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University Degree: Tourism, Transport & Travel

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Kearsley (2002) has said that "if this film (Lord of the Rings) achieves half of what is expected, it will be massive for New Zealand - Critically examine the impact of the film of New Zealand tourism policy.

    4 star(s)

    A population of 3.8 million makes it one of the world's least crowded countries (Tourism New Zealand, 2002). New Zealand's landscape varies dramatically from "vast mountain chains, steaming volcanoes, sweeping coastlines, deeply indented fiords to lush rainforests. It has a temperate climate with relatively small seasonal variation makes it an ideal year-round holiday destination" (Tourism New Zealand, 2002). It is easy to see why New Zealand was chosen as the location for filming Lord of the Rings, its diverse landscape makes it the ideal location for everywhere in Middle Earth, from The Shire to Mordor. A portfolio briefing by the minister of tourism in 1999, states "tourism accounts for $9.1 billion annually (10.3% of GDP)

    • Word count: 3012
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Travel as a physical impact on the Environment

    3 star(s)

    The report concludes that the industry must build a sustainable environment in which it can operate in order to be able to achieve their long term goals. Table of content 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Positive trends towards sustainability 2 2.1 Environmental consciousness 2 2.2 Government Policies 2 i, Road tax 2 ii, Air Passenger Duty 2 iii, Ten Year Plan 3 2.3 Technological developments 3 i, Improved cars 3 ii, Bigger planes 3 iii, Fast train services 3 iv, Internet 4 v, Carbon offset schemes 4 3.0 Negative effects 5 3.1 Old cars in use 5 3.2 Cheaper long-haul flights

    • Word count: 2565
  3. Chiplun is a small town on the Mumbai - Goa highway in India.

    The regular users of the S.T. buses are school students of far away villages and employees of the industries located in the indutrial belt of MIDC. The villagers for relatively shorter distances also use other means like auto-rickshaws. There are also people using cycles and motorbikes for small distance travel. For shorter distances there is a huge amount of people who use neither of the means of transportation but prefer walking. This category includes people like farmers, school students of nearby villages who can be prospective buyers for cycles.

    • Word count: 1406
  4. This is an executive report on Virgin Atlantic Airways, which contains an External and internal analysis of the companys current competitiveness and concludes with a recommendations on the future strategic direction

    Founded in 1984, and headquarter in West Sussex, near that Gatwick Airport, the company flies long haul to Europe, Africa, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and North America. It is a privately owned company and as such does not publish its financial records. Mission Statement Virgin Atlantic's mission statement is "to grow a profitable airline where people love to fly and where people love to work". This mission is profit orientated, which is a vital factor in strategic decision. Virgin has had a history of maintaining its strategic positions in Britain competing intensely with British Airways.

    • Word count: 5476
  5. This report aims to provide a brief description about Ryanair and the macro environment it is operating in.

    As such, Ryanair restructured the company in 1990 by adopting the low fares model of Southwest Airline (Ryanair, 2010), which was an emergent strategy to regain a competitive advantage in order to survive in the fierce competition. In 1997, Ryanair launched European routes including services from London Stansted to Stockholm Skavsta and Oslo Torp. It was a combination of both intended strategy, to expand its network for company growth, and emergent strategy, in response to the "Open Skies" deregulation of European Union in 1996.

    • Word count: 1002
  6. Dissertation on medical tourism. Most of the publications on medical tourism are focused on the phenomenon of the trend and its risks and benefits for patients; however, researcher is hoping to study the subject of inequalities that local communities of

    beauty treatments). It can be easily stated that tourists often do not realise that they are participating in health tourism (that concerns wellness rather than medical tourism where tourists are more aware of the nature of their journey) (Smith and Puczko, 2009, p.8). There are specific medical tourism destinations established. Those are mostly emerging countries of Eastern Europe and Asia; however it is not always the case. Some of the medical tourism destinations are Costa Rica, Czech Republic, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and United States of America.

    • Word count: 14880
  7. Free essay

    Risk Management within TUI Group

    Other than risk management, there are disaster and crisis which should be identified in order to avoid confusion between those three different areas. When it comes to disasters, it is The immediate effects of disaster (e.g. earth quake, hurricane, etc.) could be destruction of tourist infrastructure and superstructure. Apart from the direct effect of the disaster on the destination, it is common that places where disaster took place suffer long-term damage if travel risk-perceptions are generated (Cooper et al, 2008, p.279).

