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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Critically analyse the proposition that strategic management is a creative process through which business strategy emerges over time.

    of a company for example. What managers and organisations do can be explained by strategies (Thompson and Martin 2005). Strategy requires a good knowledge of the business, goals to reach in the future, and ways to action, as Macmillan and Tampoe (2000) state; strategy's origin come from the ancient Greek: "strategy is knowing the business you propose to carry out" (Macmillan and Tampoe 2000 p.13). Nowadays, strategy can be define as a long-term direction and scope of an organisation (Johnson et al.

    • Word count: 3342
  2. Characteristics of a selected leader and analysis of my own leadership skills.

    If we just do it and care about individual benefit we cannot complete the task well. As a result, everyone have to take responsibility on what they are doing. If we just do the job as long as we finish a working day soon, our products will be made with mistakes the buyers will reject them. Consequently, the company will ask the leader for her or his responsibility. From my observation, Teresa has strong self-confidence and she has been successful in creating its influence on us. For example, when we received boxes herbs that are not good enough in quality as what we need to provide to our high-demand customer like Coles or Safeway.

    • Word count: 3270

    The project adopted the usage of precast concrete technology which though costly ensured high quality and aesthetics. High-tech coaches were design ? Extensive measures for environment protection like conducting rainwater harvesting have been taken. Delhi Metro has also implemented efficient technologies like regenerative braking systems to reduce the overall power requirement. Execution ? Delhi and ensured that the project was implemented smoothly by dividing it into different phases. The first phase of the network comprised of 65.1 km of route length with 13 km of underground tracks called Metro corridor and 52.1 km surface or elevated tracks called Rail Corridor.

    • Word count: 3074
  4. Analysis of HSBC Sustainability Report

    Being one of the world's biggest banks means the decisions it makes can have a big impact. HSBC looks to lend and invest responsibly, avoiding projects which can cause social and environmental damage that exceed the economic benefits. Pillars of corporate sustainability At HSBC, CSR forms an integral part of the way it does business. Over the years, the Group's work in this field has evolved significantly. Today its initiatives span across the country, collaborating with businesses, employees, not-for-profit organisations and customers across 26 cities. HSBC's CSR practice rests on the pillars of education, financial inclusion, environment sustainability and employee engagement, the ultimate purpose being to achieve sustainability for business and build prosperous communities.

    • Word count: 3184
  5. Improving the Supply Chain in the UK Armed Forces. It is evident that, should six sigma be successfully implemented into the defence supply chain then it has much to offer and could, almost certainly, make the supply chain more resilient. For the MOD th

    and Six Sigma are all initiatives, implemented by businesses worldwide, to improve performance and, ultimately lead to competitive advantage. Whilst these initiatives have been reasonably successful in improving business performance and have been used effectively to improve the physical security of the supply chain (Lee, Whang, 2005) it is the efficacy of them to overcome problems of supply in the defence environment that will be examined in this paper; in particular the use of Six Sigma. For the United Kingdom's Armed Forces the supply chain is managed by the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO). The DLO is an extremely large and diverse organisation consisting of a mixed military/civilian staff of approximately 36,000 personnel and an annual budget of around �8bn (MOD, 2001).

    • Word count: 3149
  6. Critically analyse the proposition that strategic management is a creative process through which business strategy emerges over time

    Strategic choices are the formulation of a future strategy and the methods by which the strategy could be pursued. Finally, implementation of strategy is making sure that the chosen strategies work in practice (development of control systems). Strategic management is an ongoing process, not an event that once done can be forgotten for a while (Thompson and Strickland 2004; Stettinius et al 2005, Goldman and Nieuwenhuizen 2006). The firm will need to adapt its strategy according to the reaction of competitors. Thompson and Strickland (2004) indicate that the firm is obliged to re-evaluate strategy as often as needed in order to match the changing internal and external environment of the organization.

    • Word count: 3709
  7. The Indian E-commerce case study - Snapdeal group buying site.

    ending December, 2011.1 Two factors have been among the major barriers to India's online shopping growth so far are:- Firstly, the Indian consumer mindset is still that of a saver. Given this the Indian consumer would need some coaxing to shop online. Safety is the topmost criteria. The use of credit cards only took off in the last decade and online banking took incredible amount of marketing by banks. Second is the lack of internet connectivity in India. For a country with a population of 1.2 billion and a young demographic, internet penetration is at a dismal 100 million, according to some sources.

    • Word count: 3302
  8. Las Vegas Sands Corp. Business and politics are very closely intertwined and I believe that Adelsons actions within the political arena can also be seen as strategic business decisions that have both negatively and positively impacted the LVSC di

    Political position history In my opinion, the political history and position of the LVSC is a direct reflection of Sheldon Adelson's political views and standpoints and can therefore be correlated as such. Business and politics are very closely intertwined and I believe that Adelson's actions within the political arena can also be seen as strategic business decisions that have both negatively and positively impacted the LVSC directly. I will explain a couple of these connections in the following paragraphs. Adelson was a key financial supporter of a group called "Freedom Watch," whose purpose was to "protect America's interests at home and abroad, foster economic prosperity, and strengthen families."

