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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. The Leadership and Organizational Dynamic. Classroom development of group working.

    The team will be lead by Samir. Helped PLG * As the class was separated into few subgroup, it reduced the awkwardness of having each students to addressing to the entire class. * We are able to communicate in one language and practice it at the same time. * We can learn as much as we can about the culture of the people we are dealing with, particularly if we work with only few people in a group with different cultural background. Hindered PLG * Individual Barrier: A result of an individual's perceptual and personal discomfort.

    • Word count: 3292
  2. Free essay

    Media Planning for BMW ActiveHybrid 7. The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 was introduced in 2010. This is a leading product for BMW to access to the high-end hybrid power vehicle market. It has numerous unique advantages over its competitor, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.

    > There are lots of immature markets existing in China, including the high-end hybrid power vehicles. After the introduction of Lexus' and Mercedes-Benz's hybrid power automobiles, BMW tried their best to follow such pioneers' steps to join the market. The situation of three parties surviving and thriving is outstanding in Taiwan's high-end hybrid power vehicle market. Moreover, it is the same as in the global market. > Here is the table of "Automobile Market Analysis in Beijing, in August, 2010." It shows that the automobile market in Beijing continued expanding in 2009 and 2010. Month 2009 2010 New Car Sales Second-Hand Car Sales New Car Sales Second-Hand Car Sales 1 52934 33783 63765 (+20%) 37500 (+11%)

    • Word count: 6013
  3. This paper will concentrate on Apples Apple TV business, and its complementing iTunes business.

    Gene Munster, other analysts and the investor community also believe that adding small changes in Apple TV could drive tremendous material growth. iTunes on the other hand is as successful as the iPod because they both go hand in hand. Until June 2008, 5 billion songs were sold on iTunes. Fig 1. iTunes music download numbers Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:ITunes_Store_Songs_Sales.jpg Until October 2008 (see Fig. 1), 200 million TV episodes and 2 million feature length films were sold [2]. These figures make Apple the largest music and the most popular online movie store.

    • Word count: 8016
  4. Project Management - planning an all inclusive carnival concert in the North Western end of Trinidad.

    All risk was identified and solutions were made to accompany them. This project from all analysis done will prove to be viable to your organisation in terms of success and profitability. Introduction "A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result" (Schwalbe.K 2009, p.4). 'Best Shows' is an Event Management company specialising in the arrangement of Open Air Concerts. Best Shows provide services to organisations that promote their brand at seasonal events such as Carnival in this case. The specific services that they provide include arrangements with regards to the venue, the performers, promotion and a total end to end delivery.

    • Word count: 6285
  5. Human Resource Management - learning styles, Government training programmes in Trinidad and Tobago

    This style offers techniques with practical applications and likes to respond to opportunities and problems as a challenge. These are the differences between the four styles mentioned above and each has its different ways in the person's behaviour and their learning preferences. The Chief Operating Officer has the characteristics of the Activist style where he is keen on new experiences once he has the financial resources to accomplish the task at hand. There are three theoretical approaches in learning theories. These are the Behaviourist, Cognitive and Social learning approach. The behaviourist approach deals with how the human mind operates purely on the information gained from the experience and also concentrates on observable behaviour.

    • Word count: 3151
  6. Finance and business questions and answers.

    Therefore, the inflation rate increases due to the increased prices. Hence the inflation rate increases in UK and decreases in US 2. On January 2nd, 2011, BMW expects to ship 19,000 Mini-Cooper cars from its affiliated plant in the UK to the US, which it will sell through US dealers on 300-day terms at $26,500 each. So BMW will receive payment from its dealers on October 28th, 2011. Assuming that BMW needs to cover its expenses in the UK and thus wants to hedge its pound exposure using a forward contract with a UK bank in the US, what is

    • Word count: 4152
  7. Business management

    I will also meet the staff and explain the purpose of my visit. * Second Visit: - I will collect the Financial and production reports of Swati Snacks at Tardeo and Ahmadabad. * Final Visit: - I will interview the owner, the employees and a few regular customers of Swati Snacks with the help of some question. Through which I will analyze whether they should open one more branch at Chembur or no. Limitations: - Possible Problems Solutions Interview too specific in nature, limiting depth Ask relevant ' closed and open' questions Based responses from interviewees given investment Balance with use of company website data Difficult to obtain relevant up to-date secondary data for china.

    • Word count: 3434
  8. HMV Group plcs environmental and strategic position

    In the current economic climate it is unlikely that there will be many threats of new companies, but it might mean that other companies in other markets may be looking to deviate to try and promote more income. Threat of substitutes Substitutes may be a possible problem for HMV Group, because there are many out there and with the constant improvement in technology it becomes an increasingly present threat. Substitutes for HMV Group products can be, hiring of products from places such as Blockbusters, downloading legally and illegally, second hand products through the means of services such as eBay and technology changes such as digital books.

