Assess the conditions and methods that led to Hitlers rise to power.

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Mustafa Ghanim

October 10, 2012

IB History Y1

Summative Rise to Power Outline


Essay Prompt: Asses the conditions and methods that led to Hitler’s rise to power.


Thesis: Hitler’s rise to power was due to his ability to create a mass movement, through ideological appeal, which provided him with a platform to capitalize on the political miscalculations, and the desire of the right section of the Weimar government to generate a rightest solution to Germany’s problems. However the cessation of Hitler’s power occurred with his capitalization of the Reichstag fire, which led to complete Gleichschaltung.


Topic Sentence: The Economic Crisis of 1929 provoked Hitler’s ascension to power by providing him the ability to utilize the suffering of the population to garner electoral support.

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Hate = strongest human emotion – create mass movement

Loss of WW1

Treaty of Versailles

Economic Crisis 1929

Dawes plan

Negotiations between Germany + America.

Instead of 2 billion, 50 million

200 million loan from US

Investment in Germany/ Germany dependent on America.

Ties Germany to America, if America collapses, Germany goes harder.

1932 6.1 mill unemployed

Treaty of Versailles:

Reparation payments

Lost land

Lost resources

Little demand for selective services + goods

Widespread poverty

Gives Hitler open wound in population to heal.

Topic Sentence: Hitler’s ideological appeal towards the Youth expedited the creation of a mass movement ...

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