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Position Paper: The Contribution of Globalization to Sustainable Prosperity

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´╗┐The Contribution of Globalization to Sustainable Prosperity As citizens of this country and this world, we may be asked the question ?To what extent does globalization contribute to the sustainable prosperity of all people.? Many people will not be able to give you an answer, some may give a vague explanation of globalization or sustainability that in fact has nothing to do with the topic being spoken of. This shows how much we are unaware of the world we live in today. As responsible global citizens, we must be aware of events occurring around us to a broader level. I believe that all people should be knowledgeable and have a deeper understanding about the situation of the global world they are living in. If this happens, people may have a better understanding of how to take control and aid those in need and environment leading to a society with sustainable prosperity. This should be a prosperity that does not compromise the well-being of the future generations. Globalization is leading to many of those in higher power to take more than they should because of greed. Slowly they have started to ignore the needs of others in order to fulfill their desires. In order to achieve sustainable prosperity for all generations we as individuals, communities, transnational corporations, and governments must take the consequences that come with our actions and right them. ...read more.


Instead, this money that is saved goes to paying for 24-hour Anti-Union hotlines, Anti-union camera packages for every store, undercover spy vans, and rapid response teams with a private corporate jet. In total this is about $7,100,000. I don?t think this is a very good way to spend the money which could have gone to helping a workers family who needed those few extra dollars. This is not sustainable prosperity, this is just a waste. To this company, the money spent on preventing unions is money well spent, as long as they are consistently earning money. However, this is not all transnational corporations do not concern themselves over. The environment is a huge factor that a majority of monopolies and worldwide corporations do not take into consideration. Shipbreaking, which is now a huge industry in Bangladesh, is literally killing off the workers and the environment, but the heads of these companies don?t care. It?s not as if they will have to pay compensations for every worker who dies or is injured from one or more of the thousands of safety and environmental hazards in the work area. In fact, they do not even have a proper work area. It is just a beach that a ship is place upon, and from there is where another devastating problem occurs. ...read more.


Every country who criticizes Alberta?s way of accessing oil, are being hypocrites if they also purchase it. Governments seem to shine bad light upon those countries that have the slightest imperfections and make it into a huge, disgusting scar. Then, once they figure that they must continue business with the said country, a whole different story is started on how they think it?s just a marvelous idea or the trade is kept a secret. These are times when globalization seems to be both a good and bad idea. Sustainable prosperity is possible, but only when the world ceases to be ignorant of the issues revolving around it. People not knowing environmental, political, and social changes around them? That is just brutal. We need to educate ourselves and find ways to collaborate all of the great ideas many individuals may have, to bring forth a change for the greater good. This involves utilizing globalization to our advantage and spreading word around the global community. In many countries it is the citizens that define how the government will operate. Knowing that political power is simply on our doorstep, transnational corporations will be a pebble compared to the mountain it had lured us to believe in. There are a hundred different ways one could view the effects of globalization on sustainable prosperity, and this is one of them. Sources: http://www.wesjones.com/shipbreakers.htm http://www.shipbreakingbd.info/EnglishSite.php http://www.walmartworkforce.org/?p=215 http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/amazon.htm 1. http://www.extremescience.com/AmazonRiver.htm 2. http://www.rain-tree.com/ 3. http://www.greatestplaces.org/notes/amazon.htm 4. http://natzoo.si.edu/default.cfm http://www.canadiangeographic.ca/magazine/jun08/feature_tar_sands.asp ...read more.

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