    • Word count: 3493
  9. Leadership styles and analysis of my leadership skills.

    Leadership must set goals or specific task that need to be implemented by their worker, ability to plan work activities with specific set time is very important, leadership must clarify each goal making it plane, understandable and provide specific objective for each goals. Leadership must monitor the progress of tasks giving to their followers and rate performance setting up a standard of achievement. And finally leadership must be supportive, developmental and possess the ability to recognize failure before it appears on surface and likewise successful task.

    • Word count: 3114
  10. BP Financial analysis

    12 i. Super major oil production performance chart 2001 - 2009 12 ii. Total replacement cost profit before interest and tax (RCPBIT) chart 2005 - 2009 12 Section 2 - BP plc - SWOT analysis overview 13 Section 3 - Oil industry 14 Section 4 - BP plc - financial performance 2005 - 2009 15 - 28 4.1 Overview 15 - 18 4.2 Profitability 19 - 20 4.3 Liquidity 21 4.4 Efficiency 22 - 25 4.5 Investment 26 - 28 Section 5 - BP plc - financial performance 2005 - 2009 against its competitors 29 - 39 5.1 Overview 29

    • Word count: 6661
  11. We have spent plenty of hours in finally approving the decision of producing rip less Extreme T-shirts. Therefore an analysis of appropriate target market is necessary.

    We also have a money-back guarantee as well. If the customer is not completely satisfied with this product, we will refund the purchase price within 30 days. The potential profit and benefit from this product will be high. The product itself is a shopping item, meaning people compare shop. The production cost per unit is Dhs 12; retail value will be capped at Dhs 49.99 for physiological pricing. The pricing strategy used for this will be skimming, so that cost will be recovered.

    • Word count: 3800
  12. Corruption in India. This study focuses only on the corruption experienced by the Common Man in getting services from various service providers i.e. government departments. Citizens are entitled to receive these services, but are not only served po

    This study focuses only on the corruption experienced by the 'Common Man' in getting services from various service providers i.e. government departments. Citizens are entitled to receive these services, but are not only served poorly but very often have to pay a bribe to the service providers. This study does not cover corruption at various other levels such as where a business man pays bribes to an Income Tax official or a custom official to pay much less tax than he is obligated to pay.

    • Word count: 5429
  13. Walt Disney: Case study

    The segment's incomes have turned down at a aggregated annual rate of concern of 1% throughout FY2006-08. The percentage assistance of the segment to the total revenue has furthermore turned down from 22.3% in FY2006 to 19.4% in FY2008. Continued feeble performance of the studio entertainment segment would adversely sway the company's general incomes and profitability. Overdependence on the North American markets Walt Disney has its procedures all over the world spanning North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. But, the business draws from a most of its incomes from North American markets, which does not really contemplate its international presence.

    • Word count: 3268
  14. Risk analysis and decision making

    However, you can't inquire for that grade of risk contingency budget. The only cause you would require that much money is if every risk occurred. Remember that the target of risk administration is to confirm that the dangers manage not influence your project. Therefore, you would anticipate that you will be adept to effectively organise most, if not all, of these risks. The risk contingency budget should contemplate the promise influence of the risk as well as the prospect that the risk will occur. This is echoed in the last column. Notice the total contingency demand for this project is $33,500, which could be supplemented to your budget as risk contingency.

    • Word count: 3498
  15. Apple: case sudy

    This is due to a convoluted and costly development stages. As for capital obligations, companies require to invest considerable financial assets before going into this competitive market. In supplement, one time a firm sets up itself in the industry, it may take several years before the company sees any profit. With such high charges and huge competitors, product differentiation, unconditional cost benefits, and finances of scale play a large part in the contestability of the market. Product differentiation encourages brand commitment by proposing distinct goods with distinct characteristics to the consumer.

    • Word count: 3260
  16. Marketing. In my project, I am going to be looking at how Nestls Smarties are marketed. I will include my own research about the product marketing to get a good idea of how they market their product now.

    Marketing mix - the mix of what is needed to market a product and includes the product, price, the promotion involved, packaging and the place it is marketed. Market leader - the business that has a product that is the most successful product in market. Market research - using surveys, tests and statistics to find out what consumers want. It is done before products are launched to find out whether it will be successful and is used to make established products even better.

    • Word count: 6186
  17. AVCE Unit-3 Marketing

    The questionnaire will be able to inform us that if it is a good idea to launch a healthy product that reduces health risks for the diabetic people and encourages children to buy more chocolates. Cadburys: It is one of the biggest international beverage and confectionery companies in the world with a market capitalisation of �9 billion. With a history stretching back over 200 years, today Cadbury Schweppes employs around 54,000 people its brands are enjoyed in almost every country around the world.