    • Word count: 3961
  8. Risk Management within Ryanair

    According to Saayman et al. (2009), in the safety field, it is generally recognised that consequences are only negative and the management of risk is focused on prevention and mitigation of harm. Risks in the tourism industry can be divided into paternal and external. Internal (domestic) risks include crime, transport risks at the destination. External (international) risks include terrorism, economical and political issues, natural disasters taking place outside the border of a destination but that impact upon travel to a destination.

    • Word count: 3419
  9. Full Service Carrier Cathy Pacific Airways A study of SWTO and critical success factors

    People would have more confidence on airlines that are recognized by the award winning bodies because it would make the people have more confidence on flying with the said airlines. The main competitive advantage of Cathay Pacific is on their brand strength which is consistently good service and sophistication congruent with the world's greatest city. It has also ties in with Hong Kong image faultlessly. Cathay Pacific also offers superb services in ground to air. B. Technology - Cathay Pacific Airways' online booking provides more convenience to the customer that giving them the chance to attract more customers especially with people that have no time to go to airlines branches for bookings.

    • Word count: 3566
  10. Management Accounting Project Report. Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. (JAL)

    In this report, the cost structure of air transportation business will first be analyzed and the above-mentioned problems will be discussed in details. In addition, practical solutions specific to these problems will also be suggested. (II) Cost structure of air transportation business The costs of air transportation business can be categorized into three groups: fixed costs, variable costs and mixed costs. The fuel cost can be classified as both step-variable cost and fixed cost in different situations. From the whole business perspective, the number of flights is changeable.

    • Word count: 3392
  11. I have been employed by the Sunderland City Council as a consultant to write and present a report outlining the pros and cons facing the redevelopment of Sunderland as a conference destination

    As a conference destination, it is obvious to see the advantages of conditions of Sunderland. The rise of conference centers as venues is linked to the explosive growth of the association market. According to the introduction of Sunderland background above, Sunderland have advantageous natural conditions. It approaches the north coast of England and is very pleasant in summer. The comfort of season in the conference destination is also a necessary factor for customers' choice. Because no one may choose have a meeting under an extreme cold or extreme hot environment. The transportation form Newcastle airport to Sunderland is very convenient, it only takes 45 minutes by metro, and driving is quicker.

    • Word count: 2469
  12. Business Proposal - Emirates. This report provides a detailed proposal; for the launch of a new Emirates Airhotel world tour package. Emirates group is a fast growing international airline with an abundance of awards for excellence worldwi

    Currently, The Emirates Group operates 15 active aircrafts of this type and 13 new aircrafts are in order for future operations (www.planespotters.net, 2011). It provides scheduled passenger and cargo services to more than 100 destinations in over 60 countries. 'The group has operations across the Middle East, Europe and Americas, Far East and Australia, West Asia and Indian Ocean, and Africa. It is headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and employs 36,652 people. The Emirates Group has various subsidiaries such as Emirates Tours, which offers specialized operations in luxury package holidays' (Marketline, 2010).

    • Word count: 3292
  13. Religious Understanding and Tolerance Tour. This paper is aiming to produce a new cultural package tour called Religious Understanding and Tolerance. The tour would be conducted in the Egyptian capital Cairo. This tour is looking to provide the visitor w

    The day long tour would consist of a visit to six historical and religious sites in Cairo. During the tour the tourists will get to know the architectural characteristics of the different sites they are visiting, the religious significances and the history behind these buildings. They will also come to recognise and start to understand the main issues in each faith and what each faith is about, its roots and values. The tour would start with a visit to the Old Cairo area. This area includes three historical churches, a Coptic museum, one mosque and one Jewish temple that all sit beside each other.

    • Word count: 5010
  14. This report will evaluate the concepts of organisational structure and organisational culture along with the environmental impacts which affect them. The report will then relate the concepts to The Buttermere Country House Hotel.

    Mark and Linda are General Managers and Malcolm the son is in charge of spa and treatment centre. The hotel offers accommodation and catering/hospitality along with indoor and outdoor facilities/services (University of Bolton, 2011). 1.2 Organisational Structures Organisational structures can be varied depending on organisations objectives/goals and impacts of organisational culture. The structure of an organisation will establish the method in how it will perform and operate to maximise success. A good structure clearly allocates and clarifies responsibilities of employees and departments. This analysis has been supported in the work of Adler (1997).The management within an organisation is very important as it creates a structure within which people work together to achieve success and directed towards company aims and objectives (Mullins, 2002).

