Based on the interview we done with EPSON, we had come to an understanding that there is a clear and formal management structure which is divided into different sub departments. This is to ease the planning process when they divide into work unit, rather than planning on the whole. The top management in this organization is the managing director, who is in charge of the overall company’s profitability and progress with reference to the organizational chart. Beneath the director, there are four senior managers that are responsible for different departments in the organization.

      Firstly, the function of the senior manager in IT Division (or Product Marketing) is in charge of sales and marketing for all IT products, such as printers, scanners and consumables (i.e. ink, paper, toner etc). Secondly, the senior manager of Visual Instrument Division and Service Support is in charge of sales and marketing for Visual Instrument products and service department, which is provide maintenance service to customers. Thirdly, the senior manager of Corporate Planning is in charge of all corporate communications. Furthermore he is involved with markets and internal human resources affairs. Lastly, the senior manager of Support Division is in charge of all internal support departments such as administration, finance & logistics. These four managers are in charge and responsible for their respective departments whereby they plan and organize the resources to meet the organization’s mission and objective.

      On the other hand, Mr. James from Poly Electronic & Electrical stated that the goal of the company must be in line with the overall corporate goals to be successful. Therefore, the company has to draw up specific plans to ensure that they can achieve their objectives. In this case, the manager will also collect information from various departments within the organization to empower the top management to make informal decisions in pursing the project in hand. According to Mr. James, he believes that the environment in the organization should be a flexible one. In additional, since different employees have different wants and needs, different approaches are necessary to cater for each employee. For example, the manager will set different group of people to present their duties. Besides that, to ascertain the progress he will also set dead lines for the employees to follow.

      As for the leadership function of management, Mr. James claims that employees need irregular awards to motivate and lead them to achieve the organization objectives. For example, as the manager he will gear up his employees to company’s mission by showing good examples.

      The controlling function is achieved by having morning briefing everyday. Mr. James would use the briefing to highlight any shortcomings. Also, if any employee under performed, a warning letter would be issued. After issuing 3 warning letters, and the employee still fails to deliver, they would then face disciplinary action. Mr. James also mentions that controlling is one of the most important tools of the company to create a single point system.

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      Mr. Leong from EPSON is very clear that the modern business environment require corporations to be able to respond to any situation and that individual employees recognize the need for speed and change. In many cases, traditional means of success in the corporate world are no longer productive. Companies must approach issues with a flexible mindset, maintaining a keen sense of awareness of the ever-changing market trends. Individual employees must proactively improve their awareness and work habits, ...

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