Clean Energy Production in the UAE Essay

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Clean Energy Production Essay

Our world relies on fossil fuels because it is very essential to our day-to-day life. Fossil fuels, which are hydrocarbon formed with in the top layer of crust, these are non-renewable resources because they apprehend million of years to form.

In the UAE electricity generation remains largely dependence on fossil fuels approximately 70% of electricity currently being generated using coal, natural gas and petroleum product. Coal is the most carbon intensive of the fossil fuel. Its is not surprising that the electricity generation stands as a top contributor to global carbon emission, according to the international energy agency electricity generation currently counts for approximately 50 % of global carbon emission .


UAE needs to change the habit of sustaining time in the creation of new alternative fossil fuels. In my research I have found that fossil fuels, like crude oil or petroleum will only last approximately thirty to forty more years this means, we must find the solution and must find the answer to this major question facing our world especially the UAE. It is a good idea to replace fossil fuels now due to the environmental issues, when the fossil fuels burns they release gases into the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide which causes pollution as well as green house effect. The situation is frightening but real which is harmful to the environment.

We all know that we rely on these fossil fuels how will the UAE function without crude oil?  Inside the UAE there is controversy in wither renewable energy is proficient or not. This question has raised based on the economy and the government’s opinion, we must step forward to implement and use renewable energy rather then common fossil fuels.

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Replacing the fossil fuels is beneficial to the environmental problems. Many nations have taken action and turned their attention to renewable and clean energy.

In this essay I will focus on a solution to produce sufficient electrical power and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission. The UAE leader ship currently committed to a 7% renewable energy targeted by 2020. The Abu Dhabi future energy company known as (Masdisar)

Is fully committed to finding low cost energy technologies that can be rolled out on a large scale, giving safe and clean power to many.

Nuclear Energy 


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