    • Word count: 3072
  9. Business Case study. Vestas Wind Systems and Ditlev Engel, have made major strides in making wind power a more efficient means of powering our energy grids.

    Ditlev Engel, the president and CEO of Vestas Wind Systems is showing the world that there are ways to make wind energy more efficient and a more viable source of energy for consumers around the world. While Vestas is the leading wind turbine production company in the world, it continues to make major strides in addressing the issues of inefficiencies with its constant dedication and commitment to the evolution of every step in the wind production process. Description of Organization History Vestas was founded in 1945 by Peter Hansen as "Vestjysk Stalteknik A/S" (West-Jutlandish steel technology).

    • Word count: 4149
  10. SERVICE QUALITY DIMENSIONS. The literature review illustrated that the most common model used in hotel industry is SERVQUAL, even though it is also most criticized. Using comparing method, this study examines the differences found between the number of s

    This is primarily due to the subjectivity of customers and their needs and expectations in continuous development. As long as service quality will be considered to be qualitative only if it meets the expectations required, then the only way to measure this quality is only in terms of customers. Some of these models applied in hotel industry will be reviewed in this work using an exploratory approach and comparing method. Studies in the field of service quality in hotel industry have not reached yet a general conclusion for defining and measuring the service quality, but there are some research studies that underline the significance of cultural background, segmentation in hotel market, the type of service industry that should be taken in consideration in research (Akbaba, 2006).

    • Word count: 3854
  11. The effect of the recession on client/ contractor and employer/ employee relationships in the construction industry.

    The client base is diverse, and to service these client bases there is a wide range of contractors. The Nature of Construction Projects The construction industry is different from other industries insofar as the product is not an innovation rather a solution to client requirements, demand is bespoke. This demand is prone to fluctuation in the wider economy, a boom/ bust cycle has long existed in most sectors. Though there have been extended periods of stability and growth the industry is susceptible to economic downturns, especially in commercial sectors. Projects are diverse and can vary dramatically, the complexity of the industry, the diversity of clients, the requirements, and the nature.

    • Word count: 4134
  12. Expressing the mission and vision of organizations - The case of Huawei Technologies

    Finally, effective leadership is not based on being clever; it is based primarily on being consistent. Drucker emphasizes that leadership is a means, and the question to answer is a means to what end. In simple words we can say that the leadership is all about influencing others when they work together to achieve certain goals1. Importance of Leadership: Leadership is related to motivation, interpersonal behavior and the process of communication. As Sir Paul Judge (2003, p 19) says, "Thirty years ago it was very much about what you knew, the technicalities of things. Managers now are leaders of their groups, their departments.

    • Word count: 4966
  13. Decision Making: Decision Support Systems. In this paper, we explore the decision-making background concepts behind decision support systems, the practical side of implementing and using decision support systems, and an empirical study highlighting the

    benefits was calculated to be 4.38, with each benefit listed having a mean near or above the midpoint of the survey scale. The survey findings from the first and second parts were found to be correlated and provide a comprehensive picture regarding the degree of impact that decision making support of ERP systems have on organizations. We suggest that DSS be used as a human consultant in supporting decision makers to gather and analyze information, identify and diagnose problems, as well as, propose possible courses of action.

    • Word count: 7347
  14. Innovation For Business Success. It is possible to be innovative in both large and small companies in Australia, and to derive significant business success from that innovation.

    2 | P a g e Contents 1. Executive summary 2. Introduction: the key role of innovation in enterprise success 2.1 The way ahead: innovation! 2.2 Going forward on innovation 2.3 Systematic Innovation: the ultimate in value adding 2.4 Strategy of innovation 2.5 Operating practices and resources 2.6 Measures of performance 2.7 Rewards and recognition 2.8 Behaviour and culture 3. Background review of innovation 3.1 Strategy and Innovation 3.2 Resourcing for Innovation 3.3 Innovation Measures 3.4 Rewards and recognition for innovation 3.5 Culture and Behaviour 4.

    • Word count: 45984
  15. This paper presents a brief review of Nokias history and corporate culture, to better understand the Finnish firms current situation. Subsequently, the paper analyses the opportunities that Nokia will have to take into account, as well as

    Earlier this year, Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft. They are to co-develop Nokia smartphones that run on a Microsoft mobile operating system. At the time, their market share in the U.S. for smartphones was only 3%. By August 2011, that number has dropped below 2% due to consumer interests in Android smartphones and iPhones. Nokia's focus on the Microsoft operating system has also led them to discontinue development of their Symbian platform (Seekingalpha, 2011). As a result, the department was shut down and many employees were laid off.

