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GCSE: Germany 1918-1939

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  1. How did Hitler keep control of Nazi Germany?

    If anybody was to be caught with criticism or opposition towards Hitler they would either end up dead, arrested and imprisoned without trial, or in concentration camp, therefore most of Germany was left unable to say or do anything against the Nazis even when they didn?t support them or may have strongly disagreed with what they were doing. There was no escape from Hitler and the Nazi rule, Hitler set up the Nazi people's courts where judges have to swear an oath of loyalty to the Nazis and all political parties were banned ? only the Nazi party was allowed to exist.

    • Word count: 589
  2. Nazi Germany - who supported Hitler and how did he become a dictator?

    The party also renamed itself the National Socialist German Workers? Party, Nazis for short. In 1921, Hitler replaced Drexler as leader. His energy, commitment and his power as a speaker were soon attracting lots of attention. He had a clear and simple appeal. He stirred nationalist passion in his various audiences. He gave them scapegoats to blame for Germany?s many problems: the Allies, the Versailles Treaty and its signers ?the November Criminals?, the communists and the Jews. His meeting became so successful that his opponents tried to disrupt them.

    • Word count: 3594
  3. How dangerous was Adolf Hitler up to 1938?

    They would also lack the things needed for a comfortable or successful life. There would also be a danger to disabled people, Jewish and non-German citizens. Firstly because he was not fond of them and secondly, when he first joined this party he climbed power at a later date. And with power he would be able to make decisions that can affect people in positive and negative ways, all depending on his views. So power was the key that aspect that could change how much of a ?danger? he was to these people.

    • Word count: 1419
  4. Nazi Propoganda - the wandering Jew poster.

    Also it could mean he steals money or is a beggar. He is also holding a whip and saying that he is nasty and won?t treat you well. He is a mean guy and that you should not go near a man like that. This is how they depict as all Jews and this is what they want the Aryans to think. The map of the world could show that there are Jews all around the world and they are like this too, wherever you go.

    • Word count: 547
  5. Nazi Economic Policy - revision notes.

    Economic Recovery 1. Once in power, Hitler played little part in formulating policy or contributing to German economic recovery. He instead relied on a group of advisors, some of whom were non-Nazis, to form policy in line with his broad goals. 2. Hjalmar Schacht, a former member of the German Democratic Party who had been president of the Reichsbank during the late 1920s. 3. Robert Ley, was put in charge of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (or ?German Labour Front?) which co-ordinated Germany?s workforce.

    • Word count: 694
  6. Why did the Nazi's gain so little success in elections before 1929?

    As part of Hitler?s sentence, he was not allowed to give speeches before like he had done. At one of his Nazi Party meetings, a historian had worked out that the frequency of his voice was 28 vibrations per second louder than an average angry man. His speeches had been largely admired and had attracted the public to at least listen to the Nazi Party. Without the speeches, it became less popular to listen to the Nazis. Hitler?s appearance was very unusual for the time which not only decreased the popularity of the Nazi Party but also made his seem like a comedy figure as his appearance was compared to Charlie Chaplin because of his unusual moustache.

    • Word count: 791
  7. Nazi Germany Revision Notes. Rise to Power, New Laws and Propaganda.

    and privately makes deal with Hitler 22/1/1933 Hindenburg refuses to make Hitler chancellor 28/1/1933 Von Schleicher has to resign after his failures 30/1/1933 Hitler is chancellor *Hindenburg thinks that Hitler can be controlled* 27th February Reichstag Fire March Reichstag elections Enabling act May Trade unions banned July Other parties banned 1934 June Night of the Long Knives Hitler eliminates almost all his opponents August Hindenburg dies Hitler is president 1935 May Jews forbidden to join army September The Nuremburg Laws 1.

    • Word count: 724
  8. Hitlers rise to power.

    But in the long-term, Hitler gained publicity for himself and his ideas beacause everything was reported on newspapers. Hitler impressed the judges and he got away very lightly. He was given 5 years in prison, and only served 9 months and did so in great confort. In 1929, the American Stock Exchange collapsed, and caused an economic depression. America called in all foreign loans, which destroyed Weimar Germany.This made unemployment in rise to 6 million.

    • Word count: 453

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