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To investigate a free-falling cone.

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To investigate a free-falling cone.


  1. Independent Variables:
  • Mass of the cone: I will change the mass of the cone and observe how this affects the time that the cone takes to reach the ground.
  1. Dependent Variables:
  • Time: The time taken for the cone to freefall to the ground will depend on the mass of the cone.
  1. Controlled Variable:
  • Material: The cone will be made of filter paper because filter paper is already in the shape of a circle and hence very easy to fold into a cone. I will use the same cone throughout my experiment to ensure reliable results.
  • Height of release: I will release the cone at a height of 1.5 meters.
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Add pieces of plasticine to the scale until the scale reads 4 grams.Place the plasticine inside the cone and adjust it to fit into the cone so that it does not move around while inside the cone.Hold the cone at a height of 1.5 meters above the ground and be ready with the stopwatch to time the freefall of the cone.Release the cone (with the plasticine inside) from the height of 1.5 meters and record
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This experiment could be improved in various ways:

  • I used a stopwatch in this experiment which cannot always give me accurate results due to the fact that its accuracy is subject to human error.

I will use light gates next time.

  • The 1 meter ruler that I used in this experiment was an old ruler and hence, over the years had experienced wear and tear which in turn affected its accuracy.

I will use a more accurate ruler next time.

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