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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Halo and Devil Effect. In this paper I will be discussing how the halo effect can be both positive and negative, depending on whether or not it is affecting a person or product

    The halo effect can be very effective and good for products. What I mean by this is that is can help with company sales, like we can see with Apple. According to the article Creating the Brand Halo Effect.? Branding Strategy Insider, written by Derrick Daye and Brad VanAuken, ?Profits were up 384 percent. And the stock was up 177 percent. And Apple?s net profit margin increased from 3.3 percent to 9.6 percent, an astonishing jump. Apple put the bulk of its marketing budget behind the iPod creating a halo effect that helped the entire Apple product line.? We can

    • Word count: 1028
  2. How does Boost Juices differentiate its products from competitors?

    Boost Juice was established in 2000 and experienced 257% growth between the years of 2003 and 2004 (Adam et al 2009). Boost gained much success at a rapid rate due to identifying there differentiation within the market and taking it to their advantage. Boost differentiates its products through their healthy juices that are made fresh with their slogan being ?live guilt free with boost? (Boost n.d.). The company has a passion for a healthy mind and body so there is much emphasises on only using fresh ingredients with no preservatives and ?nothing artificial or fake? (Boost n.d.).

    • Word count: 1283
  3. Metabical: Pricing, Packaging and demand forecasting for a new weight loss drug

    Reduced dosages from three time a day to once daily 5. Treatment of only 12 weeks 6. Combined two way action of Calosera and meditanin 7. Experienced marketing team. It was Barbara Printup?s 7th new drug campaign 8. Substantial budget allocation for marketing Weakness 1. Few negative side effects if high levels of fat and calories taken 2. Not effective for people having BMI above 30 Opportunity 1. Support programs 2. Huge potential ? 65% of population was over weight 3. No prescription drug options available so far 4. Huge population wanting to lose weight Threat 1.

    • Word count: 1023
  4. Market Research Case Study - The statement of the problem is has the move affected the sales of Hawthorn Craft market and how will the move affect or change the shoppers experience.

    Hawthorn Craft Market has moved to a place where there is a lot of competition. There are other crafts markets within the radius of 10km from Atrium. There is the Art centre at Melbourne, the Rose Street Market at Fitzroy, the Blackbird Market also located at Fitzroy, the Rotary Sunday Market at Camberwell and the Hatch Incubator Market at the City Library. All this market gives competition to the Hawthorn Craft Market. Hawthorne is the only market in the area that opens on Sundays within a radius of 5km.

    • Word count: 1115
  5. Discuss the managerial approach to marketing.

    The behavior of consumers is exemplified by satisfying initial desires and progressively moving up after fulfilling the earlier wants. Physiological needs are the fundamental human needs like sleep, food, and water. Safety includes the desire for job, physical, and financial security. Well being and health are also included in safety. Safety need is met by insurance, income, and employment (Bruce, Pepitone & Ebrary, 1999). Social need is seeking companionship, belonging, and love. Romantic and friendships relations assist fulfill this need. The fourth need is ego and includes self-esteem, prestige, and success. Self-actualization is the point at which one maximizes their potential once all the other wants have been satisfied.

    • Word count: 1843
  6. Marketing Mix - examples from Sikorsky Helicopters.

    Product A good or service produced by organizations for a target audience is the product. A organization's product is not just material goods. A product can be a service, good, or both produced by an organization. ?For example, the Product of H & R Block is a completed tax form. The Product of a political party are the policies it works to achieve. The important thing to remember is that your good or service should satisfy some customers? needs" (Perreault, 2011).

    • Word count: 1264
  7. Marketing Volkswagen Cars - the Beetle and new Beetle

    and the Passat and Variant Passat in the luxury segment (Madeira, Furlanetto, Palacios & Almeida, 2000). Volkswagen has demonstrated to have longevity through their strong brand and products. They have maintain their image by improving their models since they where created. Which have position them as a reliable brand, very important from the customer perspective in this industry. Not for nothing it literally means "the people's car". (Haig, 2004) On top of the quality, Volkswagen continues to produce their cars with distinctive personalities.

    • Word count: 1899
  8. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sales force automation

    The benefits of a properly implemented SFA technology go well beyond increasing a sales person?s productivity (Gillian 1992, 19) They include Improved access to information, a decrease in the sales cycle, staying in line with their competition and a higher rate of new customer prospects. Whilst the downfall in running a SFA system can be extensive training, cost time and money, the technology not suiting the business and a lack of user involvement. With both negatives and positive business have to make the decision whether their company will benefit or not and what type of system they will be most beneficial, with this there are several advantages and disadvantages they can take into account.

