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Evaluation of Database

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Task F: Evaluation of Database Introduction: For this assignment I was asked to produce a database for tracking a student's achievements on a course of study. This database will contain Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports. In the database the course the students are studying consists of 6 units, each of which is marked out of 100. I showed results for each their units by producing reports and showed which student has passed the overall course and on which specific date the student passed it on. In my database I had 35 students divided into 2 Tutor Groups, I produced a relational database with a form to input details of the unit along with a sub-form to enter the student names and their marks along with the date of the results. I also created a form to input student details with a sub-form to enter the units they are doing and the mark obtained along with the date the result was entered. Creating the database: Creating the forms in the database was the longest yet the easiest procedure out of everything, I had to create four tables, which were: tblUnit, tblResult, tblStudent, tblTutorGroupID.


I created three queries total for three reports, In the first query I entered "Count" and "Sum" in the total and ticked on "Show". In the second query I sorted Unit No, Surname, First name and Tutor Group ID in ascending order and ticked "Show" for everything. In the third query I selected Surname, First name, Unit Title and Marks in ascending order. I produced the following reports in Database: * A report showing each tutor group on a separate page with the students sorted alphabetically by last name and then first name. The report showed the total score that each student has obtained along with a count of the number of units that they have done. If they had done all 6 units I also showed if they passed the course. * A report showing each unit on a separate page, showing each student doing the unit along with their score and the date entered. The students were grouped by tutor group and then sorted by last name then first name.


Strengths/Weaknesses/Problems: I think one of my main strengths in the database was that I had some experience using the software so I knew the common stuff, using my experience I created most of the tables and queries without any problems. The only weakness I had in this was I did not know how to create a proper switchboard which I had learnt using a book while tutoring myself. During this assignment I experienced some problems while using Microsoft Access for Database, most of the problems were experienced while creating queries and creating a proper switchboard for the system. Improvements that could be made: In order to make improvements in this database I would design a better switchboard and use more technical stuff in my work, which will look a more professional database. I will also do more testing as well as create results for more students. I would also meet the deadlines on the correct time for the work and work on a good pace to while planning my work effectively. Bilawal Siddiqi Applied ICT Year 2

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