    • Word count: 9882
  18. Advance Professional Development

    The management is looking for a comprehensive Personal Development Plan (PDP) in terms of personal, professional and career development and assist the company in progression. Personal Development Plan (PDP) helps individuals in identification of strengths, weaknesses and ways to overcome on those weaknesses. There are different methods available for personal and professional skills development, all good and well established organisations use different techniques, methods and activities to ensure their employees skills development. Organisations use the Continues Professional Development (CPD) in setting their employees objectives for development and then checking their process towards the achievement of their goals and objectives.

    • Word count: 7219
  19. Human Resource Planning and Development

    As LVMH is a multi culture organisation so they develop their employees / managers skills to perform the company operations smoothly in a multi culture environment, they don't follow the procedure of intercultural training because most of LVMH expatriates have some international experience, or have their studies in this field. But they are accelerating the cross culture adjustment process but now they are investing much more on cross culture training of expatriates and their family (both pre departure and post arrival training).

    • Word count: 3033
  20. New business plan

    Our restaurant will be affected by the political, economic, social and technological factors. In addition, the detailed location plan and sustainability analysis will also show that our restaurant is social responsible and we have considered a lot of environmental issues. Our restaurant will concern much about the quality of the food and make sure they are no good to the health of people. we should have a good management of the usage of water, waste disposable and other issuers to protect the environment.

    • Word count: 8909
  21. Marketing plan

    on the land or property, to the borrower with certain terms and conditions and within certain time limits. Mortgage Industry has been one of the most profitable industries all over the world. With careful considerations of investments, profits are boundless, because of this almost every other firm (retail, finance, etc) within UK has mortgage schemes. There are around 4000 different products within Mortgages to chose from. Few types of mortgages are listed below: * Interest Only Mortgage * Repayment Mortgage * Endowment Mortgage * Commercial Mortgages * First Time Buyers * Buy To Let Mortgages * Spanish Mortgage (for holiday home)

    • Word count: 3076
  22. Orgnizationl, Theory, Change & Culture

    Committees or juries These consist of a group of peers who decide as a group, perhaps by voting. The difference between a jury and a committee is that the members of the committee are usually assigned to perform or lead further actions after the group comes to a decision, whereas members of a jury come to a decision. In common law countries legal juries render decisions of guilt, liability and quantify damages; juries are also used in athletic contests, book awards and similar activities. Sometimes a selection committee functions like a jury. In the Middle Ages juries in continental Europe were used to determine the law according to consensus amongst local notables.

    • Word count: 7316
  23. MG 302 Human Resource Management

    Apart from this it will also look at how the group would have responded differently to the influences from the external environmental factors had we been at the helm of Pacific Operations HRM. However before embarking on this journey it is important to fully understand the external environmental factors. External Environment When studying the external environment it is practical to understand that the external environment is composed of political/legal, environmental, technological, socio-cultural, demographic, business, economic and industrial relation factors. The political/legal factor deals with the influence politics can have on organizations based on political ideologies.

    • Word count: 3562
  24. MG 309 Strategic Management

    The best customers can make the differences between success and failure of a product, brand or business. Without customers, an organization merely generates cost - yet many organizations spend little time and effort understanding and developing customers. Every sound business is built around a simple proposition that it makes or does something so well that customers will pay for the value being created; such that a business has to make money and gain loyal customers. It's not an either; the two are opposite faces of the same coin. If a business doesn't gain customers, it won't survive to make money.

    • Word count: 7340
  25. Order Management System

    Timely and accurate order delivery will provide more satisfaction for the customers. 2. Actors: - The in house users i.e. the employees of the company will also benefit from the new system because they will not have to carry out manual activities anymore. A computerized system will make it easy for the employees to track the order processing and make the final delivery of the order. 3. Transformation: - The transformation process from manual order taking to using an order management process will require a few personnel to be hired, who are well versed with the computerized environment.

    • Word count: 3300

IB Business and Management has a distinctly international flavour. Students are expected to contextualize the subjects and themes using a variety of local, national and global examples. The study of business at this level looks at business structures, strategies and operations, at specific roles within organisations such as marketing, human resources and operations, and at how businesses are affected by social, cultural and ethical factors. The very operation of business is a process of decision-making and review, and students will analyse why certain decisions are made and how internal and external factors affect those decisions. The world of global business is one which changes by the day and plenty of up-to-date and topical examples and case studies will be covered; you'll be expected to keep on top of the business news to help inform your study. Assessment is achieved both internally (by researchproject), and eternally (by examinations). Marked by Teachers has a wide range of IB Business and Management essay answer examples which will enable you to gain some extremely useful insights into the sorts of answers you'll need to be able to present.


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