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University Degree: Fine Art, Design Studies, Art History, Crafts

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  1. The 80's were a time of economic growth and global power it is also the setting for Tony Kushner' play, Angels in America. In Kushner's play it was at a time of gay revelation.

    Throughout this play, ?coming out?, is a very new evolution, one that Kushner bases his play on. In the story, many of his characters are h********l, and the truth about their s****l preferences comes out. Roy Cohn is a successful lawyer in New York, who is dying of AIDS because of his s****l relationships he keeps having freely. He keeps his love relationship separate from his professional life for the simple fact that if he were exposed to the wrong people it could damage his reputation. This information could be used against him in court. He lies to people, telling them he has cancer to conceal his homosexuality and prevent them from knowing about his sickness.

    • Word count: 830
  2. Feminist Art. Representation of Womens Bodies in Art , Rap and Film.

    Within feminism there are different levels, they range from liberal feminist to radical feminist. All feminist have a common goal, to reach equality among men and women. Feminist art reflects women?s lives and experiences through the lens for social change. Feminist art is different from women?s art in the sense that the artist want to make a political statement. Most feminist art has a background of pain, injustice, and oppression. Every painting, every shape, every color has a specific meaning. In feminist art, all aspects of the artwork have to be considered, everything has a political statement.

    • Word count: 3964
  3. TMA 02 There are many differences which I see between Cezannes Bathers and Vecchios Bathing Nymphs which make them both interesting yet very different pieces.

    Vecchio also gives each figure incredible life like qualities by highlighting detail vividly with colour. Cezanne and Vecchio both use light, but they use it differently. Cezanne has used a weak light source which appears to be coming from the viewpoint of the spectator and it is carefully highlighting the outline of the figures. The light source in Vecchio?s Bathing Nymphs on the other hand is rather difficult to pinpoint. It appears to be coming from the top left of the painting, highlighting the background landscape and buildings. The middle ground of the painting appears to be darker, as if overshadowed, but Vecchio?s use of colour vividly picks out the figures.

    • Word count: 548
  4. Critique of the body of work of the Pictorialists

    Secondly, we have to approach their work as a work of Art, taking then into account their artistic and historical precedents, influences, methods and so on. Historically speaking, as Brent R. Benjamin notes in the foreword of the Impressionist Camera (2006:7) Pictorialism was born in Britain, in the last two decades of the 19th century, and proved to be ?one of the first truly international movements in art? as it expanded both in space and time for more than thirty years throughout the rest of Europe, America and even Asia; America being the country which took the lead after the initial British burst, and culminating with the Photo Secession group and the famous Alfred Stieglitz's publication ?Camera Work?.

    • Word count: 1636
  5. The Effects of Modernisation on European Lives and Minds.

    Finally, I will state an enormous problem that alcoholism and drugs use brought to the modern society. In the late 18th century, there was an industrial revolution started in the United Kingdom and spread to the whole of Europe. The industrial revolution, which starts from the invention of the steam engine for trains and ships, changed the life of Europeans. During this period, there have been a lot of inventions that begun using around in the majority of regions, for example, spinning machines and motor cars, which has developed the country. People started to use spinning machines to produce fabrics and drive motor cars instead of carriage.

    • Word count: 1389
  6. Coronation of the Virgin Mary by Guariento di Arpo

    Since it was created with the sole intent to be placed within an altar, it was di Arpo?s duty to form a work of art that?s visually captivating as well as informative. There are a total of twenty-four individual pieces that represent the story of Christ. The most critical seems to be the largest panel in which it shows an image of Christ bestowing a crown upon the Virgin Mary?s head. I can assume that it?s symbolically stating the fact that the Virgin Mary is now the link between the mortal beings and God.

    • Word count: 1203
  7. Was Modern Art Greater Influenced by the Invention of the Camera or Kindergarten?

    Conclusion Page 15. Works Cited Introduction My immediate idea for my extended essay was a topic involving ancient art. To research a culture?s art and form a question about how the art relates to something today. I looked through magazines, and searched online to learn more about ancient forms of art and see if I was highly interested in any particular area. While researching my mentor provided me with many resources including 2 books that I found very interesting. Art Brut The Origins of Outsider Art, by Lucienne Peiry, and Secret Knowledge, by David Hockney. I read small parts of each book, and became very interested in both.

