JESPER WELANDER        The fall of the roman empire        2004-09-08

Pre-DP                Karl Wedin

Why did the Roman Empire fall?

There is one thing that you need to think about when finding out why. The territories the Romans conquered is enormous, you can’t find any other similar empires. In fact, the Roman Empire is the only empire that has succeeded for such a long time standing against all attacks from enemies. There wasn’t any way that the Roman Empire could have survived.

But why at that moment? There are a lot of reasons for that, but they wouldn’t have played such a big role if it weren’t for the fact that they took place at about the same time.

There were also a lot of political problems inside the empire. There were many civil wars and the emperors didn’t have much time ruling before they were killed and new emperors took the power. Having that many different and weak emperors led to changing’s in the loyalty for the emperor, and as a result of that, the power was moved from Rome to local leaders. But the Romans had a political system depending on unity and when the power was moved there was no longer any control over the enormous empire. The senate neither had any power after the population’s belief for the senate had decreased. The changing’s of the emperor did also lead into many different wills leading the empire, not leading the empire at the same way as the last one had wanted. That led to a slowdown in the empires development. With just one emperor for a long period the empire would have looked a bit different and grown much stronger than it did.

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Because of the lack of loyalty to the emperor in Rome and that the empire grew steady, the leaders had to hire mercenaries to keep the new empires borders. Their loyalty wasn’t like the populations, but since the people in the Roman Empire didn’t want to fight there were no other solution. But when the Romans couldn’t pay the remunerations to the mercenaries their loyalty fell gravely, and the other countries had no problem of invading the Roman Empire.

One big part of the succeeding of the roman empire was the extensive trading that was developed around the Mediterranean ...

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