Performance Review: An ENIGMA (Live)

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Performance Review: An ENIGMA Derren Brown (Live) First time viewer will appreciate more than regular fan This is primarily a review of Derren Brown's Enigma show which is in theatres from 2009 to 2010, although it will touch on aspects of his earlier performances. Derren Brown is a performer who uses 'magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship' to create a fairly unique experience for the viewer. I have seen all of Derren's shows on DVD and was curious how different the live experience would be. I was expecting at least a few things to go wrong as I assumed that his 'live' DVDs would contain at least a small element of editing. Impressively Derren was flawless on the night and at the time I could not see how any of the tricks were done, despite feeling like I had watched him every second of his act (Derren often comments that these are the easiest people to convince, the ones who watch intently!). It is worth pointing out at this stage that I will not be going into any detail about the tricks. Derren asks for people not to reveal
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details of the tricks, to prevent spoiling events for future attendees. This is understandable but it does reveal that the same techniques are used each night and that there is less 'magic' and more 'misdirection' than you would maybe suspect on the night. I felt confident that just by attending for a second night would reveal a lot of the secrets, when you saw similar things being forced to happen. For this reason I am keen to watch the DVD when it is released but wouldn't dream of potentially spoiling the night for others. What I love about Derren is ...

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