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Training Needs Analysis

Extracts from this document...


Introduction Training needs analysis (TNA) is used by any organization in finding ways to identify any gap between the skills the business needs and those that the employees has. Clearly this was not the case in Alpha Life Insurance Company Limited (ALI) an institution that had completed a Training needs analysis but throughout the process problems developed within the organization. In analyzing their needs analysis preparation will be made in order to make their needs analysis more effective and useful. In the preparation of commenting on the completeness of their report and also conducting a Training Needs Assessment, one needs to identify the performance gaps and training needs of the sales force both in the short and long term, mapping their current system of training, providing data for in house trainer in designing the training program and also a recommendation will be given regarding the most cost effective and business compatible training method. Through this analysis, ALI can improve skills and correct the various problems so that the company can then grow and develop and remain profitable. Mission Statement and Goal of Alpha Life Insurance Company Limited Alpha Life Insurance Company Limited (ALI) is an institution where the absolute genuine care satisfaction of our customer / prospects is our most prioritized mission. We pledge to provide the finest customer service and atmosphere for our customers who will always enjoy a warm satisfactory, yet refined ambiance. Our stated goal is to make the medium to high net worth individual feel at home in discussing their financial future with one of our agent. ALI insurance experience stimulates the sense and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of clients in the insurance industry. Bridging Performance Gap and Identifying Training needs of the Sale Force both in the short and long term With different personality traits being involved within an organization, it is best for employers to connect the correct personality trait to the best possible job in order to increase performance of that particular individual. ...read more.


Co. Ltd, the organization must first develop a policy statement that describes the purpose of the on-the-job-training (OJT) and emphasizes the level of support for it. Secondly a clear specification of who is accountable for conducting OJT should be made. This information must be included in the job description of the person(s) responsible, in order to evaluate their ability to perform the training duty. Thirdly ALI should set a benchmark for its OJT by reviewing the practices and cost savings of other companies in similar industry. Managers and peers conducting the training must be trained in order to be aware and understand the principles guiding the OJT, and the different steps that should be followed. The fifth thing to consider in improving the organizations OJT is to ensure the availability of lesson plans, checklists, procedure manuals, training manuals, learning contracts, and progress report forms for use by employees who conduct OJT. Finally the development of an evaluation process must be done. Evaluation must not only be done after the training is conducted, it should be an ongoing process throughout the training program. An evaluation of employees' levels of basic skills (reading, computation, and writing) should also be done before OJT. Since all the salespersons are required to undergo some level of training, lecture may be another important training method the organization should consider. This method is one of the least expensive, least time-consuming ways to present a large amount of information efficiently in an organized manner (Noe 2007). Data for the In-house trainer to be use in Designing Training Training practices at Alpha Life Insurance Company Limited (ALI) was that the new sales associates would be trained by using On-the-job training (OJT). On the job training (OJT) according to (Noe, 2007) refers to new or inexperienced employees learning through observing peers or managers performing the job and trying to imitate their behaviour. In other words, OJT is basically having new employees learn about the job while performing it. ...read more.


The best method to use is to stay internal and coach the trainers to improve their training technique, which will have a moderate cost because the managers/ trainers would have the training duties detailed in their job description. The only extra cost that will be incurred is the expense of hiring a consultant to train him or her. When doing lectures ALI will have to acquire enough material such as projectors in order to enhance the learning process by using audio visual methods. The lectures will have durations of six weeks. During the first four weeks trainees will learn how to use the technology and also to develop their awareness of the products that ALI offers and those of their competitors. After this is completed the employees will be given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt in the lectures by operating the technological devices in the presence of the trainers and in a social setting where other persons pretending to be customers, this will take place in the remaining two weeks of time. Bibliography Dessler G., (2004). Human Resource Management, 10th edition. Prentice Hall. LaBonte, J. T. (2003). "Building a new performance vision for results". Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. 35 No.1, pp. 33-37. Noe, A. R., (2007). Employee Training and Development, 3rd edition. McGraw Hill Irwin, Boston. Read, W. C., & Kleiner, H.B. (1996). "Which training methods are effective?" Management Development Review, Vol. 9 No. 2, pp. 24-29. Staughton, R. (2005). "Operational performance gaps in business relationships". International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 25 No. 4, pp. 320-332. Tennant, C., Boonkrong, M. & Roberts, P. (2002). "The design of a training programme measurement model". Journal of European Industrial Training, Vol. 26 No. 5, pp. 230-240. Table of Content Introduction 1 Mission Statement and Goal of Alpha Life Insurance Company Limited 2 Bridging Performance Gap and Identifying Training needs of the Sale Force both in the short and long term 3 The Performance Gap 4 The Training Need of the Sales Force 5 Mapping the current system of training within Alpha Life Insurance Co. Ltd. ...read more.

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