Relationship between Angle and Acceleration

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IB Physics SL

Lab Report – Relationship between Angle and Acceleration


To get the gravitational acceleration by a slope board and a ticker tape.


When the angle of the board gets 90, then the acceleration reaches at 9.81m/s2 which is the speed of the gravitational acceleration.


A slope board, ticker tape, a car, and a tractor.


  1. Put the board on a table or something to put over.
  2. Measure the angle(starts from 1 degree, 11 degree, 22 degree, 33 degree, and 44 degree)
  3. For each angle, place the ticker tape on the top of the board, and let the car go from a ticker tape as long as possible.
  4. After gathering data by a ticker tape record, measure the length of every 6 dots (which is 0.1secs consider that ticker tape works at 60Hz).
  5. Make a Time-Length table to get a Time-Velocity table (for every degree).
  6. Make a graph for each angle from Time-Velocity table (for every degree).
  7. From the Time-Velocity graphs, get a gradient (Acceleration) of each graph and make a final table for an Angle-Acceleration graph.
  8. At the final graph, the acceleration at 90 degree will be presented.
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Data collection & Data analysis

Time-Length Table

Time-Velocity Table

Time-Velocity Graphs

Angle-Acceleration Table

Final Angle-Acceleration Graph

Conclusion & Evaluation

I got the 13.1263 from my final graph for the acceleration at 90 degree which is basically gravitational acceleration and should be 9.81. My final graph is not closer to the original gravitational acceleration. ...

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