings began to grow it became more productively efficient. Explain what this means. Productively efficient occurs when a business is utilizing all of its resources efficiently, producing most output from least input. When a business does this, it is said to be enjoying of economies of sales. When Timmings plc moved into the large production facility in Birmingham it probably took advantage of economies of scale, having lower average costs and lowering risks. With this, larger businesses have advantage over smaller businesses, as small businesses cannot enjoy economies of scale.

    • Word count: 687
  5. Case Study: Beer sales plunge as Britons stay at home

    (4) (b) Outline the reasons why pub owners may find the research in the article above useful. A pub owner might find this article useful, as by it they can see the actual situation and understand it, for example "7.5 per cent year-on-year growth in sales of regional beers." This can also help him in the moment he orders the drinks, as if he has realized that regional beers have grown in sales, he might start buying more regional beers, or if he didn't buy them already, he might start buying them.

    • Word count: 456
  6. Innovative Bakery in Greece Business Plan

    We also aim on providing hotels and restaurants and create products with the trademark of the company. Located in the suburbs of Athens we tend to provide costumers with high standard quality that meets their satisfation knowing also that the 'bakery' business is one of the most stable businesses in Greece. BREAD CONSUMPTION IN GREECE 2009 2010 Bread 8600 8800 Toasties 15500 16200 Nuts 2600 2650 An increase in consumption is observed in tonnes. Innovative bakery is about a production unit and selling point as well. The area on site is already owned. No extra fees required, on that section.

    • Word count: 969
  7. Pricing strategies that Virgin Blue Airline could use.

    a) Describe three potential pricing strategies that airline companies can adopt when entering a new market. * Airline companies can adopt a really low price, so that they attract a lot of new customers and get a really original and good reputation. By entering the market with really low prices, the company will have a big advantage over the other companies that are already in the market for a longer time. Even though people are used to other companies, with low prices there's a big chance that they will have a great success. Penetration pricing * Companies using this strategy are usually trying to break into a market, so this would be the perfect strategy to enter a competitive market, already dominated by some big airline comapnies.

    • Word count: 569
  8. General introduction of the whole economic condition during 2007 to 2010, the relationship between bank industry and financial crisis and the influence on bank industry.

    On the other hand, they may expect the future economic development of China will slow down. From the performance of different banks, we can see nowadays bank management and regulation is gradually a global topic. No finance system or bank can separate from their counterparties. Tranditionally, commercial banks and investment banks have different jobs in bank business. They aim at different customer group and take profit from respective service. However, since year 2000 till the whole breaking of subprime crisis, we saw this two kinds banks, together with rating agencies built financial "dreams" in the United States.

    • Word count: 907
  9. Executive Summary KidSmart is a pioneering manufacturer of life saving smoke detector for children in Hong Kong, with its attempt to fill the psychological niche of childrens sleeping habits to help them react fast in fire escapes

    Therefore, less attention is paid towards the possibility of household accidents that may cause the sudden loss of lives, especially their beloved young infants. According to the Hong Kong Domestic Fire Rate, the number of fire confirmed cases is on the rapid rise from 1,345 to 2034 between 2006 and 2009. In the other words, in 2008-2009, about 5 domestic fires are started out each day when compared to only about 3 in 2006-2007, which is nearly a double. The results reveal that families are ignorant of the fire safety precautions, resulting in tragedies.

    • Word count: 598
  10. Marketing Strategies. Satyam Computer Services Limited, a global consulting and information technology services provider, unveiled its new brand identity, Mahindra Satyam. This strategic move paves the way for the emergence of a robust brand, whic

    Nurture fairness, trust and respect Professionalism: We impart freedom and the opportunity to excel and to grow; support innovation and well-reasoned risk taking, demanding performance Quality focus: We make quality a value driver in our work, our products and our interactions. Do it "First Time Right" Company's Philosophy Mahindra Satyam defines its stakeholders as its Customers, Associates, Investors and the Society at large. At the core of the Company's philosophy lies its focus on customer centricity and the goal of ensuring stakeholder delight at all times through innovative solutions and services, thereby fulfilling the role of a responsible service provider, committed to best practices.

