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The Game.

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The Game "Come on, come on, yessss, level 4 here I come". Ken was playing the new computer game his mum gave to me and Luke for Christmas. The game was about fighting evil creature's monsters trying to destroy the world. "Luke, check this out, I passed level 3" Ken shouted with excitement. Luke who could never pass level 3 on the new game was shocked when he found out his elder brother has passed it when he always had been the better of the two in computer games. "And..." sounding like he was not interested when really he was. Ken and Luke were brothers, living in a nice friendly suburb in Texas, America with their parents. The day was really hot and it had just past noon. Ken was on the computer and his younger brother Luke was busy playing with Ratty, the family dog. "Ken, Luke, your friend's here" the boys' mums' voice echoed up the stairs. Ken went to check who it was, "Martin, glad to see you, you wouldn't believe what has just happened". Martin and Ken were best friends and had known each other for 3 years when they first met in school. Martin and Ken were 13 years old and Luke was 10. ...read more.


The monster was charging for the 3 boys down the street. As the laser kept on hitting the monster faded away slowly and fell to the floor with a bang. The monster's body vanished. "Right, in order to finish the game, we need to kill Wizard Anobee" spoke Martin confidently. "Wizard Anobee, he can never be killed, he's too powerful, he controls all the monsters and creatures" Luke replied. "We got no-option, we have to kill him, he always like hanging around near Power Plants so he could use the electricity to power himself up, the nearest power plant here is about a mile away, come on, lets move". Half an hour went by and soon the power-plant was in sight. "Damn" Ken exclaimed in an angry voice. "What is it?" questioned Martin. "The power-plant is guarded by a handful of creatures including a monster called Cimlock, who is Wizard Anobee's strongest Monster. Cimlock can't be beaten by Laser Guns; the only way to beat him is to make him chase you until he gets so tired, once he's tired, he can't regain his energy again unless someone can power him up using the electricity and that person can only be Wizard Anobee". The boys just stood there staring at the power plant which was visible on the horizon as the Texas sun shone straight over them. ...read more.


After a minute, the boys stopped firing; Anobee was still standing there smiling. "Now it's my turn" chuckled Wizard Anobee as he made a ball of fire In his hand and threw it. The fireball went super quick and hit Luke. "Ahhhhhh, I am hit" Luke screamed in agony, "That's it mate" Ken was cheesed off. "You go behind him, I'll stay in front of him" Ken whispered to Martin. Ken and Martin had surrounded Anobee, "On my count of 3, fire" Ken exclaimed "3...2....1, FIRE FIRE FIRE" Sounds of laser came blasting out as the whole gigantic room was lit in blue. As the lasers quieted down, Anobee was screaming with agony. Anobee gave his last chilling words "I'll be back". Suddenly the floor started rumbling. The room started going dark. Then suddenly, BANG! "Now What" Martin shouted. "Look, its back to normal, we in our homes again" Luke jumped with Joy. "Not only that, not a minute has gone by when we were on our adventure, look, its still one 'o' clock" said Ken. "The computers not smashed" Martin jiggled. "Luke, Martin, dinners ready" the brothers mum yelled. "Looks like everyone's back" Luke laughed. "Here guys, check this out, there's a message on the computer", the computer screen read "CONGRATULATIONS FOR FINISHING THE GAME, THERE IS ONE LAST SPECIAL MISSION LEFT, PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE". ...read more.

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