To investigate a free-falling cone.

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To investigate a free-falling cone.


  1. Independent Variables:

  • Mass of the cone: I will change the mass of the cone and observe how this affects the time that the cone takes to reach the ground.

  1. Dependent Variables:

  • Time: The time taken for the cone to freefall to the ground will depend on the mass of the cone.

  1. Controlled Variable:

  • Material: The cone will be made of filter paper because filter paper is already in the shape of a circle and hence very easy to fold into a cone. I will use the same cone throughout my experiment to ensure reliable results.
  • Height of release: I will release the cone at a height of 1.5 meters.
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  1. Meter Rule
  2. Filter Paper
  3. Plasticine
  4. Stopwatch
  5. Scotch tape
  6. Scale



  1. Fold the filter paper into the shape of a cone
  2. To hold it in place, use scotch tape.
  3. Measure the mass of the cone using a scale.
  4. Add pieces of plasticine to the scale until the scale reads 4 grams.
  5. Place the plasticine inside the cone and adjust it to fit into the cone so that it does not move ...

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