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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Kentucky fried chicken and global fast-food industry.

    Another strategy is to establish new smaller headquarters in the region of expansion; for example one headquarter can be established in Latin America or in Asian to control the subsidiaries in the region. This smaller headquarters are, of course, under the direction of KFC's main headquarter in Kentucky, United States; their primary responsibility is to manage and control both KFC's company-owned and franchise restaurant. This strategy, I believe, will narrowing the width of span control by the KFC's management in the main headquarters, thus in the in will ease the control task conducted.

    • Word count: 962
  2. Primary and Secondary Data Collection Methods Paper

    The dilemma presented is you work for an Internet service provider (ISP) and wish to estimate the number of people in your service area with Internet connections in their households. How would you do this using Secondary Data The first step in the process would be to gather secondary data prior to gathering primary data. Information regarding the use of at home Internet service can be pulled from the company database along with telephone records. This would give a preliminary estimate as to the total number of people with at home Internet service in the service area.

    • Word count: 604
  3. Is Point of purchase a waste of money?

    However, while this being true some still are sceptical about P-O-P effects through the inclusion of layout and demographics. P-O-P is not all about selling "if you take the example of a newsagent, there is good evidence that the walls sign means something. But it does not necessarily mean Walls ice cream is on sale there it may just mean that Walls ice creams are in side, it could just mean ice creams. The signage outside the shop could also indicate a newsagent where you where to find newspapers and other goods. Research shows that 67% of people have already made up their mind on what they are going to buy before they enter the shop.

    • Word count: 779
  4. The business opportunity to purchase an ICEDELIGHTS franchise for expansion into the Florida market.

    Furthermore, they wouldn't even be able to scout prime locations for new stores. They are required to expand at an alarming rate, yet they are not even given a say in where their new stores will be located. The fast expansion rate, 30 stores in 10 years, including 22 in the first five, is the most risky aspect of this deal. In the very possible case that the original stores are struggling early in their life, the owners would be forced to stretch their resources to expand rather than focus all of their time, efforts, and capital on the currently operating stores.

    • Word count: 929
  5. What is unique about the latest "Mera Number Aayega" slogan is that it was never meant to be a slogan for Pepsi. It was merely a novel way of presenting a consumer oriented sales promotion scheme to the consumers.

    What this industry does is that it sells an image and not a product. To this effect, advertising is a major force in defining and reinforcing that image in the minds of the target audience. What is unique about the latest "Mera Number Aayega" slogan is that it was never meant to be a slogan for Pepsi. It was merely a novel way of presenting a consumer oriented sales promotion scheme to the consumers. It was not a catchphrase for Pepsi like the previous endeavours.

    • Word count: 864
  6. Quality assurance v Total quality management.

    by members of the orgn.- ability to change Continuance - always look for new ways and means to improve Customers - internal/external - know requirements and expectations - focus Flattening of the orgn Management of change Multi-functional tems TQM switches emphasis from mere application of tools and techniques to changing attitudes. Aim is to instil commitment to Q in the beliefs and values of all within the orgn. Here everyone seeks not to just meet requiremments but to exceed expectations.Based on strong belief in continuous improvement viewing Q from customers viewpoint and as source of competitive advantage and superior performance.

    • Word count: 884
  7. Quality and Change in Projects - How to make sure that quality is maintained in a project that is subject to change at different times.

    Most projects have changes made to then at different times in its life cycle. Hence there is a need to understand the project life cycle as defined by (Rory Burke) . Each project might have a slightly different life cycle but all in all they all have common phases which are: Phase1: Concept and Initiation Phase: this phase starts the project by establishing a need or opportunity for the product, facility or service. The feasibility of proceeding with the project is investigated and on acceptance moves to the next phase. Phase2: Design and Development: This second phase uses the guidelines set by the feasibility study to design the product and develop detailed schedules and plans for making or implementing the product.

    • Word count: 995
  8. Forecasting Assignment.

    A just-in-time focus of this effort reduces product storage at the individual store to zero. The system maintains accountability of all products at all times. No mater what step in the process that product may be. Forecasting Overview Meijer Foods appears to use models from each of the four types of forecasting techniques. Some are stand-alone, others range between partial to totally automated. When a customer purchases a product (at a cash register), a series of events occurs within the computer environment within minutes. The outcome is a proposed purchase order. For most product, one purchase, relates to one item ordered.

    • Word count: 885
  9. Southwest Airlines: How One Airline Positions Itself in a Competitive Market.

