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Bearing in mind Frost's presentation of boundaries in Mending Wall consider the ways in which this poem relates to the methods and concerns of other poems in the collection.

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Bearing in mind Frost presentation of boundaries in 'Mending Wall' consider the ways in which this poem relates to the methods and concerns of other poems in the collection. In 'mending wall' 'two look at two' and 'there are roughly zones' Frost explores the idea that boundaries affect relationships in different ways. In Mending Wall, the neighbour says 'good fences make good neighbours' voicing his opinion that boundaries can assist a relationship. However, the speaker sees the wall as literally dividing people when he says 'I'd ask to know who I was walling in or walling out''. ...read more.


However, further on 'there was more' when they encountered the buck they are asked 'why don't you show some signs of life?' this suggests the purpose of the wall was for people to learn from animals as opposed to distancing themselves. In the poem 'there are roughly zones' the unclear boundaries between right and wrong worsen the relationship between humans and nature. The speaker talks of a tree he moved and said it may never grow again. He said if this happens then 'it can blame the limitless trait in the hearts of men', this quote suggests that because ...read more.


The word 'Oh' also implies that mending the wall is just a trivial matter. In the poem 'two look at two' there is a boundary between humans and nature. Towards the end the people feel as though 'the earth returned their love' which suggests that they are accepted and loved back which implies the separation between humans and nature is unnecessary. In the poem 'there are roughly zones' Frost questions the boundaries between what's right and wrong. The speaker says 'there are roughly zones which must be obeyed' the word 'roughly' suggests that there is no definitive line between what is morally right and wrong which is why humans find it so hard to follow. ...read more.

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