    • Word count: 2657
  15. Ramada hotel reviews analysis. This section analyses Ramadas hotel guests reviews (Appendix 1) taken from Trip advisor website. The sample size is based on 12 reviews from 2009 to 2010 November.

    Answer 4 the food was delicious The hotel staff are very accomodating / very polite people / room was very cold / YES Answer 5 Cold room service food / Stale bread Expensive room key never worked/ wallpaper falling off walls NO Answer 6 food average/ the standard of food was awful in fact as a chicken curry i got the tomato soup starter with chiken stuffed in it. bedroom ok no heated towel rail shower flooded/ no0nes keys worked/ the bedside light on and all the lights and the tv fused NO Answer 7 restaurant had a range of menu items and my selection was very good.

    • Word count: 1389
  16. The report is about event tourism and it will be discussing the definition of both the event tourism and the event management. The report will also be focusing on the different typologies of event tourism, the links between the event and tourism, the impa

    An event is often composed of several different yet related functions'. (Getz 2005, p. 16, as citied in Bowdin et al 2011) the principle that applies to the events are provisional plus that: 'Every such event is unique, stemming from the blend of management, program, setting, and people' Links between tourism and event The New Zealand Tourist and Publicity Department (1987, as citied in Getz 2008) says that 'Event tourism is an important and rapidly growing segment of international tourism.' According to Getz (2008), both the demand and supply aspects must be considered when combining events and tourism together.

    • Word count: 1598
  17. Is the future of tourism a secure one? Support your case by discussing five major factors that you believe will affect the future of the tourism industry.

    Its is necessary to take a closer look at environmental impacts when deciding on the future security of the tourism industry. When considering environmental impacts it is important to not only look at air-pollution related to the use of facilities, and damage to vegetation and wildlife, but also at infrastructure and eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is a type of nature-based fast growing tourism, which is argued to not be practiced enough globally, which is meant to be less damaging to the destinations cultural,social and especially environmental conditions by trying to create global awareness and contribute towards the destinations resources, as supposed to how mass tourism would.

    • Word count: 569
  18. Will the opening of a new five star hotel in the island of Mykonos in Greece be a success?

    Statistical data, graphical representation and charts will be essential for the analysis. Finally, through this examination we will be able to decide if the opening of a new five star hotel in the island of Mykonos could be a success. Analysis The main advantage of the hotel is its location. It will be situated carefully in order to obtain the best possible view, including magical sunsets without any building blocking this unforgettable sight since it will be built on the highest spot of a hill and having the illuminated "town" of Mykonos on the left and the island of Tinos on the right with the beautiful Aegean sea being anywhere you look.

    • Word count: 1728
  19. American airlines analysis - under the increased competition with low-cost airlines over the last two decades, established airlines are confronted with challenges that profits incurred fluctuant, especially in recession and war, they incurred massive loss

    Furthermore, the paper evaluates the merger as a response to the increased competition. This paper argues that cost management is playing more and more important role in aviation industry and merger is a good strategy to profitability under certain circumstances. Deregulation: increase the competition Before the deregulation, Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) controlled the entry, exit, prices, merger and competition in order to restrict the over-competition and wasting excessive resources in US aviation industry. However, because of inefficiency of regulation, Congress passed the Airline Deregulation Act in 1978 (Harvard Business School, 1994).

    • Word count: 2340
  20. Analysis of Bangladesh and the Tourism Industry

    Ancient mosques, Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, monuments and other landmarks dot the countryside. Additional hotel and resort facilities could be created for attracting tourists from home and abroad. Dhaka and Chittagong also have an unmet demand for additional hotel rooms, restaurants, entertainment and recreational facilities. . Content: To attract foreign investor, our main motto is to give them detail information in such a way that they feel positive in this investment. For this purpose we will do gradually PEST analyses, Porters model, SWOT analyses, perfect entry mode etc to give them some idea about this project. 2. PEST Analysis 2.1.

    • Word count: 4082
  21. Customer Service case study. This essay will examine World Airlines will through a case study (Engdahl & Hoffman, 1993), in light of a complaint made by J. Q. Customer, regarding his connecting flights between Charlotte and Munich. After establishing key

    Customer outlined the service failures that he experienced in a complaint letter, which gave World Airlines the opportunity to respond, retain the customer and avoid negative word-of mouth. Service Failure 1: The issues arise during J. Q. Customer and his wife's first flight with World Airlines. A customer's zone of tolerance refers to the difference that exists between adequate service, the quality of service a customer is willing to accept, and the desired service, the quality that the customer wants from the service (Hoffman et al., 2010).