    Well, SWA's mission statement, for instance, includes not only the customers but their obligation to their employees as well. To their customers: "the mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit." Their commitment to their customers and their sincere effort to carry-out this mission is evident in the many accolades, compliments and highly positive reviews they have received over the past 30 years (www.epinions.com). To their employees: "we are committed to provide our Employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.

    • Word count: 894
  10. Supply Chain Management and the SIMON system.

    There are many operational advantages of using the Supplier Inventory Management Order Network (SIMON) system. The major benefit is the $20 million Shell Chemical Company created in for its customers and itself by using the SIMON system. Also, SCC has increased the inventory returns for their customers by 15% by using the SIMON system. The SIMON system also, "enables suppliers to generate demand forecasts, calculate safety stock, track the status of shipments, and generate a re-supply plan for its customers."

    • Word count: 714
  11. Growth of Organized retail in India.

    We can make the project profitable next year by stopping expansion. But that would be myopic. We need to focus on growing the size of the business in the current phase, and that will entail incurring short term losses due to the investments required and the gestation periods involved. Once we have 100-plus stores in place, we believe that the project will deliver the required returns on investment as originally envisaged." Still there are players in the market who prefer organic growth over aggressive growth. Shoppers' Stop itself did not set up a second store for six years.

    • Word count: 979
  12. I have created this report with the objective to investigate the trends in product sales from Q1 1998 till Q4 2000 with the aim to predict sales figures for the year 2001.

    6.0 Predicted sales forecast for 2001 10. 7.0 Conclusion 11. 8.0 Recommendations 12. 9.0 Glossary of Terms 13. (3) INTRODUCTION This report highlights the growth of products sales A and C and highlights the decline in sales for product B. We can see from this report that that future analysis will need to be conducted in the market demand and competition for product B (4) Product Sales Figures for 1998-2000 (5) PRODUCT A TRENDS AND A.S.V (6) PRODUCT B TRENDS AND A.S.V (7) PRODUCT C TRENDS AND A.S.V (8) PRODUCT COMPARISON GRAPHS Product A Product B Product C (9) 2001 FORECASTED SALES FIGURES On the assumption that trends continue on all products throughout 2001 the following figures were derived.

    • Word count: 616
  13. Financial Stability.

    During my childhood a weekly Italian dinner was always held at my great-grandparent's house for the whole family. There was a small corner store at the end of the street and my grandfather would pass out a dollar to all the great-grandchildren to walk to the store with. Being as young as I was it didn't mean much to me at the time, but now that I'm older and understand the value of a hard earned dollar especially one he worked so hard for the sacrifices he made for our family are more and more apparent.

    • Word count: 697
  14. Online Advertising

    It should also be to get people to buy their products. 4.2 Importance of Online Advertising While the number of new Home Pages grows exponentially every month, it is getting more and more difficult to find a particular business site. According ro AdRelevance, the number of company web pages has more than doubled since January -- growing by 157 percent over the past ten months.3 ..... I have added this sentence written in bold.... In this context, advertising plays a crucial role in making a bussiness page known on the web.

    • Word count: 810
  15. Ecommerce in the Healthcare industry.

    Prices for customers will be reduced, as the business will have lower overheads and inventories. However there must be a trust relationship between the suppliers and consumers providing an efficient supply chain. Healthcare industry The health industry for example is using ecommerce as a source of information that businesses are providing, whether it is selling health advice or health products. In this industry the information can be of a highly sensitive nature. There are regulatory bodies that govern the way business is conducted. HIPPA is one standard that protects the patient's right. The latest census showed that there is an increase in the over 65 than under 18's population.

    • Word count: 946
  16. Runners World SWOT Analysis.

    This SWOT analysis will also help determine future market strategy. Strengths * Branded product * Knowledge of runners needs * Return customers * Capital The business must first look internally at its own strength. Its primary strength is being a major authorized Nike dealer. Nike; is a brand product and known worldwide by their "swoosh" logo and quality product, it takes little effort to promote the product. Nor does it require a large expense to advertise Nike, as product reputation does that function. An additional strength is Sue herself, being a nationally ranked runner herself, validates her endorsement of the companies product line.

    • Word count: 908
  17. With reference to the passage, what is the nature of price and non-price competition in the market for bus transport.