    • Word count: 1696
  9. Rise of private labels or store brands and how consumer goods companies can fight back

    In higher margin categories where innovation and marketing play a large role, branded companies have an upper hand with pricing. 4. With rising commodity prices, larger players have an advantage over smaller producers, which lack the capacity and sophistication to manage a large-scale hedging program. Change in Shopping Behaviors Most U.S. household non durables companies have been heavily caught up in the global economic downturn which began in 4Q 2008 with retailers cutting back or delaying purchases and many consumers following suit.

    • Word count: 1100
  10. Calyx & Corolla Case Study. C&C revolutionized the model of fresh flower selling by eliminating 3 levels of distribution (distributor, wholesaler and retailer) so that flowers reach consumers on average 7 to 10 days sooner

    The exclusivity contracts means that C&C is not competing for product supply with other mail order flower retailers. Strengths The novel sales model developed by C&C that connects growers directly with the customers allows a product that is 7-10 days fresher than competitors? to be delivered. In addition the other strengths of their business include: Profitability - By the third year of operation, C&C?s sales had increased more than 10 fold (from $750,000 to over $10,000,000) and were expected to double again in the next forecasted two years (Exhibit 1). Over that same time period, the gross profit margin was almost 80 percent of sales (Exhibit 1).

    • Word count: 1232
  11. Luxury item market. The luxury product I will be trying to sell will be watches. The watch market is an affluent one with the Swatch group and Rolex dominating the market,

    The first main issues that affects my company is the recession, the recession has hit the UK hard and has forced many people into re-evaluating their spending meaning that many people have decided to cut down on luxuries that they have been buying. According to Mintel (see infographic overview in the appendix) the watch and jewellery market shrunk by 1% between 2007 and 2009 but ‘Mintel forecasts that sales of watches and jewellery will increase by 8% between 2011 and 2016 to achieve a value of £4.6 billion (Clifford 2011)(see figure 3 of appendix to view forecast figures).

    • Word count: 1485
  12. Sales Management Ethics

    Moral conduct refers to what which relates to principles of right and wrong in behavior. Furthermore, business ethic is concerned with good and bad or right and wrong behavior and practices that take places within a business context. In fact, the actual business ethics have been increase these days, compared those in 1960s, but it still below the society expectation since the unethical problems in society also increasing (Carrol and Buchholtz 2003, 170). In addition, sales management ethics is the specific component of business ethics that deals with ethically managing the sales function. Salespeople are the most important part to determine whether sales process runs in ethical way or not since they are the boundary spanner or people in the middle (Lysonski and Johnson 1983, 8).

    • Word count: 1880
  13. tma 02- outline the view that supermarkets both provide and limit choice.

    For people to fit into that category they must have a high standing in the community or be able to show that they have sufficient income. Most of the seduced will be employed full-time with a wealthy lifestyle giving them the opportunity to purchase goods and services as they want them not just as they need them. If you are in the seduced category it gives you a higher social standing in the consumer society. Seduced consumers could be doctors, lawyers, businessmen, anyone with a positive identity.

    • Word count: 1678
  14. Yorktown Technologies Case Study. The largest problem that plagues Yorktown is negative media attention regarding its genetically engineered GloFish, as well as strict new regulations from several key markets for the product.

    Competition is steep as the competition has similar products for a cheaper price. The continued enhancement of the product that Yorktown carries gives them a strong position in the market if the distribution can be sorted out, this would make the product more price effective and increase sales across the board. Case Analysis Yorktown is a company that sells genetically engineered zebra fish, that due to the genetic altering glows under specific conditions. The first few years Yorktown came under heavy fire from several entities due to the genetically enhanced nature of their product.

    • Word count: 1057
  15. Building Customer Commitment

    Commitment may be generated by the buyer?s anticipation of high switching costs. Morgan and Hunt (1994) also posit that firms that receive superior benefits from their partnership, relative to other options, on such dimensions as product profitability, customer satisfaction, and product performance, will be committed to the relationship. Despite the fact that commitment is a central construct in the area of relationship marketing, there is little agreement on the nature of the construct. Frequently, commitment is defined as a desire to maintain a relationship (Morgan and Hunt 1994).

    • Word count: 1167
  16. Marketing plan For a TGI Friday's in Morocco.

    Our Promise Every Guest Leaves Happy Our Guiding Principles Whatever we do, we do with Integrity" (TGI FRIDAY'S MISSION) Our goal is to become the only choice in the restaurant market, while the "man" is the key to Our success, including Our customers, employees, vendors, neighbors and investors. TGI Friday's commitment is to treat these people with respect, empathy, care. Our goal is to become the world's top full service catering business. To achieve this goal, we insist in Our work: to do the best and seek to exceed the expectations of each others.

    • Word count: 1627

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