    • Word count: 4467
  22. Strategic_Management. Is it accurate to claim that all organizations add value if they are successful?

    Services The service is the main criteria to sustain the superior performance and profit. The customer satisfaction and feedback after the product being sold is fairly important to analyze the business winning strategy. The value chain major components are supported by the factors such as infrastructure, HR management, Technological management & Procurement to substantiate a profit margin in the business. Infrastructure: Infrastructure is an underlying base, foundation or frame work which is said to be the fundamental facilities in any firm.

    • Word count: 1943
  23. Facilities Management. First part of my report deals with the reduction of energy consumption in the hotel industry and my second part deals with the structure and design of hotels which helps the environmental issues and final part follows the current le

    REDUCTION OF ENERGY CONSERVATION FOR ACCOMMODATIONS (A1) USAGE OF ENERGY EFFICIENT LAMPS The hotels cost in energy especially in lighting is always high because they are all equipped with incandescent lamps this has a significant part in electricity usage so it should be replaced with energy efficient alternatives which is however a great innovation by the advance technology. UNNECESSARY USAGE OF LIGHT AND EQUIPMENT As stated earlier energy usage plays an expensive role in hotels which wastes the energy unnecessarily ,which is not switching off equipment and fixtures after use, so it obviously results in shortening the life of the equipment and increasing the workload of the maintenance staff.

    • Word count: 1963
  24. Ryanair - business analysis. What is the strategic position of Ryanair and how to maintain and strengthen their position for the future?

    Being profitable, attracting new customers by having low fares and to have a satisfactory operating margin are challenges that can be achieved. If the right opportunities are available, then acquisitions might be considered. After entering the Ireland-UK market, more competitors entered this market, which was dominated by Aer Lingus. This led to lower fares and more traffic on the routes served by Ryanair. The "Ryanair generation" was responsible for the successful growth of this company. This generation consisted of "the younger Irish emigrant population in the UK" .

    • Word count: 11205
  25. This essay will be examining and assessing the detrimental environmental effects of the touristic sport of scuba diving. In order to evaluate the full extent of the negative impacts that this leisure activity has, in particular with regard to coral reefs

    positive correlation between the number of dives and the level of damage to coral communities and conditions at numerous sites around the world (Hassler & Ott, 2008). As a result of the numerous pieces of research from around the world (e.g. Thailand, Australia, and South Africa), various insightful conclusions have been reached regarding the effect of recreational scuba diving on coral reefs. Harriott et al (2007) found that nearly all divers cause minor damage to corals and other marine biology during a dive.

    • Word count: 3391

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  • Analyse the extent to which Poon's theory relates to the changing nature of tourism in the Costa Brava.

    "8.0 Conclusion: The nature of tourism is changing; Poon's theory of old and new tourism is relevant to the Costa Brava, and does provide a useful basis from which to analyse and relate trends and changes in demand. It should however be said that the model is not entirely conclusive and fails to take into account the fact that an increase in demand for new tourist attractions and motivators does not eliminate the need or demand for the traditional sun-seeking tourist facilities, and perhaps Poon's theory should consider the possibility that both old and new tourism may continue to co-exist, even in the same location. For many, price remains the primary consideration when choosing a holiday destination, and until this changes, there will always be a market for mass tourism. It should therefore be noted that in order to optimize the number of visitors, local tourist boards must take both old and new tourism into account when planning tourist destinations, and should be aware of both markets when promoting the region. 9.0"

  • Discuss the Implications of the Global expansion of Tourism.

    "In conclusion I feel that the implications of the global expansion of tourism are sometimes arguably bad influences on most people except the large western TNC's that operate them. However if you look into more detail on the subject I found that under the surface of poor morals by the TNC tour operators a story of employment and growth in poor host countries has outweighed that treatment."

  • 'A happy worker is a productive worker' Discuss with reference to motivational theories.

    "This quote suggests that individuals at work who are highly motivated will be more productive in their job. This can be from the worker being happy, or other factors that are intrinsic or extrinsic. In conclusion, motivation theories have made a significant contribution to understanding behaviour at work. There is economic motivation, which is being motivated financially. There is also content theories of motivation, which is what motivates behaviour in the organisation. Lastly, there are process theories, which is how the organisation/manager motivate an individual at work. There are a whole range of theories and beliefs on what motivates people in organisations. There is no consensus about motivation, and therefore it is difficult to indicate whether a happy worker is a productive worker. Workers are motivated by various things, however some theorists believe that being happy at work will help be more productive."

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