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A Life In The Day Of Andy Williams…

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A Life In The Day Of Andy Williams... Andy Williams, 73, still reigns supreme in the easy listening charts, since his singing debut at the tender age of 8, when he featured as part of the Williams Brothers Quartet. ...read more.


"Andy dear, your breakfast is ready! You've got a long day ahead of you so you need some food inside of you!" Debbie's voice echoed in my ears. I can never work out whether its my imagination that Debbie talks to me like a small child in the morning, or its due to the fact that I'm only half awake! ...read more.


I take a second to gain my composure as my eyes are fixated on the bright blues featured in the painting. Ten mintues later and I'm awake, showered and ready to face what today will bring. � � � � � 1/4 (tm) Mook(tm) � � � � � � �� �0� � �� �� � (c) (r) � ^ ...read more.

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