The Consumer Decision-Making Process as it relates to a Consumer whose Mobile Phone Contract is due for Renewal

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Over the past 15 years there has been an evolving segment inside the electronic appliances and technological linked markets, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

These products are targeted to youngsters through innovative designs and marketing strategies. In order to understand the consumer’s behaviour, marketers should understand the criteria buyers are using to make their decision, enabling the business to compete successfully in the market. After establishing the consumer’s behaviour, marketers can formulate marketing strategies to promote their product, ensuring consumers choose your product over competitors.

The process analysis approach is applied to a male self-employed tradesman, aged 30 living in East London, who travels around the country and needs to stay in constant contact with other clients, work associates as well as his family.

Whilst travelling by train or he spends time checking emails, watching the news, reading books and playing games on his mobile.

Whilst driving he receives phone calls but also uses his mobile as a sat nav. Entertainment is important as well as functionality to him than price.

This report will look into the characteristics that affect consumer’s behaviour and their decision-making development to renew a mobile phone contract. The information has been gathered by analysing the Components of the Decision-Making process emphasizing the marketing associations of this, in order to propose relevant marketing strategies to be used throughout the market segment.

The Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behaviour


Psychological Factor- His choices are influenced by psychological factors; Motivation, Perception, Learning, Beliefs and attitudes are some of characteristics of this specific customer.

Personal Factor- the consumer’s decisions are also based by personal characteristics such as age, life style, personality and self-concept.

The want of a new mobile phone ultimately grew inside the buyer, as an opportunity of renewing his contract showed up, especially as he saw the tendency towards mobile phones, the convenience of its multi functions, the new models being used by his clients and the need to present a professional modern appearance. He was unconsciously attentive that he wished for one, but the want was more fanciful which stemmed from his personal lifestyle.

The goods of his aspiring group as well as self satisfaction became his desire to buy a new mobile or to just renew his contract, finally to become part of them in terms, like a pacesetter.

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The want was not viewed as necessity but a font of self-satisfaction for himself as he was doing his best to achieve his time goal, his objective. Therefore there is a renewal of contract to think about it, he is not concerned about the costs of a contract but a well-known brand new phone, which is known to as many people as possible as well as the great features, which reflects its qualities.

Across the purchase decision, the ‘hidden’ started to change the consumer’s beliefs in regards to necessity. Eventually a contract renewal becomes important and the significance of ...

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