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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. Case Study Timmings plc, a small engineering firm.

    (b) When Timmings began to grow it became more productively efficient. Explain what this means. Productively efficient occurs when a business is utilizing all of its resources efficiently, producing most output from least input. When a business does this, it is said to be enjoying of economies of sales. When Timmings plc moved into the large production facility in Birmingham it probably took advantage of economies of scale, having lower average costs and lowering risks. With this, larger businesses have advantage over smaller businesses, as small businesses cannot enjoy economies of scale.

    • Word count: 687
  2. Case Study: Beer sales plunge as Britons stay at home

    (4) (b) Outline the reasons why pub owners may find the research in the article above useful. A pub owner might find this article useful, as by it they can see the actual situation and understand it, for example "7.5 per cent year-on-year growth in sales of regional beers." This can also help him in the moment he orders the drinks, as if he has realized that regional beers have grown in sales, he might start buying more regional beers, or if he didn't buy them already, he might start buying them.

    • Word count: 456
  3. Elmia Swedish Based Company. Elmia is the third largest trade fair center in Sweden (Elmia, 2011). The company is guiding the exhibition in Stockholm, with millions of profits in 2009

    There are six capital ventures in the company. The operating capital deals with construction and the general capital deals with the financial management. Two capital ventures, support the rest of Elmia. Conference capital deals with conferences and the consortium capital ensures Elmia's cooperation with other organizations in order to organize demonstrations. The trade exhibitions are not open for all public, while theme exhibitions welcome consumers. There are four major functions: collective Business Control and Planning, Human Resources, Information and Secretarial Services.

    • Word count: 1248
  4. Innovative Bakery in Greece Business Plan

    We also aim on providing hotels and restaurants and create products with the trademark of the company. Located in the suburbs of Athens we tend to provide costumers with high standard quality that meets their satisfation knowing also that the 'bakery' business is one of the most stable businesses in Greece. BREAD CONSUMPTION IN GREECE 2009 2010 Bread 8600 8800 Toasties 15500 16200 Nuts 2600 2650 An increase in consumption is observed in tonnes. Innovative bakery is about a production unit and selling point as well. The area on site is already owned. No extra fees required, on that section.

    • Word count: 969
  5. The Leadership and Organizational Dynamic. Classroom development of group working.

    The team will be lead by Samir. Helped PLG * As the class was separated into few subgroup, it reduced the awkwardness of having each students to addressing to the entire class. * We are able to communicate in one language and practice it at the same time. * We can learn as much as we can about the culture of the people we are dealing with, particularly if we work with only few people in a group with different cultural background. Hindered PLG * Individual Barrier: A result of an individual's perceptual and personal discomfort.

    • Word count: 3292
  6. Free essay

    Marketing Case Study. From many various factors for segmentation, we can choose two bases of segmentation for Pleasant Company which is Demographical and Psychographic Segmentation.

    Demographic Segmentation consists of identifying which variable like age, family size, s*x, income, gender and social class. For example, we can implement the Demographic Segmentation in American Girls Collection which is on the basis of age. It targeted on young teens ranging from 7-12 years old. Different gender in age will also have different needs and wants. For example, most of the girls will prefer bright color such as pink, white, red and so on whereas boys will prefer color such as black, blue, grey and so on.

    • Word count: 1949
  7. Pricing strategies that Virgin Blue Airline could use.

    a) Describe three potential pricing strategies that airline companies can adopt when entering a new market. * Airline companies can adopt a really low price, so that they attract a lot of new customers and get a really original and good reputation. By entering the market with really low prices, the company will have a big advantage over the other companies that are already in the market for a longer time. Even though people are used to other companies, with low prices there's a big chance that they will have a great success. Penetration pricing * Companies using this strategy are usually trying to break into a market, so this would be the perfect strategy to enter a competitive market, already dominated by some big airline comapnies.

    • Word count: 569
  8. General introduction of the whole economic condition during 2007 to 2010, the relationship between bank industry and financial crisis and the influence on bank industry.

    On the other hand, they may expect the future economic development of China will slow down. From the performance of different banks, we can see nowadays bank management and regulation is gradually a global topic. No finance system or bank can separate from their counterparties. Tranditionally, commercial banks and investment banks have different jobs in bank business. They aim at different customer group and take profit from respective service. However, since year 2000 till the whole breaking of subprime crisis, we saw this two kinds banks, together with rating agencies built financial "dreams" in the United States.

    • Word count: 907
  9. Free essay

    Media Planning for BMW ActiveHybrid 7. The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 was introduced in 2010. This is a leading product for BMW to access to the high-end hybrid power vehicle market. It has numerous unique advantages over its competitor, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.

