Assignment for 4ECQ402 Exploring Business Data



        Introduction                                                                3


        Overall distribution of house prices                                4

        Proportion of houses with garages I                                5

        Proportion of houses with garages II                                6

        Relationship between House price and Garage                7

        Relationship of House price to Size                                8

        Relationship between House price and Distance                9

        House prices in the UK for different regions                        10-11

        Appendix - Average dwelling prices_________________12



For this assignment I will be using the data set 'House Prices', which gives some results from a survey relating to house prices in 5 different small towns. I am going to explore this data file using Minitab, and write a report on my findings.

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The variables in the data set are:

Price                        House price in £000

Bedrooms                Number of bedrooms

Size                        Size of property in square feet

Distance                 Distance from nearest large town        

Town                        Which of the 5 towns the property is in        

Garage                        Whether property has garage  (0 = no, 1 = yes)

Baths                        Number of bathrooms (lavatory and washbasin = 0.5)

Note: In the following report, the value of price is in £000. And relating to whether the house has a garage, '0' represents 'no' and '1' represents 'yes'.


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