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Stepping Hill hospital

Q1/11 The organisation.

On the 5th of July 1948 a bill was passed in parliament – The NHS Act 1946. This act formed the welfare state, free, comprehensive medical treatment for all.

        Stepping Hill hospital is a NHS hospital and is part of the statutory sector.  The services in this sector have been set up because laws have been passed through parliament that states such services are to be provided.

        This hospital is managed by Stockport Acute services Trust.  This means a board of directors manages the hospital, who are self governing. This board are able to,

  • Decide its own management structure,
  • Employ staff under its own terms and conditions,
  • Decide its salary scales,
  • Buy and sell it’s own assets,
  • Keep any surplus money,
  • Carry out it’s own research.

As the Trust is the provider it receives money from contracts with the Health Authority (purchaser) and primary care groups.

Q2 The client group

        This hospitals client group is any of the 300,000 residents of Stockport and Buxton and visitors to the area. The type of client varies dramatically from millionaires to vagrants, the elderly and the young and those who haven’t even been born yet! It has been shown however that the higher percentages of clients are elderly.

The service provided.

Stepping Hill offers medical, surgical and psychiatric treatment together with therapies such as physio, speech and rehabilitation.

On site there is an Accident and emergency department and specialist coronary care unit. Joined to the main hospital is the Maternity department including ante-natel, post-natel and neo-natel units.

There is also a chapel on site, which welcomes all races and religions.  



        Stepping Hill is the district general hospital for the area and so is situated just off the main A road in the north west- the A6.

The A6 provides a direct link to Buxton and also joins onto major motorways, giving good access to and from the hospital. There is a bus route that runs into the hospital grounds, giving easier access for those who rely on public transport. The bus also runs down the A6 to where Stockport train station can be found.

        Since 1996 after a £16 million development opened on the Stepping Hill site a new unit housing Accident and emergency, Trauma and orthopaedics, Ent, Intensive care, 4 theatres and 3 x 25 bedded adult acute orthopaedic wards. This new building replaced the Old Infirmary, which was situated further down the A6. I feel that now all the services are combined on the one site efficiency with all area of patient handling will have increased.

Type of setting

Each ward is laid out in more or less the same way, yet each is tailored to specific requirements.

Below I have shown a comparison of two different ward layouts.


        Stockport Acute Trust serves a population of approximately 300,000 and has 537 beds (it’s no wonder there is always a bed shortage!). Stepping Hill is the District general hospital and although managed by Stockport Acute services trust it shares it’s site with The Healthcare Trust and the Health Authority

Work roles;

        The NHS is the largest employer of staff in Europe but not everyone who they employ works in the service.  The trust employs external companies by contract to execute various jobs such as the domestic staff and porters who are contracted by Initial services.  Volunteer organisations also operate within the hospital the WVRS provides shops where relatives, patients and staff can buy a variety of goods.  Newspaper rounds of the wards commence daily by a WVRS volunteer.

There are too many jobs in the hospital to list.

Here I have shown just some of the jobs found in the hospital.

Q3 Role of a Nursing Auxiliary

        There are no specific academic qualifications required for a Nursing Auxiliary.  They must however at all times demonstrate a pleasant and approachable manner, practice good communication skills and maintain client confidentiality.

The role of an Auxiliary is to assist in the care of patients by participating in nursing procedures, accessing and monitoring general health and welfare, including nutritional needs and dietary intake.  It is every member of nursing staffs’ responsibility to maintain a clean and safe environment. Other duties include routine tasks such as making the beds, assisting clients with hygiene needs and ensuring clients are comfortable and settled.

Aside from the physical needs of the clients Auxiliaries should assist the team in improving the quality of clients lives by trying to meet their emotional and social needs (upholding the care value base.)

Nursing Auxiliaries are responsible for maintaining their own awareness of manual handling and lifting and CPR training.


Q4 Describe the care value base.

        The primary aim of all care work is to improve the quality of the patient’s life. The care value base demonstrates the key principles of this.

The care value base.

Valuing diversity;

I feel to understand equality and diversity you have to embrace the fact that no two people are the same, and to remember that people see the world in different ways. I think this concept becomes easier to accept the more individuals you meet.  Every individual is entitled to be free from prejudice, stereotyping and labelling as these can have enormous negative effects to the client.  It not only can hinder the physical healing process but also create new problems such as depression and anxiety, a loss of confidence and a feeling of low self worth.

Although it is an obvious issue especially when dealing with colour of skin or obvious disability, discrimination can be how you personally judge someone by his or her hair, clothes, accent, sexual orientation or age.  It is pointed out in the care value base that it is a carer’s responsibility to try and prevent such assumptions that could affect the care provided to the client.

Join now!

I believe that valuing diversity can help you personally, to your advantage, by allowing you to view things from a different perspective. These new qualities you can draw on when dealing with personal changes.  Understanding diversity can help you to work more effectively as a team and allow you to build a good rapport with colleagues and clients.  

Client’s rights

As discussed above all clients have the right to be different and have freedom of choice and it is their right that they may do this and be free from discrimination.

        Dignity and respect are other ...

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