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The role of marketing and marketing department

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TOPIC DISCUSS THE ROLE OF MARKETING AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT USING AN ORGANISATION OF YOUR CHOICE TO ILLUSTARTE THE POINTS MADE. INTRODUCTION This analysis will look into the nature of marketing and marketing department within a specific organisation taking into account its' operation, structure, internal dynamic and also the organisation's environment. It will cover in detail within context, the role of marketing and the function of the marketing department looking into the rationale of different activities performed in a particular organisation. DEFINATION OF MARKETING In relation to Nutt and Backoff (1998:25). Marketing Identifies unfulfilled needs and desires, is also the key element of adverting, promoting product, it also the sciences and art of exploring, creating, delivering values to satisfy the needs of customers, in other to make profit. According to the American marketing association (1985), marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. ...read more.


Asda's marketing department also identifies the factors that are likely to either positively or negatively influence their demand for a particular product and by doing this they will have a clear picture of how they are doing within a particular product sector and will be able to make sure that consumers are getting the best for their money and competitors are not cutting them out. To carry out this effectively Asda makes sure that they take into consideration the consumers' income also have the right range of advertisement is reached out to the right target audience. Asda has a multinational organisation has also innovated the global change of technology and this makes it easier for the marketing department to act fast and effective when they are trying to reach out to the media and get the attention of their potential customers. Making sure there is focus in an organisation's marketing sector falls within the department that deals with it. ...read more.


For organisations to be informed of the changes within the marketplace in order that the organisation can change to satisfy the changing wants and needs of market place all this activates are operated by the marketing department. Creating the desire for products and helping to stimulate demand is all part of the marketing role. Most importantly all element of the marketing mix must be co-ordinateded all together. Marketing is about the core relationship between products and customers and is reached out by the marketing department. It is as much a managerial philosophy as functional activity List of reference International directive of company histories (2000) st.james press, vol.32 (online) available from http://www.fundingunives.com/company-histories/virging-Group-company -Hisory.html Cole.G.A (2006) Management Theory and Practice, padstow Cornwall (UK) Paul C.Nutt and Robert W. Backoff (1993)"transforming public organisations with strategic management and leadership", Journal of management special issue 4 Mike. S. (2007) Fundamentals of management, Glasgow: Mc Graw-Hill Education (UK) Jane. P. (2000) Fundamentals of marketing, Princeton, NJ: Princeton university press Marketing tools to position yourself, (2007) by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. (online) Available from http://www.quintcareers.com/jobseeker_marketingtoolshtml (8th February 2009) TITILAYO TOYIBAT OLAIFA 1 ...read more.

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