Delfina Bullrich

Polimodal 2

Romeo and Juliet

Act 3 Scene 1

        William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is known to be as one of the most prominent and recognized play’s to every have been written. The author’s capability has created a magnificent play, relating it with happiness and tragedy, love and hate, and this play will be used now and in many years to come. The extract that will be analyzed in this commentary is quite significant therefore it will have plenty of ideas and meanings that will be extracted and explored from the text. The events that have lead up to this scene can be seen as tension builders because the reader is now beginning to suspect that something may go wrong at some point in the play. Firstly, Benvolio fears meeting the Capulet family, knowing that a fight will surely occur. Previous to this, Romeo and Juliet are now planning to get married, which creates more tension because the reader knows that their marriage will not last for long.    

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        In this extract, Mercutio taunts Tybalt, looking for a fight between each of the characters, but Tybalt refuses because he is looking for Romeo, whom he was to slay and murder. However, once Tybalt has found him, Romero refuses to fight, and Mercutio is disgusted with his decision. The reader knows the Mercutio’s rage is building and that he will in any moment commence a battle throughout the Verona streets. The author’s purpose of this extract is to in other words, basically “tell” the reader that there will soon be a tragedy amongst them. To do this, the author ...

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