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The Hilton Hotel investigation report

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Table of contents Page 1. Terms of reference 2. 2. Procedures 3.0 Findings 3.1 History of Hilton International 3.2 Main Characteristics of Organisational Structure 3. 3.3 Organisational Structure of Glasgow Hilton Hotel 4. 3.4 Generic Organisational Structures 5-8. 3.5 Organisational Charts 8. 3.6 Organisational Relationships 9. 3.7 Organisational Control 3.8 Interview Findings 3.9 Conclusions 10. 4.0 Recommendations Bibliography THE HILTON HOTEL Investigation Report 1. Terms of reference This report has been requested by Mrs Margaret Scotland and is due for submission on Monday 16th of January 2006. This report investigates the organisational structure of The Hilton Hotel in Glasgow. 2.0 Procedures 2.1 Internet research Internet research was made and the Information about the History and background of the Hilton International was obtained. 2.2 Interview The Hilton Hotel was visited and observations were made. 2.3 Handouts The handouts of structure of the business organisations were used to obtain generic information. 3.0 Findings 3.1 History of Hilton International Hilton Hotel was the first Hotel Chain to be listed on the New York stock exchange. Hilton Founded the international chain of business Hotels which bear his name, he bought his first Hotel in 1919 and founded the first so-named Hilton Hotel in 1925 in Dallas, Texas. ...read more.


The reason is that this is a common structure for most hotels of under 500 rooms. This structure has worked effectively for many years and has been developed from time to time. 3.4 Generic Organisational Structures There are five approaches to organisational structure. These include: * Functional * Divisional * Matrix * Teams * Network Functional approach This is the grouping of jobs into departments based on similar skills, expertise and resources. It can be thought of as departmentalisation by organisational resources, because each type of functional activity e.g. Personnel, engineering, manufacturing represents specific resources for performing the organisational resources which are grouped together into a single department. Advantages: * Efficient use of resources, economies of scale * In-depth skill specialisation and development * Career progress within functional department * Top manager direction and control * Excellent coordination within functions * High-quality technical problem solving Disadvantages: * Poor communication across functional departments. * Slow response to external changes, legging innovation * Decisions concentrated at top of hierarchy, creating delay * Responsibility for problems is difficult to pinpoint * Limited view of organisational goals by employees * Limited general management training for employees Divisional approach. ...read more.


* The departments within the hotel have a direct connection with the General Manager. * The chain of command within the hotel enables new employees, no matter of the job, to know exactly who they report to. * Channels of communication between subordinates and superiors are clear to control the organisation easier. * The General Manager is in charge to check the departments on daily basis. 4.0 Conclusions * The Glasgow Hilton Hotel is a part of the Hilton International chain, which is one of the richest and most successful organisations in the hospitality industry of the world. * The mission statement of the Glasgow Hilton Hotel aims to be the preferred choice in the UK hospitality and it does not seem to be unrealistic as success of the Hilton Hotel is mostly determined by power, wealth, name and leading place of the Hilton International in the hospitality industry. The glamour of the Hilton brand brings the best professionals and employees to the Hilton Hotels and helps to keep so well known higher standards at the top. * The organisational structure of the Hilton Hotel Glasgow is a functional hierarchical structure which works successfully for the Hilton hotel Glasgow. 5. Recommendations There are no recommendations, as the Glasgow Hilton is a successful Hotel. ...read more.

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