Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carrol and Automated Alice by Jeff Noon.

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Alice in Wonderland                Automated Alice

Lewis Carrol                                                Jeff Noon

Almost everyone has read Alice in Wonderland, whether it be as a child or as an adult. And almost everyone who has read it, or has had it read to them, has enjoyed it. I have viewed Alice in Wonderland as a movie, but I have read the novel Automated Alice by Jeff Noon. Both texts are equally enjoyable to view, however I enjoyed Automated Alice more, as it is directed more at grownups, as it has rather gruesome content. It is written in a manner that one would write to a child in, however, the plot is very complex, and even I failed at times to understand what was happening. Alice in Wonderland is directly directed at younger children, as it is written as a fairy tale.

Alice in Wonderland begins with a young girl named Alice being taught a history lesson by her governess. Alice, however, is bored and plays with her cat. When her governess scolds her, she states that she can’t find a book with no pictures in it interesting. Her governess replies by saying:

“My dear Alice, there are many interesting books in this world with no pictures.”

        “In this world maybe, but in my world, a book would be nothing but


The governess rejects this idea, saying it is nonsense, and continues the lesson. Alice however, starts talking to her cat.

        “That’s it! If I had a world of my own everything would be nonsense.”

And so Alice begins singing a song about a Wonderland. When the song finishes, she sees a rabbit in a tailcoat and watch, just like she had sang about. She tries to follow, and talk to him, but he replies with the famous quote, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.”

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Thus the adventures of Alice begin, and she finds herself in the very wonderland she had just created with one purpose in mind: to find the white rabbit. Lewis Carroll puts a great deal of humour in these adventures, by playing on puns and using repetition and above all, complete utter nonsense.

For instance, Alice tries to enter a door that is much too small for her. A table appears and on it is a bottle bearing the label “Drink Me.” The door (which can talk) tells Alice to: “Read the directions, and directly, you will be ...

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