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In this report I will justify reasons for upgrading Microsoft Office 2013 to Microsoft Office 2016.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked I have recently been hired as an IT consultant by a small charity that wishes to advertise itself with a website and take donations. They have asked me to look at their current computer systems and advise on any new software installations or upgrades that may have been necessary. In this report I will justify reasons for upgrading Microsoft Office 2013 to Microsoft Office 2016. The upgrade?s main focus is on collaborative working; they are aiming the upgrade to businesses so that staff can work on documents at the same time with additional communication bonuses. They have added many teamwork features so that businesses benefit from the upgrade. It allows Real time typing in world lets you see others edits as they make them with improved version history and share buttons in ribbon on many of the programs. ...read more.


Excel 2016 is the most powerful analysis tool in your arsenal. There is now Integrated Power Pivot, One-Click forecasting, new chart types and Smart Lookup brings insights from the web right into your Office docs. The most important factor when upgrading is the security benefits. Office 2016 has Data Loss Prevention helps significantly reduce the risk of leaking sensitive data, by giving IT admins tools to centrally create, manage and enforce policies for content authoring and document sharing. Also it has Multi-factor Authentication allows you to securely access content anywhere ? even when you?re away from the corporate network. Lastly, Office 2016 has improved Outlook performance. It has New Internet-friendly MAPI-HTTP protocol enhances Exchange/Outlook connectivity, Outlook is more responsive on unreliable networks with the elimination of foreground network calls, Reduced time to download messages, display the message list, and show new email after hibernation and New settings let users better manage storage by only retaining 1, 3, 7, 14 or 30 days of mail on a device. ...read more.


Microsoft Word is the target of more viruses and other malware than just about any other software on the market. Due to more documents being able to be shared online, it is at risk of more malicious attacks. However, all these disadvantages can easily be fixed. The plain and boring theme isn?t a major issue as it is more about the software programs rather than how it looks. Also the many different options can be overcome but practice and time; over time the user will learn how to use all the options and it won?t be a big issue. Moreover, the cost is overall worth it if you are a business and will benefit from the new collaborative working options. Lastly, using efficient virus protection software and being careful at what you share online will reduce the risk of malicious software. Therefore, in conclusion upgrading Microsoft Office 2013 to Microsoft Office 2016 will be a good idea and the IT Company will benefit greatly in the new options and tools that it offers for users. ...read more.

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