    But unless there is a huge difference between the fare prices. So therefore it is clear that small possible under-capitalised operators with old busses could recoup significant amounts of revenues by offering a more easy and reliable services than larger operators. (b) Examine the advantages and disadvantages of deregulation What is "de-regulation"? Deregulation is the removal of controls imposed by governments on the operation of markets, particularly taking away barriers to entry. Opening up of markets to competition can be achieved by: � Allowing many companies to operate one route � Introducing heavy penalties for price fixing cartels or predatory pricing � Short franchises encourage low fares but are a disincentive to long-term investment in infrastructure and rolling stock.

    • Word count: 914
  18. Boeing as Stakeholder.

    Although the stretch 747 "story" decreased the interest in the A380 it became clear that the marketing story of Airbus1 was much stronger. The airlines and airports believed that the hub-hub scenario to be more feasible in the future. As a reaction from Boeing they announced the Sonic Cruiser. The Sonics Cruiser would have the ability to transport 200-250 passengers in a shorter period of time. The Sonic Cruiser would be able to fly twice a day between Europe and the US or Europe and Asian Pacific, while existing planes where only possible to do it once at the same cost.

    • Word count: 998
  19. The question asked on this case study is whether prescriptive strategy is to be modified or whether as Pascale suggests, redefine the strategic process completely.

    However, adjustments would need to be made in order to launch the larger motor vehicles 'cashing in' on their previous success. From first using an emergent strategy the next phase in Honda's US market breakthrough would be to follow the use of a modified prescriptive strategy. Honda's strategy developed as an emerging process. Through trial and error with the first strategy, the company evolved from an experimental process to utilise a 'learning' based strategy. This resulted in Honda finding an effective strategy that could be used within the US market.

    • Word count: 903
  20. Human relations in the business world.

    As in different markets different parties are involved, such as customers, employers and employees, human relations can therefore be defined as internal, external and interactive human relations in business organisations and market. In order to operate business effectively and efficiently maximising the profit, business organisations should deal with all of them properly and carefully. External human relations are the most traditional relationship between organisations and customers, which most of people should be familiar with.

    • Word count: 475
  21. The Competitive Situation - Identify and explain the meaning and features of a perfect and imperfect competition.

    The customers will be pleased with the product and profits will rise. However, there are certain problems. * Businesses only make what are known as "normal profits". Normal profits are relatively modest. They are only just enough to prevent new businesses being attracted to the market and existing businesses leaving the market. Businesses operating under normal competition making larger than normal profits would quickly see these profits eroded by the entrance of new businesses into the market forcing prices, and therefore profits, down.

    • Word count: 960
  22. Critical analysis of an advertisement - Hair Colourants.

    The main objective of my advertising essay was to critically analyse the most commonly used techniques used in the advertising of hair colourants. To achieve my objective a series of advertisements of a visual printed nature in addition to video clips of television advertisements were collected and closely analysed. Repetitive patterns quickly evolved in both visual and written language techniques and it soon became obvious that all hair dye advertisements were in fact directed at women, through the use of attractive and famous women such as Nutrisses - Sarah Jessica Parker (s*x in the City)

    • Word count: 690
  23. S.W.O.T Analysis for TOYZ

    * Young mothers in the 21-25 age group made nearly all purchases. Majority of which have most disposable income. This could become a disadvantage as the age group is limited and their likes could change. * November and December busiest months of the year. This brought about a good turnover. However because other months do not match up to this it could seem to stake holders that sales of toys are declining. * Shaid's shop attracts wealthy Clientele. Again this is another good source of income. Products can be put at a much higher price, which will not bother the Clientele.

    • Word count: 814
  24. Industry's dominant economic features.

    Ease of Entry / Exit: Capital expenditures are largest barriers. R & D design, shaping & design of new boat mold cost in excess of $400,000 per model. To produce 100 boats per year at least 20000 square feet facility required, Minimum scale plants cost a minimum of 350,000.Second barrier is customer loyalty to well established names. Large dealer networks. Technology/innovation: Firms do innovate Product characteristics: Customized. Different firms tend to differentiate than other competing firms. Scale Economies: Leaders have large dealer networks and able to achieve greater scale economies.

    • Word count: 932
  25. Marking Mix (4p's)

    Price It is vitally important to select the right price for the goods or services, which can be further used as a promotional tool. For example, the price for the launch of a new product could be lowered, thus encouraging sales and securing market share. Commonly, depending on the product there is normally a range of prices, which can vary depending on the importance of the customer, quantities bought and market segment. In order to make profit and achieve market penetration businesses will introduce pricing strategy schemes to maximise their source of income, such as discounts, special offers and credit which will all play an important part in the competitors market.

    • Word count: 885

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