    • Word count: 6541
  16. This study critically several areas of change management process and identify the factors of creating success for M&S with the help of using theories and examples.

    Depending on the nature of the changes organisations need to take several types of change management programme for evaluating the change management process. On the basis of M&S this study considers the change management issues. Organisational Background: Based on M&S this research will critically evaluates the change management process of M&S. In the year 2011, M&S has introduced their Plan-A programme which has created a massive change for this organisation. M&S has created a five year eco-programme for creating environmentally friendly products and making their contributions towards their satisfaction of corporate social responsibilities (M&S, 2011).

    • Word count: 3192
  17. SWOT Analysis. The objective of the paper is to analyze Toyota and Honda in the passenger car segment as well as to recommend strategies to Toyota Thailand to remain ahead of the competition.

    The weakening Thai Baht trend will make the cars export. Steel price, CNG, LPG, Tax implication and interest rate are the threats to the company because, these factors play important role in pricing, demand and competitiveness of the car against the competitors. Above all, the new segment ECO will impact the buyer behavior of the passenger car. Though, Toyota Thailand earns comparatively higher net-income than Honda Thailand due to economy of scale, yet its gross margin is lesser compared to Honda Thailand.

    • Word count: 7238
  18. Amul Indian Milk Cooperative Company. History and Organisation.

    Everyone was happy. Bombay received reasonably good quality milk and Polson made a handsome profit. The contractors too managed to earn large margins by over quoting the farmers. It was only the poor farmers who were unhappy for it. They invested in the animal feed and fodder and they put in their labor. Yet, it was they who received the smallest share of the Bombay consumers' rupee. The arrangement benefited everyone but them. The First step: formation of Kaira union Realizing that something needed to be done about the unequal balance of wealth, they turned to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for advice.

    • Word count: 13569
  19. Managing Business Operations. B & D Patterns Ltd is the largest supplier of fabricated pipe assemblies to Rolls Royce (RR) Aerospace. Having decided to change their manual systems to a computerised MRP system for their manufacturing facility, this report

    Orlicky (1995) concluded in his theory that any benefits gained to planning will be directly proportional to the speed of flow of materials and information. As material and information flow speeds up, any difficulties involved in controlling the manufacturing process will decrease making planning more effective. An MRP system needs to accomplish three goals:- 1. To ensure that materials are available for production and that products are available for consumers when required. 2. To keep inventory levels as low as possible.

    • Word count: 3124
  20. The Importance of Business Organisation and Structure.

    Contrary to Jones, Turner (2006) points to structure as primary reason why organisation struggle with cultural change as these structure often box people in old styled formations which are not aligned to new business philosophies. Why shall an organisation follow certain arrangements? Buchanan and Huczynski (2004) refer to "Strategy" as a reason. They view strategy and Structure as "mutually interdependent", and structure as vehicle for implementing strategy. Needle (2004) writes that organisational environment influences strategy and structure. Strategy-structure relation owes a great deal to Alfred Chandler.

    • Word count: 3457
  21. GAP outsourcing plan. We propose that GAP should create a presence in Pakistan by opening up GAP stores in the major cities of Pakistan. GAP should set up its own production facilities for these stores. This production facility will also be used to produ

    Levi's is also outsourcing from Pakistan but unlike GAP, Levi's is also selling its products in Pakistan. Various Levi's stores are located across the major cities of Pakistan. They are benefiting from low cost of production in Pakistan, and also capturing the apparels market of Pakistan. GAP is doing the former; we think that GAP is missing out on an opportunity by not offering its products to the Pakistani markets. PROPOSAL We propose that GAP should create a presence in Pakistan by opening up GAP stores in the major cities of Pakistan. GAP should set up its own production facilities for these stores. This production facility will also be used to produce products for other Asian markets.

    • Word count: 6190
  22. Strategic Business Plan of Nokia. This strategic report examines thoroughly Nokias current position by analysing its internal and external environment. Considering different scenarios it draws a picture for the future and suggest strategic option

    ANALYSIS I. External Analysis There are many macro-environmental factors that affect an organisation's strategy such as tax changes, new laws/regulations, trade barriers etc. The figure below illustrates these factors and further analyses their impact on Nokia's environment. POLITICAL FACTORS Key Issues Impact On Nokia * Labour law This has political implications on their Indian factories, which have had a number of prolonged employee strikes. * Export controls, tariffs and other fees Nokia are in a continuous dialogue with the European Union institutions as net sales and results of operations could be adversely affected by these * Access to capital

    • Word count: 8777
  23. Business enviroment assignment. The purpose of this report is to provide readers with clearly identification of the mission, objectives and responsibilities of Unilever within Vietnam. Besides, it also mentions and investigates the economic status in Viet

    FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY VERIFIED YES NO DATE : ........................................................................... VERIFIED BY : ........................................................................... NAME : ........................................................................... COMMON SKILLS & COMPETENCIES ASSESSED (indicated by X) A. MANAGING & DEVELOPING SELF D. MANAGING TASKS & SOLVING PROBLEMS 1. Managing own roles & responsibilities X 12. Use information sources X 2. Manage own time in achieving objectives X 13. Deal with a combination of routine & non-routine tasks 3. Undertakes personal and career development 14. Identify & solve routine & non-routine problems 4. Transfer skills gained to new/changing situations & contexts B. WORKING WITH & RELATING TO OTHERS E.

    • Word count: 8657
  24. Success and Failure at Mrs. Field's Cookies. The secret ingredient in Mrs. Fields business concept is providing freshly baked and incredibly tasty cookies at each store.

    Seemed like Debbie's 14 different kinds of cookies were not enough and Mrs. Fields decided to change the simple cookie stores into full-service bakeries. They also started selling frozen cookie dough. In 1989 Mrs. Fields managed to rebound from previous year's poor performance, revenues increased for 8% and the net income resulted with record of 1.5 million. Although there was some reorganizing of the management, Randy and Debbie kept playing the major role in the company. A story about Mrs.

    • Word count: 3734
  25. Makro Stores and Consumer Behaviour. How Makro could increase its sales volume by improving store layout and design to fit their operations?

    Makro's professional customers will find all their needs under one roof. 1.1.4 Advantage for Makro Customers * Competitive Prices * Quality Guaranteed * Everything Under One Roof * Air-conditioned and clean environment * Bulk Packing * Detailed Sales Invoice * Extended Business Hours - 8:00 am to 12 Midnight * Open 7 days a Week including national holidays * Vast and secure parking space * Convenient shopping environment for senior citizens and customers on wheelchairs * Makro Mail: a fortnightly price list with special promotions on a vast range of products 1.2 Product Range 1.2.1 Fresh Food Fruits &

    • Word count: 3398

"If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just."

-Anita Roddick

Business and administrative studies is an incredibly broad discipline; from management studies and HR to economics and finance, a great many careers will findthemselves beneath its generous umbrella. So if you're ambitious and career focused, one of the field's many specialties could be a good choice for your university degree.

Students of these subjects should be confident communicators, and persuasive writers. If your writing needs any help, don't hesitate to tap into the riches of Marked by Teachers' collection of business and administrative studies essays. These teacher-marked essays will lead by example, teaching you to whip your own essays into shape in no time.

Naturally, business and administrative studies students tend to pursue careers within the world of business, but some may opt for further study and careersin fields like politics, law and media.


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  • "Discuss what you consider to be the most important qualities of a modern organisational leader and to what extent you agree with the assertation that effective leadership is now critical to organisational success.

    "In conclusion there are certain qualities and skills both personal and non-personal which leaders must possess in order to be a leader.. They are usually learned and along with the knowledge of knowing when and where to use them. Different leaders will have different styles depending on the organisation they operate in, the task or company objective and types of followers they enlist. History has shown us undeniable proof of what can result from good and bad leadership. Keith Grint sums up a leader as someone who " causes others to act " . With regards to the positive effects of good leadership this is encapsulated in a statement from Daniel Dafoe when he says that " An army of lions led by a sheep is no match for an army of sheep led by a Lion ! " ( Grint, 1995 )"

  • "Information technology vitally assists in overcoming barriers to entry to competition in most industries." Critically discuss this statement stating whether you agree or disagree.

    "Conclusion Although a firm can enter in the market quickly with the help of IT, but it will not sustain in the market without 'right' model or competitive strategy. If a firm is not armed with right competitive strategy to counter the threats of five forces , then "IT doesn't matter" (Carr 2003)."

  • "The business of family business in Asia is the family." Discuss

    "In conclusion, this essay has examined the case that CFBs main concern is the family and not of business prosperity and profits. This was evident as CFBs have many structures and methods of doing business that did not lend itself to maximising the success of the business. However, CFBs dominate the corporate world of Asia and so a paradox was created in how a business model that did not place success or profits as its main concern or motive has managed to become so successful and dominate the Asian markets. This was examined and argued that focusing on the family and traditional Confucius values led to extremely successful businesses. The family was a tool for business success and therefore CFBs did not place family above profit but used it as a mechanism for profit gains and therefore they went hand-in-hand. However, the essay concludes that in today's modern, global market, CFBs that wish to stay competitive and enter the increasingly Westernised and standardised business practices must move away from the CFB model. This is apparent and so concluding that CFBs do not place family above profit as when it comes down to it, CFBs are gradually converging to western practices for the reason of business success and profits."

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