    > There are lots of immature markets existing in China, including the high-end hybrid power vehicles. After the introduction of Lexus' and Mercedes-Benz's hybrid power automobiles, BMW tried their best to follow such pioneers' steps to join the market. The situation of three parties surviving and thriving is outstanding in Taiwan's high-end hybrid power vehicle market. Moreover, it is the same as in the global market. > Here is the table of "Automobile Market Analysis in Beijing, in August, 2010." It shows that the automobile market in Beijing continued expanding in 2009 and 2010. Month 2009 2010 New Car Sales Second-Hand Car Sales New Car Sales Second-Hand Car Sales 1 52934 33783 63765 (+20%) 37500 (+11%)

    • Word count: 6013
  10. Discuss whether New Belgian Brewing, is a B2B, B2C company or both?

    Excellent! Tell us about it" - This shows that they arrange events for good causes. This is offered to both private customers and other companies.1 The company does also have open-house events on their brewery of two reasons - to inspire their customers and to inspire themselves. Customers have the opportunity to get guided tours on the brewery and observe all the phases of beer brewing, get an insight of all the steps the company has done to be observant of the environment and at last but not least to taste their quality beers. Furthermore they invite people to join their event "What's Your Folly?"2, where customers get the opportunity to live out their inner

    • Word count: 1386
  11. Business Planning - I offer for a low monthly fee computer maintenance services for small starting up companies/businesses for which cannot afford to hire an IT professional,

    I would aim to companies/businesses which have a lower monthly profit than 15.000�, because generally in Finland to employ an IT professional wages between 1900� to 3500� what means it cost for the company 3000� to 5500�. The target group cannot afford financially to hire a professional, but don't even need it daily, but in a regular basis. What kind of business I want? To start with I choose the form of Sole Proprietorship (T:mi 'toiminimi') with the trade name "Aliquantum" which comes from Latin and means "Good deal" and sounds similar to the English term 'aliquant' which means an integer that is a divisor of some quantity, referring to my business as a part of the market.

    • Word count: 1258
  12. Executive Summary KidSmart is a pioneering manufacturer of life saving smoke detector for children in Hong Kong, with its attempt to fill the psychological niche of childrens sleeping habits to help them react fast in fire escapes

    Therefore, less attention is paid towards the possibility of household accidents that may cause the sudden loss of lives, especially their beloved young infants. According to the Hong Kong Domestic Fire Rate, the number of fire confirmed cases is on the rapid rise from 1,345 to 2034 between 2006 and 2009. In the other words, in 2008-2009, about 5 domestic fires are started out each day when compared to only about 3 in 2006-2007, which is nearly a double. The results reveal that families are ignorant of the fire safety precautions, resulting in tragedies.

    • Word count: 598
  13. The following report examines the recruitment process used by Tesco Ireland for the selection of employees to fill five positions available through the retail stores expansion programme. These positions were as follows: sales executive, store manager,

    This is a duty designated to the information resource manager of the company. He ensures that his team members safeguard all the materials up to the point when it will be required again. (Fogleman, 1999) Screening and acknowledgement of application forms After the application form and cover letters have been sent, screening is done. The importance of such a method is that Tesco can be able to determine who meets the minimum qualification. This eliminates a large variety of applicants who may simply be trying their luck but have no idea whatsoever how to do the job.

    • Word count: 2135
  14. Marketing Strategies. Satyam Computer Services Limited, a global consulting and information technology services provider, unveiled its new brand identity, Mahindra Satyam. This strategic move paves the way for the emergence of a robust brand, whic

    Nurture fairness, trust and respect Professionalism: We impart freedom and the opportunity to excel and to grow; support innovation and well-reasoned risk taking, demanding performance Quality focus: We make quality a value driver in our work, our products and our interactions. Do it "First Time Right" Company's Philosophy Mahindra Satyam defines its stakeholders as its Customers, Associates, Investors and the Society at large. At the core of the Company's philosophy lies its focus on customer centricity and the goal of ensuring stakeholder delight at all times through innovative solutions and services, thereby fulfilling the role of a responsible service provider, committed to best practices.

    • Word count: 648
  15. The average price of our trainers was 40, sports jerseys 30 and 20. With a discount rate of 10% and a span of 7 years, the projected cash flows are worth 2,649,758

    We sold three sports items, Trainers, sports jerseys and T-shirts. In order for us to be competitive we had to study and research on a number of our competitors. Generally trainers were sold at about �50, sport jerseys �45 and T-shirts at about �30. We quickly realised that as we were not a known brand we would have to cut our profits short and undercut our competitors as to attract and tap into their customer base.

    • Word count: 540
  16. HRM - how Marks and Spencer motivate their staff.

    Motivation Motivation in the workplace is referred to the level of willingness on the part of the employee to increase their effort. This effort usually relies on a predefined need or desire depending on the individual behaviour directed towards realising a goal. Motivation is about motives and needs. Motivation has been defined as the psychological process that gives behaviour purpose and direction, a predisposition to behave in a purposive manner to achieve specific, unmet needs, an internal drive to satisfy an unsatisfied need and the will to achieve.

    • Word count: 2585
  17. This paper will concentrate on Apples Apple TV business, and its complementing iTunes business.

