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Youth work and youth workers can play a central role in integrating young people and their communities. Critically discuss this statement with reference to your experience and practice.

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Youth work and youth workers can play a central role in integrating young people and their communities. Critically discuss this statement with reference to your experience and practice. In this essay I will outline how Youth work and youth workers play a central role in integrating young people and their communities. Critically discussing my own practice and experiences. In this essay I will start by writing about youth work bringing in the concept of community work and its emphasis in integrating young people and their communities. I will start off by writing about youth work and then write about the importance of youth workers critically discussing the two as I believe Youth work plays a central and important role in integrating young people and their communities but for this important and vital development it is important to point out the one who is the conveyor of this message in this case the youth worker. 'It is clear that the youth service are playing a key role in helping young people make a positive contribution to their communities, through supporting their involvement in decision making and shaping local services, volunteering, and reducing anti-social behaviour' (NYA,2007) Youth work has been around for a long time the identity of early youth work was when young men left their homes to go to big town from this emerged youth culture in urban areas in later years the YMCA and Scouting was formed and the main aim of YMCA and other organisations was to address issues concerning young people and always providing for them 'By 1959 British government looked in to youth work and the national response to catering for young people led to the government producing a report called the Albemarle report' (Ewen J. 1975) Which outlined the need for local government agencies to take responsibility for providing extra curricular activities for young people and out of this report the statutory sector of youth work was born. ...read more.


'the achieving of external change, of encouraging social action in the community in the pursuit of social change goals' (Preston, 1987) Also young people can form groups to want a change in the area they live for an example young people form a group in a youth club and put their views forward in wanting sports facilities in their area or other improvements in their area. 'Social action groups aim to challenge the received assumption concerning the powerful and powerless, i.e. hope to achieve improvements in their environment and living conditions' Again showing youth work engagement methods can integrate communities by making young people aware of what's happening around them and how they can contribute to society. When talking about youth and community work practices and how it integrates young people in their community in my personal learning experiences. I have discovered different aspects and theories to youth and community work and how it integrates young people and how to apply such practices and methods in my personal experiences like when doing voluntary work and projects and one of the main project I was involved in was a project called 'ballistic zone'. This was made up by the youth who were involved in this project the aim of the project was to bring in youths off the street after school, to educate them about vandalism, street crime, different background and religions disrespect to our community and what they thought of the social issues affecting them. They responded quite well, we did this by setting up different activity such as Setting up sporting activities the main purpose of this was to help young people from ethnic minorities and religiously diverse youth as well as other groups such as physically disable to come together and play under a set of rules as a team and unite as one. As well educating young people and helping them communicate with a different range of other young people so they can achieve stronger relationships and learn about one another in a enjoyable and creative way. ...read more.


To make integration work young people need to be involved in the process of decision making in their local communities, in a way this has happened through Youth Parliaments so it is happening but I would argue youth workers are now getting tied up with a lot of paper work and targeted work. I would argue strongly at times youth work and young people are put to a side and the policy makers have their own agendas and pots of money are given to the wrong people or wrong areas, so for youth workers and youth work methods to play a central role in integrating young people the methods need to involve young people and their communities and the youth workers themselves need to be trained up and have knowledge on communities and meeting the needs and understanding the needs of the community thus making integration work. Reference Page Books Banks, S, Butcher, H, Henderson, P and Robertson, J eds, (2003) Managing community practise: Principles, policies and programs, Bristol: The policy Press. Butters, S (1978) Realties of Training, Leicester, National Youth Bureau Elsdon, K.T. (1995) Voluntary Organisations: Citizenship, Learning and Change, NIACE, 1995 Ewen J. (1975) Curriculum Development in Youth work, Leicester, National Youth Agency Glass, N. (2005) 'Surely some mistake', The Guardian January 5, 2005, http://society.guardian.co.uk/children/story/0,1074,1383034,00.html. Accessed February 24th March 2009 Jeffs, T. and Smith, M. K. (2002) 'Individualization and youth work', Youth and Policy London: Macmillan Ledgerwood, I and Kendra, N, (1997) The challenge of the future London: Macmillan National Youth Agency (1995) Planning the way: Developing Youth Work Curriculum, Leicester, NYA 1995. Ted Cantle (2001) Community Cohesion:A Report of the Independent Review TeamChaired by Ted Cantle Home Office London Websites: NYA(2002)Article http://www.nya.org.uk/shared_asp_files/GFSR.asp?NodeID=106524 (Accessed 23rd March 2009) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youth_work (Accessed 23rd March 2009) http://www.everychildmatters.gov.uk/aims/ (Accessed 23rd March 2009) http://www.infed.org/youthwork/transforming_youth_work_2.htm (Accessed 23rd March 2009) http://www.mcb.org.uk/downloads/Schoolinfoguidance.pdf (Accessed 23rd March 2009) http://image.guardian.co.uk/sysfiles/Guardian/documents/2001/12/11/communitycohesionreport.pdf (Accessed 23rd March 2009) Journals: NYA (2007) Issue Number 39: March 2007 Spotlight The youth work contribution to children and young people's services NYA (http://www.nya.org.uk/shared_asp_files/GFSR.asp?NodeID=107873) Link to article. ...read more.

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