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The primary target of Tennysons poetry is Victorian greed and materialism. How far do you agree with this view of Tennysons poetry? In your answer you should either refer to two or three poems in detail or range more widely through the whole selection.

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Essay ?The primary target of Tennyson?s poetry is Victorian greed and materialism.? How far do you agree with this view of Tennyson?s poetry? In your answer you should either refer to two or three poems in detail or range more widely through the whole selection. Tennyson throughout his poetry focuses on greed and materialism when reflecting on the changing times in society and the growing of ?the work of the days of man? and the golden age. He does this particularly in ?Maud? In ?Morte D?Arthur?. ?Maud? is poem written about a man who loses his father after he is murdered by a business friend . Tennyson uses this as the basis to explore the mental instability of the speaker which he uses to explore other issues such as Victorian greed and materialism. In ?Maud? Tennyson undertakes a psychological exploration of the speaker ?maud? who seems to have gone mad after losing his father . ...read more.


Throughout the Victorian era there was a radical change with the advance of science for example Darwin and his evolution of species which went against Religious beliefs that God created Everything . Tennyson having strong faith in Christianity highlights how this new age ?the golden age? despite it?s breakthroughs poses danger to society and humanity through the speaker. The speaker says ?these are the days of advance , the works of men of mind,? .Tennyson using satire because he is mocking the idea of the works of men are and can be better than the the works of God and the substation of works ?of God ? with ?of men of mind? makes this very obvious to the reader. Moreover this mockery of works of man is continued in ?Morte D?arthur? another poem in which Tennyson uses the legend of King Arthur and his nights of the Round Table in this case Sir Bedivere to highlight greed and materialism . ...read more.


This links with when the speaker in ?Maud? says ?each hand lusting for all that is not its own? and agin reveals the materialism and greed that exists in the Victorian Society. King Arthur tells Sir Bedivere ?The old order changeth , yielding place to new And God fulfils Himself in many ways? Tennyson again foregrounds the fact that this is the time of change when the old system along with faith and religion are fading away in the wake of the scientific and Industrial revolution which causes rise to selfishness and materialism . By placing a comma after mentioning the ?old order ? it acts like a caesura and makes the reader pause and ponder over whether this new future is really as great as it seems. In conclusion After having analysing various sections of the two poems which deal Greed and materialism I can say that I agree that The primary target of Tennyson?s poetry was greed and materialism ...read more.

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