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HR Plan for british gas

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HR planning and resources: Introduction: British gas is a domestic energy supplier and a part of the Centrica Group which is a multinational company with businesses in many countries, it operates in England as British Gas (BG).Centrica was formed in 1997 and consists of eight separate energy-related businesses. Along with providing gas and electricity, they also install and maintain central heating and gas appliances. Their desire is to provide high quality products and services, their customers also turn to them for expert, hassle free care of their kitchen appliances, home electrics, plumbing and drains. There are about 12,000 people working in their UK based call centres and over 8,000 highly trained, CORGI (national watchdog for gas safety in the United Kingdom) registered engineers. British gas invests heavily in training to help ensure that the service they offer are always of the highest quality possible they invest over �26 million each year. They are Britain's largest single employer and trainer of gas engineers. They claim to be the greenest power provider in Britain and that the electricity provided by them has the lowest CO2 emissions compared to any major UK energy supplier. ...read more.


This requires responses to a series of statements about attitude towards work. Applicants are then rated green, amber or red. The colour reflects the attitudes the applicant has about work and people, this helps us show which roles a person is best suited for. BG doesn't take people with red rating as they don't fit the company's requirements. However after an initial screening the rest of the applicants are invited for an interview and are assessed for the final selection process. Here the candidates must show evidence of qualifications, ID and driving licence to secure a place. Below is a flowchart showing the processes: Task 3: At BG there are two types of different demands for workforce requirements, firstly the contract customers who have service agreements with the company. Secondly there are customers who call for one-off assistance if they have a specific problem. At BG we have seen increasing demand for both the services with increasing number of customers; this has lead to increase in workforce. Workforce planning has become increasingly important as there are several other factors that influence it. ...read more.


development needs * Get useful feedback which will help the organization in turn Appraisal eventually will help us evaluate the employee's performance. Based on the performance the employee can be motivated in different ways Reward System - We should strongly look at rewarding employees on a regular basis in order to keep them motivated. This will also encourage employees to work harder to achieve set targets and eventually achieve them and also help the organization achieve their set targets. Rewards could be either financial or non financial. Promotion - Every employee who has worked for a long period will eventually look for promotions. It is important for us to value its employee's hard efforts and have a system in place for internal job postings (IJP) instead of recruiting managers from outside the company. This will not only motivate our employees but also make them feel valued Loyalty Bonus - Every organization in the UK has an employee turnover issue. In order to reduce the turnover we should have a loyalty bonus scheme where all employees who have stayed in the company for more than 6months should be rewarded monetarily. This will help reduce attrition and keep the employees motivated to stay longer. ...read more.

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