Rodrigo Zozaya


        TOK Summer 2010 Art Assigment

                                                      Art as a way of Knowing        HZT4UE

Initial Reaction:

1. As you approach the art gallery, you will see a large, spindly sculpture outside the main doors. It is of a spider with a sac of eggs under its abdomen.

  1. What is your initial reaction upon seeing this piece? 


What the Heck? What is gods name is this doing here? That’s interesting…

  1. Do you think initial reaction is a very important quality in art?

Yes I think initial reaction is very important, because if a person viewing the piece or art is not moved or interested in any way, that person will have no desire to continue watching it and therefore will never really understand the piece. Every good piece of art has original or impacting aspects that standout and make a person try to find its inner meaning.

Be sure to walk around the work, under the work and to touch the work.
(c) Has your reaction to this work changed?

By getting closer I actually got goose bumps and found it a little repulsive as I stood under it, but when I saw the eggs I noticed the sculpture was a female spider and had a whole different meaning, it was not to scare the viewer but to attract it and want to find out more about it, which is what I was determined to do.

Louise Bourgeoise is the artist of this piece. Look beside one of the main doors to find out what it is called.
(e) Do you believe the piece is appropriately titled? Why or why not?

I believe that “Maman” is a great title for it because it represents Bourgeoise view of her mother and not only that but the intense love of motherhood towards its babies (in this case the eggs). Also im not sure of this but I found out that Bourgeoise mother actually love knitting stuff, such as a spider knits its own web, might be a metaphor to express this love of knitting.

(f) Do you believe that having possible varied responses to this work is a weakness or a strength?

I think that having varied responses to this work in specific is a weakness because it shows that the meaning put into the work wasn’t communicated in a good way a human creates art to express emotion or a meaning and if you don’t interpret it like they meant it means they didn’t do it correctly, it might be a strength for other works of art but for this one it’s a weakness.

(g) What if the work inspires an emotional response completely different from the intentions of the artist? Does this make the artwork more or less successful? Explain your answer.

Generally I think that the artwork would be more successful if the emotional response from the person is different from the intended message. This is because as long as it inpiries an emotion the artist has done their job, have it been the original message or a completely different one this is interesting for an artist if people see the artwork in ways he/she never even imagined.

Go into the museum, pay your admission. After paying, walk up the ramp to the atrium. Go into gallery A101- FIRST FLOOR- Canadian Art.

Art through the Years

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3. What broad trends do you see happening to art through the years?

The artists used darker colours from the 1830s to the 1860s, and the main subject of the paintings were simple portraits of significant people or self portraits of the artists themselves. As you move further through the sections, there are more scenic and historical paintings, as well as paintings showing everyday situations of the time. I found interesting the amount of landscape/nature paintings, as well as paintings depicting life in Canada in their respective time periods. By the end, we get the more expressionits and abstract paintings ...

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