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Marketing a new snack in Vietnam.

Extracts from this document...


´╗┐Poca Company Marketing Plan 2008 POCA MARKETING PLAN October, 2008 Presented by: Poca Team ? Group 7 1. Le Thi Thuy Van s3192745 2. Vu Thu Trang s3193373 3. Trinh Khanh Dung s3192854 4. Phan Ngoc Huy s3192419 5. Nguyen Trung Dung s3192887 To: Mr. Pakawat Kietisaksopon ________________ Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Introduction 2. Situation Analysis 2.1 Micro Environment 3.2 Macro Environment 3. S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths: Weaknesses: Opportunities: Threats: S.W.O.T Matrix 4. Product Objectives 4.1 Corporation objectives 4.2 Marketing Objectives 4.3 Financial Objectives 5. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 6.1 Market Segmentation 6.2 Target Marketing 6.3 Positioning 6. Marketing Mix Strategies 6.1 Product 6.2 Price 6.3 Place 6.4 Promotion 7. Action Program 8. Control Program 9. Reference List 10. Appendices Appendix 1: Poca history Executive Summary Ho Chi Minh City convenient snack market is a broad yet competitive market that has more than 50 brands and over a thousand of produces available. Although Poca is a completely new brand launched in 2005, it has achieved 17% of market share up to now and in the top three of snack suppliers in Vietnam. However, as more and more firms and products from both internal and external marketplace keep constantly entering this market, Poca needs superior innovative marketing and branding strategies for the next twelve months to gain customers? awareness and augment its competitive in current marketplace. With the high invested in capital, strong distribution channel and high technology, Poca has enough ability to become the strongest snack brand in Vietnam. Moreover, there are some opportunities in Vietnam such as cheap cost of labor, developing economy; Poca can combine those with its Strengths to achieve goals. However, the threats of new foreign competitors and Vietnamese negative paradigm about snack may affect much on Poca total sales. Setting the product objectives will orient clearly the development of Poca brand. The company distinctly states the corporation, marketing and financial objectives as the guidelines to the business. ...read more.


All the payments can be made by cash or through bank transfer. 2. Community forum is available for all customers to share their ideas, opinions and suggestions about the products and company as well as making new friends and parties? ideas. 3. Ingredients and nutrition facts are in the back of the packing to guarantee our customers? health issues. 4. Expired date is noticeably inserted on the top side of the package. Product Improvements 1. Hot line service contact information (includes 24/7 hot line telephone numbers) is printed in the back of the package for the customers to give complains and suggests. 2. Intensify the natural nutrition such as anti-inflammatory, omega 3, aliphatic acid, and oleocanthal and minimize the unhealthy ingredients like cholesterol, animal fat, sodium and artificial substances (new technique from Diamant Art Corporation - Bio-Plastics Film Inc.) 3. Changing the packing materials from plastics into Bio-Plastics packages ? which automatically disintegrate into carbon dioxide, water, and biological substances under the natural condition. 4. Install the zipper on top of big size packages to close the package in case of not eating up. Therefore, the customers can save the snack left as well as maintain the quality and the aromatic flavor of the snack. Brand Development In the potential Ho Chi Minh City market, Poca can implement Line extension strategy to develop its brand 1. Bigger sizes are available for sharing in a group of friends, family packing or eating during movies. 2. Increase more flavors for recent products. The company will give out the surveys among our target customers to determine the favorite flavors for the upcoming products. As Poca develops new competitive and unique flavors, it can compete with other famous competitors such as Kinh Do Barkery or Bibica. 3. Changing the designs without changing its recognizable main features to make the looks fresh yet familiar to our customers. 1. Price 1. ...read more.


1. Vietnam Ministry of planning and investment, 2008, FDI in 2007 and 2008, Vietnam Ministry of planning and investment, viewed 28 August 2008, < http://www.mpi.gov.vn/>. 1. Vinpas, 2008, viewed 3 September 2008, <http://www.vinpas.vn/Default.aspx?pageid=1&mid=19&breadcrumb=64&intSetItemId=64&action=docdetailview&intDocId=213>. ________________ 1. Appendices Appendix 1: Poca history In 2005 1. In November 2005, Poca was established after doing a lot of deep researching about snack market and Vietnamese taste of PepsiCo. In 2006 1. In Dec 2006, PepsiCo Vietnam expand widely Poca snack into HCM and Hanoi market by producing new and strange flavors that are suitable with Vietnamese taste and designing attractive package. In 2007 1. Poca snack is sold with various package size: 1. Poca Shots 10g 2. Poca 25g 3. Poca 50g 4. Poca 60g 5. Poca coconut ?Nutz? 30g In 2008 there were many innovative changes for Poca. In March 2008 - Poca changed logo and all package design. Introduced to the market two new premiums - flavor snacks: ?Roasted chicken with lime leaf and five spices roasted cuttlefish In May 2008 - Poca introduced Poca premium potato snacks that are produced from fresh and best potato planted in Lam Dong Province and combined with PepsiCo? 75 year ? experience in producing potato snack. These are some Poca?s products. Products Packages Price Shots Sushi 10 gram 1000 VND Shots Stewed Shrimp with Coconut juice 10 gram 1000 VND Coconut milk nutz 38 gram 3800 VND Cheese nutz 38 gram 3800 VND Shots BBQ Party 10 gram 1000 VND Stewed Shrimp with Coconut juice 25 gram 2000 VND Sweet and Sour Shrimp Sauce 25 gram 2000 VND Beefsteak Texas Style 25 gram 2000 VND Grilled Loster 25 gram 2000 VND Roasted chicken with lime leaf 60 gram 5000 VND Five spices roasted cuttlefish 60 gram 5000 VND Classic 27 gram & 50 gram High Quality 4000 VND 6000 VND BBQ loins Brazil style 27 gram & 50 gram High Quality 4000 VND 6000 VND Stir- fired chicken with lemon grass & chilli 27 gram & 50 gram High Quality 4000 VND 6000 VND ________________ Marketing PrinciplesPage ...read more.

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