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The Consumer Decision-Making Process as it relates to a Consumer whose Mobile Phone Contract is due for Renewal

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´╗┐Module leader: Caroline Wilson Module Code: 4BUS1010Word Count: 2023 Principles of Marketing Buyer Behaviour: The Consumer Decision-Making Process as it relates to a Consumer whose Mobile Phone Contract is due for Renewal Student Number: 14095145 Luiz Magalhaes 24/11/2013 ________________ Introduction Over the past 15 years there has been an evolving segment inside the electronic appliances and technological linked markets, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. These products are targeted to youngsters through innovative designs and marketing strategies. In order to understand the consumer?s behaviour, marketers should understand the criteria buyers are using to make their decision, enabling the business to compete successfully in the market. After establishing the consumer?s behaviour, marketers can formulate marketing strategies to promote their product, ensuring consumers choose your product over competitors. The process analysis approach is applied to a male self-employed tradesman, aged 30 living in East London, who travels around the country and needs to stay in constant contact with other clients, work associates as well as his family. Whilst travelling by train or he spends time checking emails, watching the news, reading books and playing games on his mobile. Whilst driving he receives phone calls but also uses his mobile as a sat nav. ...read more.


The Characteristics that would probably affect his behaviour in this item are psychological as well as personal as acquiring a music system shows personality, economic stability and also Attitudes and Beliefs are considered. Car: Characteristics that would influence consumer behaviour in obtaining a car involves Personal, and Psychological Elements, Beliefs as well as family members strongly Influence on a purchase decision. A Complex buying Behaviour is seen here. Item Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behaviour Buying Behaviour Mobile Phone Age, Lifestyle, Personality Complex A Car Personality, Economic Situation, Social Factor Complex Music System Age, Lifestyle, Personality Complex The Components of the Decision-Making Process The decision making process is an important segment of buying behaviour. This assessment process can be distributed into five phases: * Problem Recognition: The old mobile has been used for 2 years; it is well used, out of fashion and occasionally does not work properly, after a few hours of usage it switches off, the screen freezes when using different applications at the same time and also the outlook of the handset is very dirty. It is time to get a new mobile. When he decides to renew the mobile contract he needs to list out the specifications of the handset as brand, price and outlook, which will represent his style and taste as well. ...read more.


Organizations need to consider every stage of this process within regards to perception to acquire a powerful superiority in the industry nowadays. The knowledge of all aspects, the external and internal influences affecting the consumer may help firms to improve or adapt their marketing strategies appropriately. An understanding of the topic above examined concerns such as the traits of consumer decision process and how perception affect consumers the most at each phase is crucial when designing a marketing strategy. Factors; Social Factors, Personal, Psychological and Cultural stimulate the Consumer Behaviour. When a Consumer is making a decision, they are continually induced by those factors. Marketers need to consider these in order to keep a strong edge. Target market requires to be wisely selected before any publicity about products and services. This method the focus market is more expected to emphasize it as they have a curiosity in the services and products as well as a superior probability that the consumer deduces the message as it was expected from the marketing perspective. Reference Armostrong, G (2012). Marketing An Introduction. 2nd ed. LONDON: pearson. p25-103. Ferrel, O (1999). Marketing Strategy. Harcourt Brace. Jobber, D (2004). Principles and Practices of Marketing. 4th ed. LONDON: McGraw-Hill. p375.Neal, C (1999). Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing Strategy,. 4th ed. Australia: p04. Rice, C (1993). Consumer behavior: Behavioral Aspects of Marketing. Singapore: Butterworth-Heinemann. p234. Websites: www.E2save.com | Page ...read more.

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