    • Word count: 648
  11. The average price of our trainers was 40, sports jerseys 30 and 20. With a discount rate of 10% and a span of 7 years, the projected cash flows are worth 2,649,758

    We sold three sports items, Trainers, sports jerseys and T-shirts. In order for us to be competitive we had to study and research on a number of our competitors. Generally trainers were sold at about �50, sport jerseys �45 and T-shirts at about �30. We quickly realised that as we were not a known brand we would have to cut our profits short and undercut our competitors as to attract and tap into their customer base.

    • Word count: 540
  12. Barista case notes. Baristas product mix constitutes a wide range of products that appeal primarily to traditional coffee lovers. Their products themselves are traditional products with traditional names. Food items like croissant, pastas, and sandwich

    Its targets Family, professionals, working couples, a meeting place and social interation venue. It is aimed to ensure the customer have a quiet, uninterrupted visit and provide an escape from the daily pressures of life. This is good sign when compared to Coffee Day whose main customers are Youth. Though it has wide range of products such as food items, ice creams, sandwitches but appealing primarily to traditional coffee lovers. It is failing to prove its strength in South India which has strong filter coffee culture than North India, But Coffee day is strong in south India.

    • Word count: 938
  13. Searching for appreticeship in Berlin

    I found twenty places and made a map to locate the hairdressers, so I didn't have to search for them, while I was there, because I knew I didn't have much time to deliver the applications. Afterwards I started writing my applications in German. I finished my application and CV, and had translated my certificate to German and was ready to go to Berlin and search for apprenticeship as a hairdresser. At Friday, January 8. I went with my aunt on a bus trip to Berlin, it was an almost 10 hour long drive and we were ready to go to sleep at the moment we had checked in at the hotel.

    • Word count: 595
  14. DE5L35 Business Taxation

    Agency created by implication this occurs when there has been no express or deliberate appointment of an agent by a principal, but an agency relationship arises through the actions of the parties. Agency created by ratification A principal may retrospectively authorize the act of an agent. Agent created by necessity This occurs where there is an emergency and an agent has to carry out vital acts for a principal without receiving instructions.

    • Word count: 594
  15. Free essay

    Barilla Case

    In order to do so, improvements should be made to Barilla'a forecasting systems in addition to developing a set of decision rules for making decisions based on the forecasting system. 3. Describe the JITD approach. The JITD (just-in-time distribution) approach ships products as needed, rather than maintaining inventory. The objective is to be efficient and cost-effective across the entire system - total system-wide costs. Each member of the supply chain should be able to make better decisions about planning, scheduling, production, storage and distribution of materials, transportation arrangements, cost management, etc.

    • Word count: 576
  16. Individual Insurance Association

    The Audit committee should not review and approve their own audits. In order to maintain the independence and objectivity, the Audit Committee as part of the Board of Director should initiate the management that audits indeed need to be performed but not by the Audit Committee themselves. To meet the Audit Committee request, on the other hand, the management then should established an Internal Audit department that report their audit plans and result to the Audit Committee for approval. The management did assign the audits to the controller who delegated the Internal Auditors.

    • Word count: 885
  17. Kimberly-Clark Keeps Client Costco in Diaper

    For example, suppliers now can make better decisions on how to deploy goods across various customer locations based on different consumer preferences, which not only helps to decrease transportation and storage costs but also leads to higher customer service levels and flexibility. 2. When should a company handle its logistics needs in-house, and when should external sources be used? The adoption of supplier managed inventory program depends on the specific conditions of the company and how much control over the distribution channel the company has.

    • Word count: 608
  18. TATA case

    Dassault Systems' Digital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application drastically reduced development cycle. Just as the Tata case mentioned, there are so many advantages of digital manufacturing. DM was identified by Tata as a way to make manufacturing processes more efficient. Digital manufacturing technology offers companies the opportunity to provide engineers with the tools to plan, design, simulate, and communicate manufacturing processes through a suite of software solutions that support manufacturing, engineering, and process design. DM enables the user to produce digital models of products in virtual plants in order to perfect manufacturing processes before the physical plant investments have been made.

