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Evaluation how the functional areas contribute to Alton Tower's aims and Objectives

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Evaluation how the functional areas contribute to Alton Tower's aims and Objectives Alton towers aims to portray a positive attitude within the local community. The park is set in the country side and is engulfed by trees, this is because the trees act as a sound barrier and help reduce the amount of noise heard by local residents reducing the likelihood of complaints been made against the park. Even though the noise will be reduced, residents will still be able to hear the rides and tourists in the park which could still cause hostility. Another reason the local residents may not approve of the park being in their local area is that the traffic caused by people entering and leaving the park could cause disruptions and will increase the amount of pollution in their area. ...read more.


Financing helps to promote staff as well as pay their wages and the parks monthly or weekly bills. Financing is the more essential department due to the fact that if finance didn't function correctly, the money wouldn't be organised and ready to pay staff and bills which would result in hostility and loss of staff and would make it difficult to employ new staff because of the bad reputation they would have. When surpassing customer expectations the advertising department are required. This is because they will advertise the park to potential customers and will persuade them that they would have a good day out by coming to the park. Maintenance plays a vital part in this process and achieving the objective. ...read more.


They make sure that the customers stay satisfied and enjoy their day so that they will want to return to the park again and will also advise their friends and family to visit. If the customer is unsatisfied with the services within the park then it will be likely they will not return and will advise people not to visit the park which will get Alton Tower's a bad reputation. As important as customer service's is, without the finance department which sorts the money out employees wouldn't get paid. Without marketing and advertising new customers wouldn't be attracted to the park which would result in loss of profit and eventually bankruptcy. Each department within the company is required to ensure that the business runs as smoothly and as efficiently as it possibly can. This will result in happy repeat customers and a steady intake profit. ...read more.

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