    • Word count: 2872
  8. Natural and synthetic materials and dyes for clothing.

    With more than 70% used in apparel, linen is a popular favourite in summer as it washes well, is highly absorbent and dries easily, allowing the wearer to feel cool and fresh. (Corbman, 1983)(Udale, 2008)(IYNF, 2009) Animal fibres such as wool and silk are also widely recognized in the textile industry. Wool is a soft, springy fibre that grows from the skin of sheep and various other animals. ?Merino sheep produce the finest and most valuable wool? (Udale, 2008: p.43)

    • Word count: 2855
  9. The Originality of the Avant-Garde

    depicts the problems of representation, because the setting is an artist?s studio and the figures can be related to an allegory of painting. (Angela Partington, p.65). MucCully and McVaugh suggest that as an unfinished work, Picasso did not desire it to represent a coherent image.[7] Picasso?s concern for death can be linked to Casagemas? suicide, perhaps he was simply reflecting a personal reflection and interest in death and suffering. [8] Krauss refers to Daix?s insistence on the objective status of Picasso?s ?play of signs? and ?art of language? with his use of ?pre-existent, industrialized elements? creating a sense of impersonality.[9]

    • Word count: 2527
  10. What I See in Salvador Dali's "Metamorphosis of Narcissus"

    By concentrating on the painting, as Dali suggests, in ?distracted-fixation?, the form of Narcissus disappears into the landscape of the painting, transforming into the stone-like hand on the right. Taking a closer look at the hand emerging from the banks of the water reveals the cracked egg from which the narcissus flower is bursting forth. On closer examination, the viewer will see that the crack in the egg is also the shadow, or reflection, of the flower?s shape. The shape of the hand and of the form of Narcissus are identical.

    • Word count: 981
  11. The use of Kabuki Elements in a Performance of Bertolt Brehts The Caucasian Chalk Circle

    Kabuki Kabuki techniques Applied to The Caucasian Chalk Circle Acting Styles Applied To Characters Actors Expressions Applied To Characters Actors Aesthetics Applied To Characters Stage and Set Effects Applied to the Stage Conclusion Bibliography ________________ Introduction Kabuki is a traditional, yet rather unique style of Japanese theatre originating in the Edo period[2] of Feudal Japan. Kabuki is a theatre style made up of parts including: song, dance and skill. There are various techniques of Kabuki which make it a unique theatre style.

    • Word count: 4908
  12. Commentary on the Arnolfini Wedding by Jan Van Eyck, 1434

    He used mostly red and green colors to depict life and draw a picture of realism. For example, the red bed compliments the green dress worn by the bride. The Purple in Giovanni?s garb is complimentary to the yellows found in the chandelier and room surrounding Arnolfini. The oranges on the window sill complement the blue parts of his bride?s dress. There is a harmony and balance between different parts of the room and figures in it. The colors in his painting are delicate and have a beautiful shine. Light also plays a big part in this painting.

    • Word count: 2184
  13. Kente Cloth and The Doors of Royal Palace of Ikere in Nigeria

    The self-respecting image of the Ogoga postures on a European-style chair on the panel of left hand side. Senior wife of second British abides right by the side of him; additional married woman and kids, castle functionaries and strivers are demonstrated above and under. The header depicts birdies assaulting the eyes of faces. This individual ritual killing was believed to be crucial in the idolization of particular idols. The door was engraved by Olowe of Ise (about 1875-1938), a famous creative person who produced carvings for majestic sponsors. He was domestically famed at the instance and nowadays is considered by numerous as among the most substantial Yoruba creative persons of the 20th century.

    • Word count: 666
  14. My first impression upon viewing Romare Beardens painting, At Five in the Afternoon, was that it is a puzzling image filled with geometrical figures

    Romare Bearden was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1912. He was raised surrounded by poets, artists, and musicians because his parents had a very close relationship with key figures involved in the Harlem Renaissance (2). My first impression upon viewing Romare Bearden?s painting, ?At Five in the Afternoon?, was that it is a puzzling image filled with geometrical figures but upon observing the painting a few more times, I deciphered the meaning of the painting, which clearly states a Spanish bullfighting tradition. Is this a puzzle or a painting?

    • Word count: 740

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