    • Word count: 819
  19. The importance of business ethics.

    Different cultures have different views on what is right and what is wrong. For this reason it is hard to find universal values, which makes business ethics more abstract; even more when the playing field is the whole world, due to globalization. From a moral point of view, ethics in this environment in extremely important and necessary. However, it is used as a technique for leadership, marketing, and good public relations; rather than as a way of practicing virtue ethics. The importance of business ethics in our society shows a stimulus-response behavior from those who are in charge.

    • Word count: 538
  20. The essence of this essay is to see whether holding of Olympics in different cities is economically viable basing from past studies done on the matter.

    The rotation of Olympics has been a debatable question. The essence of the essay is to see whether holding of Olympics in different cities is economically viable basing from past studies done on the matter. Olympics are held in different cities every two years. The reason this is done to avoid monotony in host cities and to encourage the presence of all cities in the world to take part in it. It is however not clear whether this trend should be followed after post event studies contradicting pre-event studies and expectations in terms of projected income and economical benefits of holding the games in different cities The rotation involves choosing the venue and preparing for the events.

    • Word count: 777
  21. Free essay

    Unit 21: outline how consumers are protected for the supply of goods/services

    The technicians kept on fitting the photocopiers with the wrong components. Henry Parnell is protected by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 and the Sale of Goods Act 1979 which meant that the company who sold the photocopies to Henry Parnell had to fix the problem. KeyPrint and Henry Parnell had no contact which each other however Office to go had contact with both Henry Parnell and KeyPrint KeyPrint X Office to Go Henry Parnell Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 This act only applies to contracts where goods are sold for money consideration.

    • Word count: 879
  22. Cashless Economy

    With the convenient of electronic banking, people are now able to purchase goods and pay their bills online in a fast and safe way, with just some mouse click. Not only consumers, merchants also benefits by electronic banking. Accept payment by debit cards or credit cards is less costly, in time and human-labor force, than accept payment in cash or checks.

    • Word count: 657
  23. Break-even is the most vital part of a business plan for a new enterprise. Do you agree with this statement? Justify your view.

    Banks and other financial institutions will consider this information a vital part of a new business plan and its inclusion will indicate good business sense. ? It may help a business to make important decisions about how to structure production, such as whether to produce its own components or whether to purchase them from external sources. However: ? Break-even analysis is only as good as the data upon which it is based, and poor quality data may result in inaccurate conclusions.

    • Word count: 458
  24. Exploring team development

    Informal: An informal team is a group of people who develop on a less structured way. Permanent: A permanent team is a group of people who are put together on a long term basis for a particular reason. Temporary: A temporary team is a group of people who are employed by a company for a short period of time. The role of the marketing team in Tesco is: Making sure those customers know about products and service that Tesco have.

    • Word count: 948
  25. Kaizen can be roughly translated from Japanese to mean "good change.", but in business Kaizen means continuous improvement. It is long-term and it works systematically to achieve small, increment changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and qua

    If a work environment practices kaizen, continuous improvement is the responsibility of every worker, not just a selected few. This is because employees are given the opportunity to suggest improvements relating to any aspect of the organization. Quality improvement is the systematic approach to reduction or elimination of waste, work-back flow, rework, and losses in production process. Therefore what is meant by quality improvement is to cut down on all the waste, back flow, rework and losses in production process within the business.

    • Word count: 521

IB Business and Management has a distinctly international flavour. Students are expected to contextualize the subjects and themes using a variety of local, national and global examples. The study of business at this level looks at business structures, strategies and operations, at specific roles within organisations such as marketing, human resources and operations, and at how businesses are affected by social, cultural and ethical factors. The very operation of business is a process of decision-making and review, and students will analyse why certain decisions are made and how internal and external factors affect those decisions. The world of global business is one which changes by the day and plenty of up-to-date and topical examples and case studies will be covered; you'll be expected to keep on top of the business news to help inform your study. Assessment is achieved both internally (by researchproject), and eternally (by examinations). Marked by Teachers has a wide range of IB Business and Management essay answer examples which will enable you to gain some extremely useful insights into the sorts of answers you'll need to be able to present.


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