    Gene Munster, other analysts and the investor community also believe that adding small changes in Apple TV could drive tremendous material growth. iTunes on the other hand is as successful as the iPod because they both go hand in hand. Until June 2008, 5 billion songs were sold on iTunes. Fig 1. iTunes music download numbers Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:ITunes_Store_Songs_Sales.jpg Until October 2008 (see Fig. 1), 200 million TV episodes and 2 million feature length films were sold [2]. These figures make Apple the largest music and the most popular online movie store.

    • Word count: 8016
  18. Why is good product and service design important? Good design makes good business sense because it translates customer needs into the shape and form of the product or service and so enhances profitability.

    Why should product and service design and process design be considered interactively? Looking at them together can improve the quality of both product and service design and process design. It helps a design 'break even' on its investment earlier than would otherwise have been the case. How should interactive design be managed? Employ simultaneous development where design decisions are taken as early as they can be, without necessarily waiting for a whole design phase to be completed. Ensure early conflict resolution which allows contentious decisions to be resolved early in the design process, thereby not allowing them to cause far more delay and confusion if they emerge later in the process.

    • Word count: 2761
  19. The quality and performance of manager determine the organization success as well. A effective manager is the key of success (Drucker, 1995)

    Skill provides a quick fix which is world wide applicable. It is useful to know about management skills but it is also necessary to develop an understanding of how management skills are the best applied and modify to meet the particular demand of situation like - do this and all will be well- rather , it is aim is to present approaches which have been prove to generally effective. Today's world a manager should aware about planning and organizing overall change. Management skills are very important to best use of the human financial, materials resources available to the organization and to individual managers.

    • Word count: 2348
  20. Case study: The company John Air freight (JAF) is an air carrier specialized in a delivery of large parcels anywhere in Europe. The managing director of the company, Alan John, he noticed that the sales of the Companys existing products have reached s

    The privatization of almost post-office allowed the expansion of the competition on the price. Europe is leading the world in opening up competition in the CEP (Courier, express and parcel) market. Case study: The company John Air freight (JAF) is an air carrier specialized in a delivery of large parcels anywhere in Europe. The managing director of the company, Alan John, he noticed that the sales of the Company's existing products have reached saturation and to expand its company he desires to diversify its products in penetrating a new market. He sees growth potential in overnight delivery of letters and small parcels and is very interested in pursuing this new venture.

    • Word count: 2470
  21. Barista case notes. Baristas product mix constitutes a wide range of products that appeal primarily to traditional coffee lovers. Their products themselves are traditional products with traditional names. Food items like croissant, pastas, and sandwich

    Its targets Family, professionals, working couples, a meeting place and social interation venue. It is aimed to ensure the customer have a quiet, uninterrupted visit and provide an escape from the daily pressures of life. This is good sign when compared to Coffee Day whose main customers are Youth. Though it has wide range of products such as food items, ice creams, sandwitches but appealing primarily to traditional coffee lovers. It is failing to prove its strength in South India which has strong filter coffee culture than North India, But Coffee day is strong in south India.

    • Word count: 938
  22. Project Management - planning an all inclusive carnival concert in the North Western end of Trinidad.

    All risk was identified and solutions were made to accompany them. This project from all analysis done will prove to be viable to your organisation in terms of success and profitability. Introduction "A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result" (Schwalbe.K 2009, p.4). 'Best Shows' is an Event Management company specialising in the arrangement of Open Air Concerts. Best Shows provide services to organisations that promote their brand at seasonal events such as Carnival in this case. The specific services that they provide include arrangements with regards to the venue, the performers, promotion and a total end to end delivery.

    • Word count: 6285
  23. Working With and Leading People. Theories of leadership.

    Team members will need to learn how to help one another which will in turn help other members realise their true potential and it will also create a positive environment which will allow every team member to go beyond their limitations. When an individual is working on their own it will be difficult to have all these benefits because there is so much one person can do. With a team it will encourage creativity and productivity among its team members where as with an individual there is a limitation to that.

    • Word count: 2994
  24. Human Resource Management - learning styles, Government training programmes in Trinidad and Tobago

    This style offers techniques with practical applications and likes to respond to opportunities and problems as a challenge. These are the differences between the four styles mentioned above and each has its different ways in the person's behaviour and their learning preferences. The Chief Operating Officer has the characteristics of the Activist style where he is keen on new experiences once he has the financial resources to accomplish the task at hand. There are three theoretical approaches in learning theories. These are the Behaviourist, Cognitive and Social learning approach. The behaviourist approach deals with how the human mind operates purely on the information gained from the experience and also concentrates on observable behaviour.

    • Word count: 3151
  25. SWOT analysis of Apple and Amazon

    Many of these companies make more money from iTunes (i.e. downloadable music files) than from their original CD sales. Apple has sold about 22 million iPod digital music players and more than 500 million songs though its iTunes music store. It accounts for 82% of all legally downloaded music in the US. The company is resolute, but if it gives in to the music producers, it may be perceived as a commercial weakness. * Early in 2005 Apple announced that it was to end its long-standing relationship with IBM as a chip supplier, and that it was about to switch to Intel.

    • Word count: 1435

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